1. @Chris Ruth Dude he couldn’t run a country if his life depends on it. Plus ndp will never be in power. They have hardly any seats.
      Who wants a that goof anyway all he does is make tictoks all day. Waste of skin

  1. I sure hope he talks about climate change. Seems like no one is talking about it. I want them to get their inflation numbers synchronized, say a nice solid 6%.

  2. Where’s Trudeau been for the last several weeks?

    I mean… I’m sure he was wearing blackface and dancing around pretending to be Indian but still… he has a country to run.

  3. I watched an Interesting speech by Vladimir Putin the other day. In it he compared the behavior of the United States Government, (And by association the Canadian Government). To the former Soviet Union, that says a lot. Coming from a former officer of the KGB, we might want to pay closer attention to our leaders from now on.

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