These Trump supporters say Fox News is too liberal

These Trump supporters say Fox News is too liberal 1


President Trump is at war with Fox News over its election predictions. These Trump supporters tell CNN's Donie O'Sullivan they're done with the conservative network.

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Reporter: Donie O'Sullivan


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98 Comments on "These Trump supporters say Fox News is too liberal"

  1. Trump supporters are really a different breed

  2. It’s time to officially declare Trump’s fandom a cult.

    • paulanner5813 S | November 13, 2020 at 8:30 PM | Reply

      @Chace Kesterson I really don’t think it’s clever to use a free speech quote when Democrat senators have continuously pressed Facebook and Twitter to censor, backed u by an army of Chinese twitter bots and the foolhardy like you who follow them!

    • @paulanner5813 S this country has never been truly great because of people like Trump who emboldens racism and xenophobia

    • @paulanner5813 S aren’t you Republicans the ones who believe in batshit QUanon nonsense like the “deep state” and Satanic groups on the left that supposedly drink children’s blood? You’re a right wing hypocrite because it fits your paranoid narrative

    • paulanner5813 S | November 13, 2020 at 9:56 PM | Reply

      ​@Thomas Perry You spelt care for the American worker and national security incorrectly.

    • @paulanner5813 S hahahahaha that’s adorable and ludicrous at the same time, what’s it like living inside Trump’s empty skull rent free? Pathetic

  3. They don’t want news. They want propoganda. They actually prefer it.

    • And CNN is what? Unbiased news?

    • Look at yourself buddy. There’s propaganda hidden right under your nose.

    • @simfer 678 The problem is that most rabid Trump supporters watch Fox and only Fox or other right wing media. Not only that but they ONLY watch the opinion hosts, who consult with and informally advise Trump. They are his mouthpiece. They mistakenly think they are getting “news.” They hate the Fox News journalists who actually give news because they aren’t Trump sycophants. Anyone who presents truthful information about Trump which is negative must be a Democrat, lying, or fake news. They are completely unaware they are being spoon fed opinion propaganda, and sometimes lies and conspiracy theories. They accept it as truth. The world knows not to take Fox News seriously. Not all Republicans have the same viewing habits. As a Democrat I watch a variety of channel if I have time, from Fox News journalists only to MSNBC Andrea Mitchell and Brian Williams. I and most people I know, know which channel have liberal and conservative slants, and are savvy enough to know a journalist/straight news from opinion hosts. I don’t get news from TV. These Trumpist are unsophisticated consumers of media. You assume we just sit in front of CNN for hours mesmerized like Fox News sheep do. Ha!! I get my news from BBC America, NPR, and the AP. Say what you want but those are NOT liberal outlets.

    • these lunatics think it would be best if the president had a speaker system in the house of every american to speak directly to them, these sycophant trump supporters would feel more at home living somewhere like north korea

    • They want the cult stuff.

  4. A constant diet of lies,

    Makes for obesly ignorant people.

    • Nope. False. You guys literally watch CNN. A company that got caught airing china propaganda. And was successfully sued by a minor for millions. You guys are close minded

    • @Michael Scott lol, CNN keeps fighting with their fake polls and news since 2015. They dont even want to revognize the support Trump has all over the world. Old sleepy Joe needed 5 extra days and fraud voting plus all the media in his favour to beat Trump. He doesnt even beat him, nobody knows Bidens politics, people just voted against Trump because of the haré spread by those leftists media garbage announcers. You Will never have a better president than Donald Trump

    • @Michael Scott 20.000lies was another of cnn hits. The biggest liars out there are they, 4 years with the russian hoax against the most americanistic president ever and i didnt see they CUT off someone spreading lies in that drama story. Trump has been saying and doing what he does since 1980, not new. Those fake polls just tried to supression Trump voters same as they did with brexit. Soros and the globalists own all the corporate media over the west. A lot of millions and power is at stake. Trump has character and cant be bought, that makes him special and unique, very dangerous for the stablishment. Thats why theyve done whatever is necessary to put him down. Even try to say the man hasnt the peoples support. Nobody even know anything about Biden politics. All this election was about make the biggest hate possible of braindead people like you to vote against Trump

    • @DIEGO F.L. its actually been fact checked about the amount of falsehoods that have come out of Trumps month this was just regurgitated by CNN. Trump has had the same shitry racist/misogynistic morals his entire life but he relied on people to build up his character i.e the use of Twitter. Brexit is another massive bunch of lies with no economic benefits pushed by incompetent clowns. Boris has no idea what his next step will be, he doesn’t even know what the terms of the good Friday agreement are. Seriously man get with the game. You’re being fooled and you’ll never see the Trump family in politics again.

  5. These the same people who love the Affordable Care Act, but hate Obamacare.

    • @Raven R I think you’re a teenager blindly repeating what you heard your hardcore republican parents say.

    • with obamacare, you paid but you never ever meet the five stars doctors! check yourself to see who is your doctor with your Obamacare insurance!

    • Says who?

    • @Raven R no one realize Obamacare is a lying because (1) how much you paid, Obama will receive benefit for himself by percent proportion, that why he earned a lot of money from Obamacare ( compared with Trump just get $1 salary per year). If you bought Obamacare you will not get the best care compare with any other insurances, you will never meet or get consultation from the best physician, you will never ever heal your illness under Obamacare, but because you never realized about that, you though that you are “ lucky” to have an insurance, that why Obamacare is fake, who is treated illness seriously with Obamacare, let me know???

    • Because they think Obamacare is less affordable than the Affordable Cares Act

  6. “He called in on Election Day.”
    “He did.”
    “Maybe. I don’t know.”
    “I watched it.”

    There’s no reasoning with conspiracy theorists who watch OAN propaganda and listen to Alex Jones

    • BIDEN'S DA DEM IN DEMENTIA | November 13, 2020 at 4:42 PM | Reply

      I see dead People Voting

      CNN Dead Voters MATTER

    • Those people are truly stupid.

    • @BIDEN’S DA DEM IN DEMENTIA Jesus you guys are annoying. There is no proof of any votes casted in dead people’s names, nor is there proof of widespread fraud. Even Homeland Security, an apolitical government agency mind you, is saying that this year’s election is the most secure election and there was no widespread fraud. Or are you too far gone to even believe Homeland?

    • Celldweller Fangirl | November 13, 2020 at 7:08 PM | Reply

      BIDEN’S DA DEM IN DEMENTIA Keep spamming, won’t change that you guys lost.

    • BIDEN'S DA DEM IN DEMENTIA | November 13, 2020 at 8:07 PM | Reply

      @Celldweller Fangirl Biden’s Facemask Matters It protects children from being Sniffed 😷💆‍♀️😷💆‍♀️🤣😂🤣😂

  7. It’s actually quite scaring that these people will blindly trust alex jones and oan. They are much worst than foxnews

    • They like being lied to. That’s the bottom line. They rather are lied to than admit to the failure of all sense at all.

    • Alex Jones is right more than anyone else.

    • @Elijah a – I don’t agree. Stick to network nightly news like NBC, ABC, and CBS. They cover a lot of ground without getting overly sensational. Be informed about what’s happening and form your own opinions.

    • you expect people to read? 🤣🤣🤣 research 🤣 their keyword is biden hunter killer scam. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 or trump 2021 lmao then click on videos. they think google algorithm is biased lmao based on what the video that you saw? Trump supporters are predictable. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. This is like arguing with a child. Lots of crying, no understanding of the facts and some expectation that their imagination is real. And the tantrums will continue.

    • Difference is my children grew up, but will these people ever grow up?

    • Haramasch Abrasir | November 13, 2020 at 5:16 PM | Reply

      Sigmund Freud and Theodor Adorno describe this behaviour as “authoritarian character”. People are literally mentally stuck in their rebellious childhood.

  9. Those people don’t realize they in a cult, they are gone,brains cooked.

    • James Kirchschlaeger | November 13, 2020 at 7:11 PM | Reply

      @Al Swearengen voter fraud has been cried about since voting has been a thing dont act like trump created the idea of it.

      In 2006 Democrats and Republicans agreed mail in voting wasnt a secure way to vote.

      So now being surprised after using it that some people think it could be rigged isnt a surprise. I think they should be able to try to prove it.

      In 2000 the Republicans gave the Democrats 37 days to file agianst California and get the vote overturned.

      Right now the Democrats are screaming about any investigation into it.

    • @James Kirchschlaeger Democrats aren’t screaming about investigations, they’re screaming about the lies and baseless claims. They’re screaming about the damage being done to our democracy by manipulating the Trumpists into believing our elections are rigged; not to mention the violence that can result from gun toting cultists who believe every word this pathological liar says.

      In 2000, Republicons didn’t “allow” Gore to contest the election. It was his right to ask for a recount in light of such a razor thin margin. If Trump wants recounts in states in which he lost by 10K plus, then have at it. Knock yourself out.

      I’m not going to argue which form of voting is more or less susceptible to fraud. That’s beyond my purview. All I know is that five states (2 red) have exclusively done mail in voting for decades and to my knowledge they don’t have issues. If the right wants to investigate legitimate claims of fraud then I’m all for it. Just stop gaslighting the people into thinking this election was rigged.

    • Nope. False. You guys literally watch CNN. A company that got caught airing china propaganda. And was successfully sued by a minor for millions. You guys are close minded

    • don’t believe it’s a cult? if you think it would be better for everyone to have speakers in their home that the president can speak his message through directly to the people and that this is a good idea, then you’re in a fucking cult.

    • Jim Jones would be so jealous.

  10. Colette Robichaud | November 13, 2020 at 12:26 PM | Reply

    And they hate the party that supports free education – Oh, the irony!

    • @Marc John LOL you could have went to trump university

    • @Tom R What do you mean?

    • wowoh

    • @Marc John Why do you think college is expensive? Because they can charge more. Why can they charge more? Because students can get bigger and bigger loans. Why can they bigger loans? Because the government subsidizes the whole student debt scheme. You don’t need “free education”; you need the state to get out the damn way, and make schools COMPETE to lower price. Just like the old days.

    • @Marc John Plus, you have to realize something. School in Europe is free – but only the top tier kids go to University. It’s very selective. We honestly need more TRADES in this country, not more sociology majors.

  11. Praise 777 Always | November 13, 2020 at 12:33 PM | Reply

    I’m just in disbelief that people can actually be that gullible when the true facts are right there before them. In all seriousness l’m not being mean at all, l am TRULY flabbergasted!!!

    • @icepick I said “elections”, not “election”.
      How these things work is that “if your candidate loses, you claim it’s rigged.”
      Even if we leave out the opinions, the media still have been trashing at Trump for 4 years. Since when was 47 years of nothing good, except bad better than 4 years of something good?

    • @icepick Of course not! They were celebrating in the streets just like we did this go around?!

    • @Daniel Kolbin When has 74 years of not doing good or not being good EVER factor as a good thing over 47 years of being part of a group who makes and pass decisions TOGETHER?! Meaning decisions by Congress is not a one man job, it is a group effort for the most part. UNLESS someone strikes out on their own against the status quo THEN they may be pointed out as going for or against a majority vote. It’s ironic how you are always saying Biden didn’t do anything for 47 years then you go on and talk about things he helped passed and wrote while in the senate. 😆🤣😂 You people can’t have it both ways!!

    • ​@Terry Lewis Passing laws and decisions like Anita Hill Hearings? 1994 Crime Bill? Had to drop out of the 1988 presidential race for plagiarism? Reportedly used his son’s death for his own political gain in 2016? Voted to gut welfare? Gave Obama a classic racist backhand compliment? Voted to overturn Glass-Steagall? Eulogized one of America’s most famed racists? Opposed school integration in the 1970s? Voted for the Iraq War?
      And what about Trump when he continued to deliver for the forgotten Americans? He implemented tighter work requirements for food stamps. He has got NATO allies to cough up more money for our collective security. He stood with the people of Hong Kong. His withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is delivering China and North Korea a strategic setback. His “maximum pressure” campaign is crippling Iran. His tariff threats forced Mexico to crack down on illegal immigration. He delivered the biggest blow to Planned Parenthood in three decades. He ordered the operation that killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He has continued to appoint conservative judges at a record pace. President Trump receives non-stop criticism in the press. Where are the voices expressing appreciation for the good things Trump has done? It’s unfair always to criticize and never to recognize any of the good things a president has done.
      The democrats are saying not to question the integrity of the election, even though they claimed the 2016 election was rigged by Russia.
      Sure Biden helped passed things, BAD THINGS.
      It’s ironic how you are always saying Trump is bad or didn’t do anything. Blaming him is all you can do. Don’t get me wrong, Trump is not perfect but better him than Biden. Meanwhile news rigs election and censor info against Biden. 😆🤣😂 You people can’t have it both ways!! 😆🤣😂

    • Praise 777 Always | November 13, 2020 at 6:47 PM | Reply

      @Daniel Kolbin Really??????🤔

  12. “fake news” when they don’t agree

  13. These people would have just LOVED this little German painter and his whole crew back in the late 30’s – this was their jam, baby

  14. “I listen to Alex Jones for my news.” – Trump Supporter

    “The water is turning the frogs gay!” – Alex Jones

  15. Sherman Culbertson | November 13, 2020 at 2:31 PM | Reply

    They don’t want news, they just want lies and more lies.

  16. Joaquin Lomeli | November 13, 2020 at 2:37 PM | Reply

    News doesn’t side with your agenda. They just report facts as they are rather people like it or not. FACTS

  17. The guy that gets his News from Alex Jones is one lost and delusional person, hahahaha Trump supporters are so lost.

  18. Trump supporters: “anybody who states facts or the truth is liberal. We must get rid of the truth”

    • @Tom Edwards nice so most of them turned violent? and misleading is not dangerous since we live in a free country and where you can check any kind of information on any news outlet.

    • @TEXAS I think most protests were peaceful but a significant amount of people used them as an excuse to cause trouble, and they should absolutely be condemned for it. As for freedom of speech, most people on the right are free to express their opinions as they should be, but the ones spreading information that can cause harm should be stopped. Most people don’t fact check because they only believe the things that support their world view

    • @TEXAS *just my personal opinion

    • wowoh

    • Nope. False. You guys literally watch CNN. A company that got caught airing china propaganda. And was successfully sued by a minor for millions. You guys are close minded

  19. God help us when they find out Santa Claus isn’t real.

  20. Tucker “no reasonable person would take him seriously” Carlson is a favorite of Trump.

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