These two moments reveal how Twitter helped protect Trump

The House Oversight Committee held a hearing regarding Twitter's handling of stories about Hunter Biden's laptop, accusing the company of protecting Democrats. But several key moments reveal something else — that former President Donald Trump's White House attempted to manipulate Twitter on multiple occasions. #CNN #News #shorts


    1. @Love Protection Society questioned answers numerous times but the hate in your heart keeps you from hearing

    2. @Richard Reese no I’ve checked and I still don’t see it. Maybe you can answer one more time – unless there is hate in YOUR Heart

    3. @Love Protection Society Fox doesn’t have to explain it because Fox’s viewers watched the whole thing and not just sound bites

    4. @Richard Reese So it sounds like you’re saying Fox doesn’t have to mention it comes from both sides because their viewers already know it comes from both sides but they just don’t care. Is this correct?

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    5. This is the kind of info we don’t get from most, YouTube channels. I’m definitely bouncing on this right away…. I’m really impressed

    1. “Freedom of speech” means you can do things like criticize your government and elected officials and hold protests and not face jail time or torture for doing these things. Freedom of speech never meant you have the right to go and call people names and harass or bully them. That’s how people get punched in the face.

  2. If it goes into the congressional record and is a matter of history, it shouldn’t be bleeped or censored out

    1. There are things on the internet like the waybackmachine that can pull up feleted tweets. The internet is forever. Twitter did not need to do this.

    2. @TheRealSasoun
      Twitter didn’t do this. The republicans did this, with their hearing trying to prove Biden was trying to control Twitter, when it was actually trump controlling Twitter. The PAB comment in the congressional records for all eternity was just a happy coincidence! 😁

    3. CNN can’t air that.. Period.. Record or no.
      I would really hope you could understand that.

      Also congress does not store the official record via CNN.

    4. Censors need to evolve and stop pandering to the most delicate of sensibilities. It’s a different time and culture than it was 40 years ago

  3. Ms Teagan was wholly accurate about Dump!
    As for going back to help fix the totally broken and crime-riddled places that “they” came from, you could argue that is what Dump should have done! Except that he was responsible for some of it, and has no incentive or motivation to fix it.

    1. @T McD also, I’m not for the right or left because both sides are corrupted to the core. I care about the fact our government is in league with human traffickers, but you rather talk about Trump, because it fuels ur hatred and you’ll suck up anything state-run news tells you without question. Gfys

  4. You know she sooo wanted to say that tweet out loud! And it’s memorialized in Official Government papers! She’s on every News station & You Tube forever. Her great great grandkids will wear tshirts with quote to her funeral.

    1. Brandon’s 4-cylinder brain is running on 2 cylinders. And his “Check Engine” light has been on for 3 years.

    2. perhaps you can explain your support for the party of corruption, slavery and treason? The only political party that’s had 19 of its members expelled from Congress, 3 for corruption and 16 for treason. The party of the Klan. The party of Jim Crow laws. The party that unanimously voted against the 15th Amendment. The party of raging racists like Wallace, Johnson, Duke and Byrd. The party that now embraces communism but hides behind the socialist veil while attempting to change the laws that prevent them from coming out of the closet. (California Assembly Bill AB22 – 2017)

      While you’re explaining yourself, perhaps you can find the missing evidence of a flip.
      Your party started a war that killed over 630,000 Americans, just to preserve their right to own other human beings.
      You have to be feeble-minded or morally corrupt to vote democrat.
      Which one are you?

    3. @Robert Hartford. Shhhhh, they don’t want to hear any of those facts! You’re gonna have them running into each other as they cover their ears and scramble like frightened turtles for their gender-neutral safe spaces!

  5. This is so funny.When I heard about this,that very day I went to NY Post and read the whole story.Took 2 seconds.Anyone who was curious could find out about the laptop.
    These people have nothing better to do to govern this country?No problems to solve.
    I will never vote Republic again,ever.

    1. @jonathan ardoin right, I’m brainwashed because I’m not willfully ignorant enough to see how biased Elon’s Twitter files was

    1. @dukeofthedance Nope. Lol! Tump called Teigen “John Legend’s filthy mouthed wife,” then tried to censor her response when she called him a PAB. (Google Trump is a PAB, to see her actual insult.)

    1. Sooo, CNN wasn’t really out to get Trump? I guess not, seeing as how reporting his whining about Chrissy Teigan calling him what he is and pressuring Twitter would have exposed him.

  6. At least I never opened a twitter acct and deactivated fb back in 2007 only to jump back here n there to give misinformation as to where I am or what I’m doing. You could tell it was all one big joke and now young people laugh at both sites because they’re for old people or that is to say, people over 45. Nobody under that age gives a crap about either one so it’s funny seeing all this go down.

    It started as a little kid thing, now it’s only for old adults. Edit: For women, they love posting pics of their kids nobody but them gives a damn about. With guys, it’s because they’re lonely and “LONELY” so they get on fb to try hitting on the hotties and uggies alike; even if it says the girl is married and you can see she’s happy with the guy. That’s what FB is for today except for stalking. I forgot that main part. True story.

    Anyone could have seen all this coming. I’m a nobody, a nothing; and even I did. Mom would be proud reading this, she’s never had an acct with either one as well. She’s smart. Also, thinking on it now, my slightly older brother never has and he’s against it, thinks it’s for tards all the way. I don’t, but we do agree to a great extent. I would just choose a different word like “mentally challenged” is all.

  7. Navaroli here specializes in critical race theory 😂 no wonder CNN made it a short and completely cut the context!

  8. By just talking about it for years aren’t fixing s**t… put his a** in prison for his crimes! If you want someone to stop crimes – there is a way to stop it. Apparently, they don’t want it to stop🤔

  9. I wish I never had a Twitter account considering they stole my phone and accounts and identity and inheritance and intellectual property and Veterans Benefits and Social Security and retirement and estate and rewarded criminals.

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