1. “My political ideal is democracy. Let every person be respected as an individual and no person be idolized.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 1930

    1. @Squigga Sorry! I wasn’t trying to be terse. He merely said bombs away. It was ignorant but as a Scholar I do find it amusing to troll the trolls.

    2. @Relentless Kevin WoW. You are not only funny but really sharp!!!!! Squigga is INDEED a very offensive term!!! lol…

    1. @Vital Signs does everyone have the same convictions? Does Trump and Cooper share the same convictions?

  2. If one of the issues in 2024 Election isn’t about the economy, the whole country is dumber than I imagine.

    1. It will be an issue. The issue will be about whether we point out all of the RWNJ’s lies about why the economy hasn’t been as good as it would be if we didn’t have to deal with the effects of 2 years of COVID that wouldn’t have been near as bad if we didn’t have a slug in office that continually lied about it to help himself.

  3. Pence literally gives a speech where he says he’s proud of the Trump-Pence Admin and that there’s not much difference between them, so CNN of course rolls out the Title: “Dueling DC speeches.”
    Not one tiny nugget in over nine minutes of anything close to resembling a “duel.”

  4. 2:50 and 3:02 those slowed-down video clips of Pence walking sure make him look more regal and serious, I prefer to see video clips at their natural speed.

  5. He knows he can’t win, he’ll just take in the money and make another grift as he always has.

  6. When are these politicians going to talk about issues that serve THE PEOPLE,like affordable housing or a universal Healthcare system.?

    1. HIs spinelessness was the reason Rump wanted him as his vice. The problem Rump did not anticipate was that he began growing a spine on Jan 6th. A flimsy spine, but a spine nonetheless.

    2. @Patriotic American MAGA (Many Are Getting Arrested) indeed. His most loyal supporters have thrown him under the bus.

    1. Republicans stated they were not participating in any future debates awhile back. I wonder if that will hold true in the end.

  7. Well, Donnie’s not wrong about one thing – we do want him damaged so badly that he can’t ever work for his “supporters” again. I don’t trust him, and I sure as heck don’t trust his supporters to make good, rational decisions. Nope, not at all.

  8. The Democratic ideal, and whatever tickets manifest, needs to explain in simple terms to the American people what a liberal democracy is, and how it’s in jeapordy, and why it’s worth fighting for.

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  10. He called January 6th committee thugs so what the writers did at the Capitol wasn’t that thuggish and ruggish🤔

  11. This ballet will end with Trump silently tiptoeing away from accountability, while continuing the grift unpunished.

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