‘They are in something of shock’: Haberman on how Trump advisers are reacting

A grand jury in Manhattan has voted to indict Donald Trump, according to three sources familiar with the matter — the first time in American history that a current or former president will face criminal charges. CNN political analyst Maggie Haberman explains how Trump's advisers are reacting.
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    1. Unfortunately there is a prenuptial. Perhaps there is an exclusion if one of the parties is convicted of a crime 😊

  1. FYI, NYS Statute of Limitations Laws can be put on hold for up to 5 years for a couple of reasons, him being in the White House for 4 years paused them, they don’t count.

  2. And just like that, it’s no longer unprecedented to indict a former president. Bring on Jack Smith, Fani Willis, E Jean Caroll, and Letitia James 🇺🇸

  3. I am sure his lawyers are screaming “you have to shut up”… because anything he says from here on can and will be used against him in court.

    1. Telling Donnie to shut up is like expecting the sun not to shine,it’s impossible. He is the mouth that roared.

    2. @sandwormgod  Trump is indicted. He will get due process that any other citizen would get. Trump is not some special magical person that could avoid the rule of law. That is a good thing. I am unsure why you are so upset – the rule of law is a good thing. Former presidents don’t get to skate l just based on a job they used to have.

    1. So either the system doesn’t work, or he did nothing wrong and it is a last ditch political attack since he’d be reelected next year.

  4. I wonder what else will come up in this trial,how he handled the campaign money?and the witnesses to testify against him.A very interesting times were in.

  5. Oh yeah being indicted always helps people in their career goals. I have been hearing this forever and. . . .tired if it . . .so. . Tired. 😢

  6. “No one wants to be indicted.”
    You know what else no one wants? That criminals get off scot free.

    1. @Joseph Fulton the only people are going to be crying at the end is you Democrat open that Pandora’s Box so when Republicans start going after democrats for the same stuff just remember no one’s above the law

  7. Proving that if you’re rich enough you can commit crimes your entire life, publicly, and continue to do so as president of the United States, and then be shocked that you are indicted

  8. The DOJ and Georgia need to indict making it a trifecta of indictments. Also, I hope the E. Jean Carroll case moves forward into the courts, keeping Trump and his lawyers busy

  9. Remember that statement Trump put out praising the grand jury about seemingly backing off? Boom, he got pied in the face.

  10. Didn’t Trump recently blog about how much he loved the grand jurors and how well Trump had been treated? Oops.

  11. I think that Trump’s fingerprints on the police blotter should be turned into U.S. postage stamps.

  12. This is really the lesser of the cases but he still got indicted on this one. If he got indicted here he could easily get indicted on the others.

  13. “He will be treated like any American citizen who is indicted”… that is SO untrue!! He will absolutely NOT be treated like the rest of us which is absurd.

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