They got married the day Russia invaded. It’s been the longest year of their lives

Yaryna Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin are not going to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The Ukrainian couple got married on the day Russia launched a full-scale attack on their country. A year later, Ukraine is still at war. Russian missiles are still falling from the sky, and people are still dying. #CNN #News


  1. The word “war” is repeated several times in this short piece, but does anyone accept that? For me, that term a mischaracterization of what’s happening. This is not a “war.” This is a brutal atrocity, a barbaric invasion, a heroic defense…

    1. @Mister P Not our leaders, but right wing media. There’s been a years long effort by billionaires and America’s would-be oligarchs to wage a Soviet-era information warfare campaign, which is beginning to hit its stride in the US. By any measure it has been successful. Americans are wise to wake up to the unAmerican peril of the right, it’s dark money and its fascist goals.

    2. @hamy temkit Incorrect, but your remarks suggest a willingness to engage in self-delusion, which is bad at a time when the world needs sound reasoning based on evidence.

    3. True, but brutality and depravity characterize Russian army for a very long time.
      In a recent past ..Chechnya, Georgia, Ingushetia, Syria, Mali, Central African republic.. horrible tortures and crimes, same monster , 23 years in power.
      Russian propaganda, just as Goebbles’ , dehumanizes the victims , in order to normalize the abnormal , the crimes commited by theirs ..Russians will need reeducation and aknowledgement of the past and present, in order to do not repeat. Accountability and acknowledgement are a MUST

  2. This is how we ended up fighting a war in Vietnam. We sent equipment, we sent money, we sent advisors, then our military. We are repeating history again.

    1. this is nothing like vietnam. and russia was funneling and resourcing vietnam to oppose the US. it’s the exact opposite here with ukraine.

    2. @F A thank republicans. they call anything and everything helping the american people communism or socialist.

  3. Dear leaders worldwide please avoid War and embrace peace and prayers for Ukraine. 😔. Jesus is the answer 👌. All citizens and residents of Ukraine need a peaceful environment to enjoy life 😍. 👌. Peace. 😍 ➕➕🅰🅰🅰➕➕

    1. “Eat of my flesh… Drink of my blood…“ Jesus Christ said to his disciples.

      Great, Gay vampire story. Zombie 🧟‍♀️


  4. What high tech is the US planning to use next against Russia??? the same high tech that they used in Afghanistan and ran hanging for dear life after 20 years from year one Afghanis with Sandals, scooters and AK-47.

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