‘They Have The Goods’: Charges Are Bad News For Trump Org. 1

‘They Have The Goods’: Charges Are Bad News For Trump Org.

While the liability to Trump himself remains to be seen, our legal experts say that the indictment against the Trump Org. and its CFO Allen Weisselberg are quite damning. MSNBC's Brian Williams discuss that with Daniel Goldman, Joyce Vance, and Peter Baker.
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    1. Meanwhile crime is out of control, murders spiking, crushing inflation and the humanitarian disaster on the border is continuing unabated.

    2. @Red Out You are absolutely correct. Biden has a helluva cleanup on his hands. Trump left him an unmitigated disaster. Not surprising Trump left office with the lowest approval rating of all time.

    1. @WEEGEE LANA I don’t watch fox news. Opinion shows are entertainment and they all just make us devided. I just know from experience is all

    2. @Chase Austin I has refunded the police because he never paid for the drumph rally any where that is a direct defunding and disrespectful to the police and the local tax payers of everyone

    1. Never liked Trump, but I see pretty much every company I worked doing same things. Businesses owners kids are getting paid to go on vacations ( e.g. Conferences and businesses trips), consulting fees for reports that regular employee wrote, living in company ” guest” apartments and driving ” businesses ” cars to come to work once a month. It’s just way people did and do business.

    2. Honestly it’s beginning to look like that with a golden idol announcement he is the chosen one!! Good morning flock!!!

    1. @King Kong The words “witty” and “witless” sound alike, but have different meanings entirely… the former is what you think you are, the latter is what you actually are.

    2. They have tried him in the last four years and found nothing. The obsession to find something out of nothing to criminalise him is sickening…..democrats are real devils angels full of deceit and corrupt practices l.

    3. @William Jackson Barack Hussein Obama the man who was President for 8 year’s and has no legacy to speak of.

    1. Impeached by the people that said they would impeach him the day he was elected.
      First impeachment was all based on a anonymous whistle blower who had no first hand info. There is no proof whistle blower even existed. That clown Schifty shift made up the rules as he went dismissing any witness that didn’t back his lie.

      Second impeachment they impeached on fake tweets they made up and said they were Trump’s tweets.

    2. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell They’ve found plenty. Just because Trump misused his position to corrupt the justice system doesn’t mean there was nothing found. The person incapable of thought and blind herd following is you. It seems as if putting on a MAGA hat causes small minds to project their imbecility onto others.

    3. It finally comes out. Dont hear alot from his followers. We all see where this is headed. Can’t understand what the draw was. They must be that stupid

    4. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell Funny, I see your lips are moving, but still no sound arrives…obviously its totally meaningless.

    1. @wandering spirit mueller found enough evidence,your republikan traitors protected him.
      Zero evidence….

    2. @wandering spirit Mueller spent 15 million and made 42. What part of that doesn’t equate to good value to you? Not to mention the fact that the report specifically does not exonerate Chump but says they can’t prosecute because he’s a sitting president. The inference being, if he wasn’t they definitely would have.

    3. @wandering spirit Yeah thats why Barr is facing trouble. Because they were so honest about the conclusion.

    4. Just be patient, those too will happen. At least for 11 charges of obstruction of justice. And an unknown number for deleting evidence and witness tampering.

    5. @wandering spirit No they found a ton, simply read the public parts of it before you comment on the content.

  1. Anyone connected with Drumph complaining that someone is ‘violating norms’ is absolutely, hilariously, ludicrous. And pathetic.

    1. @Russ I listened to a trumper say how the government is an illusion, the military is running the United States and that President Biden isn’t real, he’s an actor. Crazy stuff right

    2. Wonder if there was already something terribly shameful in the past and maybe the reason why they needed changed their last name

    3. @Maddie Scientist was a 1 hour old account when the reply was posted to defend Drumph on YouTube with a deflection and for good measure deny racism and climate change are problems to be taken seriously with a ridiculous ‘comment’ that does not even make sense. Smells like a bot or kleenex account. July 1st was the day that the momentum in court began towards the eventual R.I.C.O. case which will completely destroy the pathetically stupid, narcissistic fraud that is – and has always been – D.J.T.

  2. No president in 244 years has been a twice impeached, three-times married, multiple bankruptcies, sued 4,000 times person who led an insurrection against the Capitol, but I don’t know why his lawyer didn’t mention those precedents.

  3. When does the Indictment come for Trump his family and all who have been involved with him the 4+ years!? That’s what I wanna see, him in the clanker! He has been the worst president in history. He has completely wrecked this country.. I have never seen anything like it! I hope I never see something like this and we can fix what he has broken.

    1. “The best way to hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people!”
      -Eddie Murphy, Trading Places

  4. When trump or whoever is close to him is accused of a crime the first thing they say in their defense is that ‘it’s politically motivated ‘ even if there are solid evidences about the misdeeds.

    1. They are saying that because little t, was president. They couldn’t say that before, but they certainly tried every other criminal tactic then.

    2. These crimes have been ongoing for at least 15 years. HOW can anyone declare that it is political when DT was NOT a politician 15 yrs ago. THIS is just a glimpse of his grifter M.O. THIS is WHO DT and his family ARE, criminals, conmen and grifters – PERIOD.

    3. Any other owner of a company would if at all posible just state; “I had no clue these crimes were being commited in my company, we’ll investigate how this could have happened and amend internal oversight where needed”.

    4. When someone closes in on a Democrat it’s either racism, sexism, or homophobia. Ask Lori Lightfoot.

  5. There hasn’t been a former President who has been running an active con for most of his life. You’re not above the law, even if you have previously served as President. If Nixon hadn’t of been pardoned, he would have been in exactly the same position that Trump now faces.

  6. “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Well, in Trump’s world, prison is certain as well.

    1. Not so sure he always seems to walk away afte9r destroying all, corrupting all, decent people seem to just shut up or begin to say things one never would have expected to hear them say.

  7. Hillary clinton said in an interview after losing the election being president would be the worst thing to happen to him. She nailed it.

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