They Report, A Judge Decides: Fox Braces For $1 Billion Lawsuit Protecting Trump’s Lies 1

They Report, A Judge Decides: Fox Braces For $1 Billion Lawsuit Protecting Trump’s Lies


Fox News has been hit with a billion dollar defamation suit by Dominion Voting for false election claims, alleging “Fox sold a false story of election fraud in order to serve its own commercial purposes” and “knowingly broadcast lies.” This new suit follows a separate lawsuit from another voting technology company, Smartmatic. Fox News stands by its reporting. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent discusses the fallout with former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 03/26/2021.
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They Report, A Judge Decides: Fox Braces For $1 Billion Lawsuit Protecting Trump’s Lies


  1. Hope they lose. Fox has been lying to its viewers with the help of people in the government for so many decades.

    1. @TruthSeeker08 that covid was a hoax. Does that sound like a lie. How about voter fraud and voting machines changing votes. Sounds like another lie. Most news sources are bias but fox just outright lies.

    1. @EyeSMK1 The reason that won’t happen, besides Don’s court record of losses last year, is Trump never wants “discovery”. It gives the prosecution, or if you prefer, the defendants lawyers the ability to go through private data that Trump does not want out. He and his Foundation pled guilty to two counts. One, grifting, and the other lying about other charities. He settled instead of letting them open him up in discovery. However, the Foundstion was ordered dissolved.

    2. ‘Are’ there consequences? It can take time but every action has a re-action, so scientifically, that’s the nature of physics.

    1. @Lee Smith No, it was an ACTUAL recorded phone conversation of tRump trying to “pressure” GA Gov Brad Raffensberger to “find” votes (which is illegal) which would not have made a difference in the election outcome anyway

    2. @Judith Sprague that isn’t the governor of Georgia. This is the problem with the internet: you get some surface knowledge of an issue and then feel qualified to form a reasoned opinion.

    3. @Shawnee Anderson so are you trying to claim what he did is legal? It clearly is not and they have hired a big shot racketeering prosecutor to head this case up.

  2. This will be dragged out for decades. By the time there is a verdict there won’t be any cable TV.
    It will go by the way of tube tv’s

    1. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is defending herself in court by claiming her statements on air should not be taken as fact.

  3. You remember when you were little and you got told on about doing something wrong. Then you got angry and lied about not doing that wrong thing, then looked for a way to get revenge to make them pay for calling you out? Sounds similar. cry babies

  4. Why do all of these hosts on fox have the most irritating voices in the world. They grate on your senses. For that reason alone. Fox should go down in flames.

    1. They also play big on the look like tucker and lou dobbs perfected. I call it the ( I just shlt myself look). The right eat that dumb stuff up so fox plays it up.

    1. Rachel Maddow is defending herself in court by claiming her statements on air should not be taken as fact.

  5. They got very used to attacking those who, for whatever reason, felt or were constrained from filing this sort of lawsuit. They finally got so brazen and entitled about it, they forgot to check and see if these newest targets had any constraint on them. They didn’t. Bluster and spin mean very little in a courtroom. It’ll be like on SNL when Jon Lovitz played the Devil as a defendant on The People’s Court.

  6. Dominion will win.And the lawyer for Sydney Powell saying it was a lie will go to the court as evidence.

    1. How can you say that when they were caught in real time..they were being watched by satellite (looking glass)… you will see

  7. the same folks making sure nothing that makes sense get through the house and senate, they will make sure the money is there to pay this

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