'They're Going To Die': Allies & Questions Remain In Wake Of U.S. Afghanistan Withdrawal 1

‘They’re Going To Die’: Allies & Questions Remain In Wake Of U.S. Afghanistan Withdrawal

Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, talks about the situation the United States is leaving behind in Afghanistan and some of the concerns about what will follow in the wake of the U.S. departure, including concerns about how a re-empowered Taliban in Afghanistan could rebound to Pakistan where they've been harbored for decades.
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    1. Surely everyone expected the Taliban to resurge? It’s a no brainer, they’ll want to make their point, and be able to say they had a, “military victory,” over America. But, if they maintain massive drone and airborne support, and show the will to keep that up, the Taliban cannot resurge forever?

    1. Check out the connection between Bibi and the Kushner’s. Trump was blackmailed by Maxwell/Epstein to bend the knee to Israel.

    2. @Klaus World I think that’s the point of the comment you are replying to 😉 lol

  1. Terrorists never learn. Even after 20 years of fighting, they’re still willing to die for what they believe in. It’s one thing to accomplish what you believe in with peace. It’s a whole nother story to die for it.

    1. Yes, you call them terrorists. I call them Afghan people.
      And they have defeated NATO simply because they *are* willing to die for what they believe in while NATO soldiers *aren’t*.

    2. @Alex W
      20 years of war has gotten us nowhere but debt and a crippled economy. Whatever happens after we leave, is the middle east’s problem. The only resolution left would have been mass genocide by nuclear warfare, which could lead to WW3. So leaving in peace is the right thing to do.

    3. @Dizzy Duke The right thing to do would have been to never invade Afghanistan in the first place. Why would you or I care about the promotion of femlib or LGBT in the Afghan middle of nowhere? It’s their way of living, it’s their business. They want to live under the Sharia law – let them live under the Sharia law.

    4. @Alex W
      Your comments are showing how ignorant you are. Zero credibility. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

    5. This was a big thing during WW2 w Kamikaze pilots from Japan. American command launched an investigation into how to deter this and the answer is simple, you cannot do that if the person has nothing left to lose and doesn’t fear death.

  2. Everyone knows what’s happening, what’s going to happen and they’re letting it happen. In typical American fashion, another country was invaded, destabilized with no thought or plans in place for reconstruction.

  3. Thank goodness for this man who is telling it like it is. People have been warning about the Taliban takeover for 6 months or more.

  4. Democracy isn’t free.

    I wonder why they don’t mention the increase in opium export in the last 10 years.

  5. Well shouldn’t the UN get in there if they’re so worried? 20 years of training and this is how easy the taliban move back in? Where did all that money and effort go? Exiting was a good move, shows everyone this needs to be a world problem.

  6. I no longer care. The only reason we went into Afghanistan in the first place was to steal their opium and natural gas.

  7. I believe Richard Engel. Why would any country want to work with us after how we didn’t support bringing the translators to safety after all the help they gave us? And to see Afghanistan fall to the Taliban so quickly and thoroughly after we left shows the Afghans were not ready to lead themselves.

  8. So what you’re telling me is that the price of stabbing our allies in the back, destabilizing the country’s power structure, undercutting the peace negotiations and running away appears to be higher than the price of keeping around 2,000 air support troops who were taking almost no casualties? I wonder how many experts told Biden that.

  9. This was a foregone conclusion. Driving the Taliban from Afghanistan did nothing, they just hung out safely in Pakistan, biding their time. Now, they’re back, like herpes.

  10. Some folk learn to swim by being thrown into the water ……if AFGHANI S are ever gonna learn to defend themselves …they need to learn to do it themselves .

  11. Stop stupidity, stop newscasters from spreading misinformation AND mispronunciation of words like its FIGURE not FIGGER

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