'They’re Killing People': Biden Condemns Covid Misinformation On Facebook 1

‘They’re Killing People’: Biden Condemns Covid Misinformation On Facebook


President Biden condemned the spread of misinformation about Covid-19 on social media platforms like Facebook, claiming that "they’re killing people" by letting it be posted as he departed the White House.
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  1. Just stop using Facebook. It is that easy. It will free up hours of your day and you won’t have to sort through the lies being told. You want to keep in touch with your family? Check out Discord. It’s free and you get to say who gets to post. Have a great day.

    1. Boycott because they are censoring people, or boycott because they aren’t censoring people?

  2. I really hate to see anyone die, but I don’t think we can force this. People have to see for themselves or they’ll always claim they were right. It’s extremely sad, but life is that way.

    1. we need to stop beating around Bush and force vaccines and take control of media so people who complain are not heard and no one has anything to argue in comments about.

    2. @Larinda Nomikos I guess so, there’s probably some young dependents trying to escape an abusive household like I was, that might watch the grown ups die because of this. Like I was. It’s evil.

    3. @sadhuAt this rate, they will be dying faster than we are punishing. Don’t hurt any sick, elderly, children, I guess you man your choice. Goodbye.

    4. @sadhu
      That day will be coming .
      As a result, Medical Martial Law will gain momentum and become the law of the land.

      Then Millions of law abiding citizens going rogue won’t bother you?
      The noncompliant are everywhere…..your vaccine won’t save you from someone trying to feed their family & just mind their own business.
      I like to call us the silent majority.
      Label me a high risk ,so be it.

      Be careful what you wish for.

  3. They should have followed the advice of Howard Stern and named the vaccine after Trump. Oh the paradox, these same states would have people lining up asking for shots in both arms

  4. Only an ignorant person would get their medical advice from Facebook, politicians, or and social media. Talk to your doctor about medical advice Jesus be smarter than the tip of your finger nail.

    1. Hopefully you have a doctor who isn’t overly influenced by government policy then, because otherwise you’re still basically listening to the politicians.

    2. I have to agree with you. When it comes to your health, it’s a no brainer !!? Unfortunately it doesn’t stop the ignorants from their stupidity.

  5. If that is the case then why are vaccinated people getting the virus?

    Please note the Israeli Health Ministry dashboard for references….just in case you’re curious.

    1. I think they’re referring to the ones being hospitalized & dying, which are the unvaccinated. You can still get it after being vaccinated, but the symptoms are much less dire from what I understand.

  6. So, we’re supposed to believe that Facebook is a private company that can do what they feel like and also that the Biden admin must force Facebook to censor certain individuals?

    1. I believe that is the controversy they are discussing. You have a firm grasp of the obvious.

  7. I left fb 5 months ago still have account but don’t get on anymore, never had Twitter or TikTok or snap. Even stopped using Instagram and have gotten more done and have realized I have about 80% less friends and more valued and quality friendships! Life is pretty good without all the drama

  8. And Fauci says…… “wear a mask”……”don’t wear a mask”……”wear two masks”………and the 79 year old Fauci has been out of school for 50+ years and never graduated with a medical degree. He is your problem.

    1. Even less of a % within Fauci’s department took Big Pharma’s chemical elixir. I wonder why the Bill Gates network, MSNBC, doesn’t explain that to their viewers?

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