1. “Former Guy’s” strategy in the special election in Texas’ 6th District failed after the candidate he endorsed lost.

    1. @No Show Joe Nah, his name is Donald John Trump. His former title was President. His current title is ‘One-term, Twice-impeached, ex-President’. You see, those are facts – not opinions, and not hyperbole. Oh, and by the way, in my opinion (I’ve heard it from many people) he’s clinically insane, a weak cowardly loser, and a danger to democracy.

  2. If anyone says something is perfect RUN AWAY from them. Republicans love to use the word PERFECT!

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 You were told it was looked at. My god the future is not yours, your perfeftly in the middle of igorance and irrelevance. Dems dont care about you, thay care about power. Lick their boots though

    2. @Harry Longabaugh – So, you’re saying Biden himself committed fraud? What EVIDENCE do you have? You obviously don’t even know how voting works! Are you an American registered voter? Do you even vote?

    1. They have 90 drop off spots all in 100 miles lol. Take one away and its racist… but nobody asks about the Republicans putting them thede

    2. Look up the legislature in Texas see what it is the Republicans are putting out there! It doesn’t deprive anyone from voting it extends voting and keep in mind the proposal is to prevent voting fraud!

    3. @FirstName LastName liar , tell that to the 60,000+ that got purged from the voter roles in Georgia just before the election, as long has partisan hacks are allowed to control who gets to vote it will always be an issue

  3. They’re GOP. Lying is the most basic qualification for them

    1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 might be so….but at least the States is no longer being run by Putin’s boot licker……

    2. @SRM NZ *- Biden is Pumping $Billions into the Russian Economy, by Greenlighting Putin’s Pipelines.*

      *Putin received his greatest gifts of all from Creepy Joe.*

    3. As you are listining to a criminal 😛
      Who literally blocked a vote by breaking the law. To fight voter suppression…
      Note the Texas bill makes it easier to get in a voting place, you just need to proof you are American, with any kind of identification. OOh sooo RACIST!!! How dare they ask for ID. As they are starting to force people to get vaccinate…

    4. @Sarah F. 4.2 seems you are “educated”. Please what ever you do dont believe your own eyes. Just believe what people tell you.

  4. I think their plan since before Drumpf even decided to run for office in 2016 was for this presidency to end in dictatorship, one way or another, and I’ve been screaming it in social media since then.

  5. Hmm, how about we just make sure all legal voters can actually vote without having to jump through hoops, wait in line, or whatever roadblocks the GQP put up.
    Oh, that’s right. republicans have no policies and can only win if they stop people from voting. 🙄

    1. That’s just not true. Nothing wrong with showing ID to vote. We all stand in line if able , Democrats and Republicans.

    2. @Shirlee Hicks we already have voter ID in the ‘US. You have to register to vote and provide current id along with your birthdate and current address at polling locations. The “voter ID laws” getting passed these days have to do with closing down polling locations in high density populations, banning early voting on weekends specifically on sunday, making handing out food and drink for free outside of polling locations illegal, signature verification allowing any deviation to prior or current signatures thrown out, and banning written hyphen for names.
      The overlap between some of these laws and minority communities warrants a look into and needs good reason to pass as to not target these communities. For example, banning polling on Sunday could be targeting, black baptist churches that have historically, participated souls to the polls voting campaigns. High density populated counties tend to be democrat, and hyphenated names are extremely common in african american and latin american communities.

    3. @Promp King Texas actually allows more early voting than most Blue States, and all of a sudden we need early voting , we used to vote in one day for 45 presidents. Also it’s not so hard to bring your own water and food typical liberal always wanting free handouts. Stay naive you are good at it

  6. Thank you Ms Crockett and everybody who has worked so hard to make it so we can vote and to vote easily without all these Republican restrictions.

  7. Believe me, we who live outside of Texas understand this completely. Why do you think we won’t visit or financially support any enterprise in Texas.

    1. Yeah right, remember all the Hollywood big shots that we’re going to boycott Georgia? That state just had the best year ever for movie making. So much for these random threats.

    1. @J Groovy All of that’s irrelevant, because this is a democracy, and the majority of Americans want these laws passed, and they don’t have to justify passing these laws to you, or anyone else. Frankly, anyone who is too stupid, or too indolent to aquire a picture ID to vote, shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    2. @Jim Younger
      “There doesn’t have to be proof of voter fraud to pass laws against voter fraud”, you say . . .?
      Using your same analogy, a rational person wouldn’t trade in a brand new car with 500 miles on it simply because the engine has a 1 in a million chance of blowing up.
      Keep in mind, Texas’ original election laws were passed in May, 2019 and both the governor and secretary of state stated that the 2020 election was exemplary in it’s execution and accuracy. Besides, how exactly does limiting the number of ballot boxes and banning after hour voting, reduce the (imaginary) occurrence of fraud ???

    3. @Harry Longabaugh and you’re right because you’re always right. No person, living or dead, has ever questioned anything you have said nor has anyone ever told you that you are wrong.

      I bet nobody has ever mistaken you as being the life of the party either.

  8. I’m in Texas and I love her! She speaks for many of us, black, brown, white. It’s refreshing to hear a voice of logic. If it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it. We seriously need the federal government to step in and stop these ridiculous voter restriction laws from taking place. GQP knows if they don’t cheat, they don’t win. We have some serious issues here that need to be addressed yesterday. Our GQP have dine zero to repair the power problem within our state.

    1. The Washington Post gave Biden “4 Pinnochios” for his lies on Georgia’s new voter laws.
      And his home state of Delaware requires voter ID and has stricter rules on mail-in ballots than Georgia.
      Is Delaware suppressing votes?

    2. How many illegals are living in your city? Not many jugging by that comment. They want the illegals voting not you duh

    1. @Mark Feland You dont care about anything other than whats in your own little world. Narccisist.

    2. @Its me Quenten aww, hear the mighty little keyboard warrior, your mommas calling you up out of the basement for supper

    3. Americans can vote no problem bring ID. This is about letting illegals vote, the hundreds of thousands democrats want, Nothing to do with Americans everyone has ID.

  9. Fifty years ago, my dad, a resident of Texas couldn’t vote until he was in his early 40’s because they had zero provisions for military members to vote, and the military would not let him change his state of residence until he retired. This, of course, applied to my mother as well, because all her rights were tied to my father.

    1. That is really messy, military denying servicemen to vote? what year are we talking? 1970? Or was it earlier? Anyway terrible laws. That seems to be the fight now.
      BTW I guess that a “new” middle-right wing could have enormous success now.

    2. Gotta love that “freedom and democracy” we outsiders hear about regularly from American people.

  10. If the things Republikkkans are doing were being done in other countries, we would call that county a banana republic.

    It’s like the Republikkkans looked at South Africa apartheid from 1948 to 1994, and then the Republikkkans said let’s do that but make it worse.

    1. Lmfao .. actually it’s the DemonRat/MSM/Globalist/Socialist/Communist Party thats screwing U over….

    2. @Too Bad You don’t know who you’re talking to, so don’t assume it’s a Democrat, in fact he’s probably not even American. It’s these exact comments that are made just to stir up hate, which you seem to have plenty of. The overuse of the word Republikkkans should have been your first clue, but they’ve once again done their job, to make you hate your fellow American even more today than you did yesterday, congrats. America has always been a country with socialist values and programs, so how do millions of Americans not even know that or understand that?

    3. @Bo Em Back in the 1800’s when the Dems and Republicons had opposite views to what they have these days, it’s now 2021 or haven’t you noticed, no one has ever accused knuckle dragging tRumpanzees of being intelligent that’s for sure.

    4. Funny Biden praised Robert Byrd at the town hall thing with Don Lemon, but seams you missed that part huh.

  11. I love Rep. Jasmine Crockett. I have heard her speak in committee meetings. She is intelligent ,true to her beliefs and wants justice and equality for all. I feel that she is a rising star in the Democratic Party. Wishing her blessings and great success!

  12. “They’re liars” You got that right. Adult oppositional defiant disorder rules the GOP.

    1. The Washington Post gave Biden “4 Pinnochios” for his lies on Georgia’s new voter laws.
      And his home state of Delaware requires voter ID and has stricter rules on mail-in ballots than Georgia.
      Is Delaware suppressing votes?

    2. @hugh jorgan this from Delaware
      IDs may include:
      Delaware Drivers License or State ID
      U. S. Passport
      Signed Polling Place or Social Security Card
      Signed vehicle registration
      Signed credit card with photo
      A similar document that identifies the person by photo or signature

      that is NOT very strict.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis …That’s very debatable. Delaware’s ID laws help ensure non citizens can’t vote. And what’s really stricter in Delaware compared to Georgia are mail in ballot rules. They also have stricter timelines on voter registration.
      Which is why the Post (a very Democrat-biased media outlet) have Biden 4 pinnochios for his lies.
      The Democrats lies and hypocrisy regarding “voting rights” isn’t working. Only the most uninformed and brainwashed Dem voters are falling for it.
      You’re clearly not one of them. Good job reading up on the facts about state voting laws.

    1. How would a Democrat even recognize the truth anymore? You even watch CNN and MSNBC!!!! You believe science when suits your agenda. Your kind has lied so long ot’s now in your DNA.

    2. @David Eby
      Thanks for the lazy “I know you are but what am I” argument, this sums up why I think you’re all idiots, you just repeat conservative media talking points while claiming everyone else is just repeating talking points, no brilliant bro, there’s truth, then there is whatever the conservatives believe

  13. Never seen this woman before never have I heard her name but being born and raised in Texas I got to say I love her please fight for us we need more people like you

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