Think Of Variant As 'Covid On Steroids,' Says Former WH Covid Advisor 1

Think Of Variant As ‘Covid On Steroids,’ Says Former WH Covid Advisor


The Delta variant of the coronavirus now accounts for nearly 10 percent of new cases in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday. Former WH Senior Advisor for Covid Response, Andy Slavitt, joins Morning Joe to discuss the coronavirus and his new book 'Preventable'.

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Think Of Variant As 'Covid On Steroids,' Says Former WH Covid Advisor


    1. There’s your divide and conquer.

      You hate your fellow “citizens” more than the “elite” who actually control our entire society and do all these evil things to us, huh?

  1. I’m fully vaccinated and I still wear a mask around strangers. I’m not playing games with Rona.

    1. @JaquieRave And you could die in a plane crash but you still go on planes. It’s more understandable if you were in a plane crash, like your experience with Covid, but for most people, they shouldnt be afraid of a low chance of dying in either scenario. In fact you can die from just about anything but it’s so low you just cant worry about it.

      (Low percentage as in if you were vaccinated against Covid)

    2. same here,double dosed and still following the guidelines.

      we have no idea what the thing is going to mutate into next,common sense says stay safe until its over.

    3. @WR Fontaine stupidity is not a good trait to advertise.

      the virus is small,the medium its spread in is not,its mucus and sputum,and cloth does indeed stop it.

      masks are NOT to protect the wearer,not even when surgeons wear them….they are to protect others in case you have it.

      your statement is as stupid as the one about masks stopping oxygen and holding in carbon dioxide,only the truly ignorant would think or worse still say that sort of thing.

    4. @Lifes too short To stress surgeons wear those masks to stop the spread of BACTERIA NOT viruses, dumb dumb. The virus is like 100 nanometers in diameter and cloth/surgical masks aren’t going to do jack against something so small

    1. They care more about their enjoying pleasure rather than caring about not getting people sick or causing them to die. For them getting to have fun is worth risking the “rare”(3% or 13%)chance of other people getting sick or dying. Keeping people safe is always more important that getting to do something that is fun.

    2. @ThE DuCk Anti-vaxxers don’t care about other’s decisions about vaccines lol.

    3. @New Normal World Order
      Well lets ask you . You are consuming msm right now ! Let’s not be a hypocrite
      who doesn’t practice what they preach

    1. @New Normal World Order… I was pointing out that conservatives already believe tons of nonsense and trump supporters carry the nonsense into laalaa land …and you really should splurge on some name-brand tinfoil for your little hat loonytoon…that cheap sh*t is letting you down bigly…

    2. @New Normal World Order Oh, I absolutely do. It has nothing to do with evolution, and everything to do with stupidity.Thanks for proving my point.

    3. @Enchanted Homeschool

      AGAIN: how is it that all “anti-maskers” and “anti-vaxxers” aren’t all dead by now???????

    4. You do realize that vaccines are usually tested for like 5 or 10 years before they are given to the public. That’s because they could averse affects much later on

  2. @1:15
    “…hosting the largest sports crowd since the start of the pandemic…”

    Did they not see the Canelo fight?
    Or the recent soccer games’ crowds? US vs Mexico, etc?

    1. @Patton Moore UK here,sorry but from what we all have seen you are wrong,most people are idiots.
      and most of those are between 16 and 25.

      Every gov has screwed the pooch from day 1 of this pandemic,this was supposed to be over in a month at most…
      BUT it would have meant the population following the guidelines,which were simple,wear mask,stay indoors,and dont risk being a spreader.

      but what our govs forgot was the most important factor..there are more idiots than sensible people out there.

      the same idiots now attacking gov and medical advisors are the same people shouting about thier “freedoms” and spreading this plague because they are idiots.
      kind of a catch 22.

      we were told on day 1 that if this went on too long the virus would mutate,and become more and more lethal…and the idiots carried on spreading it.

      as for the UK and travel,we are still allowing in people from the mutated areas daily,and have been since we knew it was rampant in those countries, and now we are wondering how the delta variant is somehow riddled throughout the UK.

  3. As a 62 year old nurse in the US Midwest I can tell you that I will NOT visit any state that has less than 70% vaccinated

  4. Overall efficacy was enhanced by waiting a bit. However, I was invited to re-book my 2nd jab appointment here in the UK to a date two weeks earlier than the 11-week wait originally booked.

  5. REPEAT: “I Do NOT CONSENT to Any Energy HARVESTING of ANY Kind without My Subconscious& Conscious Permission.”

    ‘Guard Your For It is The Well-Spring of Your Life’ Dear Ones.

    You possess a LITERAL LIBRARY of information in the palm of your hand…use it WISELY & stop ‘feeding this white noise’, you know what to DO to be SAFE Beloveds.

    Where to Start? Practice Physical & Spiritual HYGIENE.
    1) Shadow Work
    2) Book of Enoch
    3) Eisenhower Allowed UFO Abductions WITHOUT the CONSENT of the Public in exchange for technology

    1918 Spanish Flu: NO Vaccine = Done in 2yrs
    “Overcoming This World” filled with ‘Fleshly Desires’; Reward for Suffering = Flapper Era = 9yrs of Prosperity.

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