This $3M home was built too close to road, will be demolished | Aylmer family outraged 1

This $3M home was built too close to road, will be demolished | Aylmer family outraged


Aylmer, Que. family told to tear down their home, even though plans were approved by officials. CTV's Jackie Perez reports.

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    1. In the article it does state they initiated a lawsuit against the city for damages back in 2019; I’m interested to see if they were waiting on this judgement …

    1. So you think it’s okay for someone who worked to get ahead to be treated poorly because they own a house that has over a million dollar value? Who says that the homeowner isn’t owing a huge amount on the mortgage?

    2. @John Stutt I bet he knew something wasn’t right and was willing to benefit. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  1. The owner can take down the front half , and play that song from Limp Bizket , Rollin where in the song it says back up back up like that, I’m mentally drained so for me it’s a no brain idea ok folks have a nice day and have find today all is quiet on the home front anyway :),

  2. Taxpayers lose, homeowner lose, and some jealous neighbors win. Yep sounds just like Quebec. Waste of money and mistakes in government. Couldn’t be more like Quebec government.

    1. Jealous neighbours? It’s ugly and they get their street back to normal. Maybe you’re the jealous one? I bet the builders and/or architect knew that there was an error, maybe the homeowner did as well?

  3. This is happening right now in Sutton, Ontario. Who’s is going to pay for the house to come down and rebuilt

    1. So many older homes are close. Why make taxpayers or anyone pay when it can just be there it looks fine.

  4. Builder should be sued for not following the property boundaries when originally building the house ……

  5. So Quebec government isn’t that concerned about carbon emissions as they argue of being concerned eh !?
    Way too much hypocrisy

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