1. The same thing has been happening to Yemen and we are supplying Saudi Arabia with weaponry. I feel for all the innocent citizens who are caught in the middle of war hungry, power seeking world “leaders” taking advantage of such situations. What was it that Trudeau has been saying over the past many months now “Don’t let a crisis go to waste” (formerly used by Churchill)?

    1. The world is still very racist, although that’s not the only reason, it’s definitely one of them.

    1. Still mad that the freedumb convoy made it so that you can’t vote him out for years, aren’t ya 🙂

  2. just like with covid approach….stay the course with thy resolve even though nothing they do works, and is going from bad to worse.

  3. I love Canada, I’m a proud Canadian , But I have never in my 60+ years had so much distain for a Politician.

    1. @Bill Dunlop If you love Canada and am a proud Canadian, in this situation, it wouldn’t be best to demonstrate your distain for a politician. I may not like who are PM is, but when there is conflict between my country (Canada) and another…. I keep my mouth shut. When conflict is over and/or there is an election, have it at….even make up for lost time. A proud Canadian fights for Canada.

  4. You have a lot of nerve talking about putting…I am sure you are chewing at the bit to do this to those unworthy citizens

  5. is someone can explain to me that speech? ..im hearing lots of words….but i dont understand the meaning at all…also…why as canadian We have to support ukraine and be against Russia?

  6. Putin has put himself in a tough situation. When he wants some comedy to lighten things up, he listens to Trudeau. Personally, I want to smash something every time I hear Trudeau speak.

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