'This Feels Different': Rep. Himes On Possible Passing Of Much Needed Covid Relief | MSNBC 1

‘This Feels Different’: Rep. Himes On Possible Passing Of Much Needed Covid Relief | MSNBC


Congressman Jim Himes joins MSNBC’s host of “American Voices” Alicia Menendez to discuss the latest bipartisan Covid relief efforts and its likelihood to pass, and the breaking news that President-Elect Joe Biden is picking California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to Lead Health and Human Services. Aired on 12/7/2020.
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'This Feels Different': Rep. Himes On Possible Passing Of Much Needed Covid Relief | MSNBC


    1. That money is our money to start with. Getting some of it back is not an entitlement. It’s payoff on my tax investment that I have paid for 30 plus years. About time my govt does something for me with my money.

    2. @No Limits Amputee Exactly.
      How is it “socialism” if I pay into it in multiple ways, and then need it ?
      Could never figure that one out myself.
      Does that mean any form of insurance is socialist ?
      Stay safe and healthy, from Canada.

  1. You gave us half a thing. Where’s the other half?
    This should have been done months ago, and they’re still not done!

  2. If there’s enough good stuff for corporations in the bill, bipartisanship is inevitable. They’re going to totally screw the rest of us, though.

  3. What about the American people living on s.s. ? With the cost of everything going up it’s hard to make ends meet
    American people need stimulus checks

    1. @j law um. . Republicans always try to cut social programs, and Democrats try to improve them. . . so the Trump admin is the one in which food was taken away from children, in Biden’s America everyone will have food!
      Edit: You basically just owned yourself with how stupid your comment was.

    2. @j law Hey I’m guessing you’re a Christian Evangelical Trump supporter I could just feel the love & the Teachings of Jesus pouring out of you.

  4. Anything on our deepening DeRegulation crisis _our artic wildlife refuge, auctioned off to fossil fuel shills? a n y t h I n g?

  5. Progressive Dems in the House need to withhold their vote for Speaker until Pelosi agrees to put Medicare For All to a House vote.

    1. What a pointless gesture. It won’t even get close to passing. M4A is just a few votes short… around 160 votes short of passing.

    2. @Suomy Nona a “pointless gesture”. Really. You’re talking about the health care of America — a “pointless gesture”. Yeah, nice one.

    3. @Hyperpandas So Medicare For All is “stupid”? Why so? Medicare already exists. Medicare For All is simply an expansion of the already existing Medicare to include all American citizens. In what possible way is Medicare For All “stupid”?

    4. ​@If you don’t vote for Biden, YOU AIN’T BIDEN Yeah really. To make M4A law you need 218 votes in the House and 51 in the Senate and it has to survive all 6-3 SCOTUS challenges and have a President that won’t veto it. If you don’t have all of that then taking a vote on it is a “pointless gesture”.

    1. To be fair, Trump’s disastrous choices for so many positions WERE the best people he knew.
      He had no idea about selecting on merit. In his world it’s all about transactional dealings.

  6. ..if 900 billion is good feeling why was 1.8 trillion that included stimulus checks not good enough hmm shady playing politics with peoples lives

  7. It’ll be a relief to me when I get outta this hospital & hospital gown that keeps on falling down to my ankles!

  8. That doesn’t include crap! It doesn’t include stimulus checks, nothing for food, nothing for schools. How is that optimism?

  9. It won’t be a relief package if there are no checks for the American people. No money should be given to any big corporations or anyone who is rich!

  10. Mitch McConnell
    is America’s
    Ebenezer Scrooge
    This holiday
    Plus 40 Republican Senators
    Do not want to give one penny to individuals suffering financially

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