1. @Thunder Rain Boy Why, were you raised and told for years to pretend that pandemics and starvation and homelessness and violence and pollution produces afterlives?

    2. @kathy smith do you think that starvation and pandemics and homelessness and pollution and violence produces afterlives like the politicians say is what happens?

    3. @sherif tawfik a unapologetic very very smiley catholic cleptomaniac threatened to arson my atheist parents home after we allowed him to move in even.

    1. I’d partly agree, but automation is an oncoming reality, we need to fight against mass privatization and for some reasonable degree of a social safety net.

  1. They must not have much fresh proud or if they do I wouldn’t trust it. Personally I would feel more comfortable shopping somewhere that takes more time cleaning.

  2. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

    1. Don’t forget that a DIVERSIFIED PORTFOLIO is the safest way to invest, don’t put all, or even most of your eggs in one basket.

    2. @Alex Roland crypto is the new PT Barnum. “there is one born every minute”. and you seem to be the one.

    3. @Justin Wung tell you what, you bring on one economist who is not promoting some airy-fairy nonsense . when there is nothing to back a currency, there is nothing to back a currency and it just represents some idiots idea of value of lets pretend for the gullible.

  3. You also create a digital record of your specific shopping and spending habits more accessible to interested parties. Any app you put on your phone is tracking you. Some have less than desirable security.

    1. Why not? Do you trust the Credit card company’s to do the same? Of course you do. They are connected to those same credit card company’s for payments.

    1. There’s tons of jobs actually. You can make 90k per year starting off by working at the shipping ports unloading container ships etc.

      Automation is the thing that will provide a surplus for our entire species rather than backorder. Besides, starvation and homelessness and pollution and pandemics never really produce afterlives.

  4. This is the path of the future, all stores should do this… the quicker we can phase out money the better… imo less staff equals lower prices the goal should be producing at zero cost.. with a dramatic decrease in price.. same with farms ..farms need to be automated ..once food can be created at zero cost it’s a domino effect.. however this will also have to put taxes down to zero as well. our future is one of automation and working hand in hand with machine intelligence to make all our lives better.

  5. What about restocking the shelves?
    How can they only spend 20 minutes a day in there?
    Something just doesn’t add up here.

  6. The day I have to WORK for the store to get my goods…I”m GONE! Hey the workers get a WAGE so why should we give the stores MORE money?

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