'This has been such an honour': Andrew Scheer's final speech as outgoing Conservative leader 1

‘This has been such an honour’: Andrew Scheer’s final speech as outgoing Conservative leader


Andrew Scheer calls for unity in his final speech as party leader.

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  1. So long Andy ! Your sweaty awkward goodbye speech is a reminder to all Canadians we made the right decision ignoring you during the last election. Best of luck in your new career mopping up the local Tim Hortons!

    1. Don’t think he’ll be working at Tim Hortons any time. With angry little Napoleon comments like yours the mop job seems more fit for you

  2. If the conservatives can’t test a envelope opening machine and run and convention election with no hitches then how are they going to run a country ?? Did nobody test this machine or was it deliberate to make them look stupid ??? There has to be some questions here . Complete incompetence

  3. The crawl talking about the Tornado and wildfires is more interesting. Track derailment. Jay Insley needs help. 72 new cases in Manitoba. Thousands of ballots damaged. There…now I got the news I needed from this.

  4. I’m awaiting for trump to get a whiff of this election..ie..torn envelopes…hours delay
    awaitin 1st count of results..lmfao..Sheer bs if ya ask me.

    1. I was thinking that myself. The optimist in me is hoping this is just an unfortunate accident. The skeptic in me wonders if this is a conservative tactic to legitimize Trump’s claims about mail in ballots and in return possibly receive help in the future.

    1. @Spencer Wattamaniuk I am glad you asked. Take donations from moneyed interests. In return, slash valued social programs, claiming austerity, and so on. Then turn around and give handouts to the same donors, with money that supposedly was not there for social programs. The donors then contribute more campaign dollars and take more money out of the economy to store it offshore. The rich win, we lose.

    2. @sctl In the 1990s, Alberta successfully eliminated the deficit through spending reductions whereas the attempts in the mid-2010s to eliminate a large deficit by increasing taxes (while hoping for revenue gains) failed. And spending reductions have worked elsewhere to eliminate deficits. In the 1990s, for instance, the NDP government of Roy Romanow in Saskatchewan and the Liberal federal government of Jean Chretien both reduced spending substantially and eliminated large budget deficits. It’s also important to consider which kind of deficit-elimination strategy is better for economic growth. Research from late Harvard professor Alberto Alesina and colleagues shows that, in economically developed countries, trying to fight deficits with higher taxes hurts the economy much more than slaying deficits via spending reductions.

  5. Wow, that’s a pretty bitter and vindictive speech… Different from what I would expect from an outgoing party leader, which is usually pretty graceful.

    I guess Andrew finally reveals his true colours and what he really thinks, since it’s his outgoing speech and he can say whatever he wants. And he can do that, but I’m just surprised he would do that when most outgoing leaders leave with a more graceful speech.

    1. What I have noticed about mr. Scheer more than anything really is he has an unhealthy obsession with down talking the prime minister. He makes it his personal Vendetta to take every stab that he possibly can at Trudeau because he is absolutely bitter to his very core that he was incapable of defeating Trudeau

  6. He tries to make it sound like a classy, graceful exit speech, but if you listen to the words he’s basically saying, “I would have given you an amazing world, but the other parties will destroy everything you love – just mark my words!”
    He plays on the fears and pushes “what-ifs” as though it would or would not happen if he were in power. A politician with hollow, pandering words, strawmanning the other parties’ policies.
    His message means and does nothing except get the tin foil hatters frothing and saying, “Yeah its true! He said bad things will happen so we’re all doomed!” despite the speech being empty, baseless threats

    1. Meanwhile the Canadian PM is currently fighting his 3rd ethic’s violation, has the largest growing debt Canada has seen in years, and has violated you rights and freedoms, while letting the global pandemic entre the country. and using the lack of parliament to apply tyranny law’s… Yea. just a few things our real leader has done in the past few months. shall we talk about the collapse of our oil industry.

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