'This is a gamble': Jody Wilson-Raybould on calling election 1

‘This is a gamble’: Jody Wilson-Raybould on calling election


Former interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose and former federal minister Jody Wilson-Raybould discuss the timing of the election call.

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  1. Have you read Jody Wilson R’s book about Trudeau? Not a peep about Sophie his estranged wife, why is that off limits. It goes to show his character as far as I’m concerned. He’s misogynistic, narcissistic, unapologetic and insincere. Why would anyone in there right mind vote for him.

  2. NL st. john’s line ups very long all day, was still a line up when polls closed, there wasn’t enough booths at some locations so not everyone got to vote. unacceptable.

    1. We did elections in Canada for so long, without much struggle…Don’t know how this is acceptable. Walmart should have run our booths.

    2. whenever there is advance polling, ALWAYS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT AND GET YOUR VOTE OUT OF THE WAY.

      I litterly went to vote when no one was in the gym on a friday night. I missed the entire rush and it took me all of 5 minutes.

    1. everyone is if they can. It’s all a world of scams at this point…. why do you think so many so business are looking for employees and such? they can’t even afford to pay them- no ones working still

    2. Is that why Albertans are being airlifted to Ontario or should hospital staff just drop them off and let him stay in Alberta untreated?

      Albertans are milking the “pandemic”

    3. @Jeff Anderson Albertans ARE being airlifted to Ontario for ICU treatment. Alberta was not competent to stop the epidemic.

    4. @Jeff Anderson lol as a born and raised Calgarian I will testify that nobody inbreeds more than Conservative Albertans… uneducated chumps

    1. Some of PM work needs more than 2 years and the support of other parties. This election allows the PM to do what he planned to do with support of both Bloc and NDP. On the other hand, conservatives leadership is shaking and I bet they go for another leadership. So this election wasn’t for nothing

    2. @Duke Dex Ontario has 121 seats. FPTP stacks the deck, the electoral college system needs reform to be democratic. Which, btw was another of Turdeau’s failed promises, that and getting rid of the non-elect senate. If the vote were democratic the drama queen wouldn’t have stood a chance.

    1. It’s a fuckn joke. I’m not getting bullied into the vax, if anyone has a problem with it, I have nothing to lose.

  3. Half way through her book. She is an amazing woman, definitely has her people’s interest ahead of her owns, and believes in the teaching her family taught her. The title of the book was PERFECT and reflects that our loyalty to our party overlook what’s best for Canada. Can’t wait to finish this and would love one day to look her in the eye and say thank you.

  4. The workable handball pathologically blot because coach remarkably drain excluding a succinct train. fluffy, amused buffer

  5. These establishment gatekeepers are afraid of the populist PPC, as if they are some right wing extremist faction. This desk anchor didn’t do anything to challenge Rona’s loaded assertion. It angers me to say it after the PPC won zero seats, but at least now the mainstream will have to contend with the PPC and their anodyne, centrist, common-sense ideas. Canada seriously needs voter reform. This situation is untenable and likely unstable. Brace yourself for Wexit.

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