This is a historic shot in the arm. | Yasmin Vossoughian | MSNBC 1

This is a historic shot in the arm. | Yasmin Vossoughian | MSNBC


Yasmin Vossoughian reports live as the first COVID-19 vaccine in the state of Rhode Island is administered to Dr. Christian Arbelaez.

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This is a historic shot in the arm. | Yasmin Vossoughian | MSNBC


    1. Your body your choice. If you are afraid of the virus, take the vaccine. A vaccine prevents infection. So if you are vaccinated this should be more than enough for you to feel safe again. A vaccine that cannot protect you from illness caused by the virus is not worth calling a vaccine. What is the reason to say that “everyone” should be vaccinated? Don’t you have enough confidence that the vaccine will work?

  1. Kids in cages and bombing Middle East but at least it’s been done by a diverse cabinet with a woman of color as VP oh and president doesn’t say mean tweets

  2. President Biden respects Doctors, Nurses, Medical researchers and Scientists. He truly is a Smart and compassionate leader

    1. @rich5817
      Oldest trick in the book: if we list stuff from his time as VP, you are going to say, “no, Obama did that”. If we list stuff from his time in Congress, you are going to say, “no, Congress did that.” It is just a lame trick.
      So no. Not gonna fly. Talk about the things he has done these past 30 days. Lots of very good things on that list.

    2. @Rick Simon To many things you can’t name one your right i won’t give him credit for something someone else did, go ahead and ask me anything Trump did good ill give you hundreds even before he was elected

    3. @rich5817
      I said, “everything Biden has done these past 40 days.” But of course you cannot even name one thing he has done; you only know that it was “all bad”. As for Trump – other than stuff that nationalists love, you cannot list anything “good” that he did. That’s why you didn’t even try.
      Just to be clear here: from hereon out, I am going to ignore any post from you that does not contain specific policies.

    4. @Rick Simon your deflecting again 48 YEARS something he has done in 48 YEARS i don’t care if it was helping a little old lady across the street 48 YEARS surly you can come up with something!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Look This “ Potato Head “
    Situation is taking all my spare time. I haven’t slept in 2 days. This could be the end of the world as we know it…

    Beside I’m still have Flash Backs over “ Operation “
    Does it keep anybody else awake at night the “ Operation “
    Game Guy Was Awake During The Entire Procedure?

    1. We are finally saved from the horrors of MR Potato head , but at least kids aren’t in cages and we aren’t bombing the Middle East . Oh wait

    2. @N W I do suspect,,,, I might be losing you in the Complexity of My Satire. Maybe I’m the only person that watched the Clip.
      White Guy, Gets Shot in Rhode Island.

      Like that’s Never Happened Before. And it’s Historical in the fact it’s the first shot in the state.
      Tuff Crowd.
      The Irony is really deep I know.


    1. MAGA cheers compatriot Looking forward to the return of this great man at the CPAC conference later today. I can’t say how excited I am to see our country return to the path of normalcy …

  5. Lol I’m not getting a vaccine. Somebody in my state at age 27 was found dead after receiving. Autopsy showed there was no underlying health conditions.
    Just think before you take action.

    1. Exciting news my friends

      Fauci literally co-authored a peer reviewed paper on the danger of staph and strep, and has basically engineered this whole thing to sidestep the advent of antibiotics and “Make Colds and Flus Lethal Again”. The masks are intended to CAUSE staph and strep respiratory infections. Largest crime against humanity EVER perpetrated.

      Death By Mask: Lessons Learned In 1918. Mask Wearing …

      In 2008, Dr. Anthony Fauci co-wrote a paper with two colleagues explaining that influenza was not the predominant cause of death during the 1918 flu pandemic. This video will show you what he wrote, and that the cause of a rise in infections among mask wearers today matches what Fauci claimed to be the real killer in 1918.

    2. Fauci in the so called 1976 pandemic shows how ignorant he is and the people that believe his crap. Money is all he cares about.

    1. @DAVID Just ignore him. Being a computer warrior is his career. Biden boy probably lives in his basement like the rest of his kind, has 8 genders and colored hair. Probably also takes our paycheck cause he’s too lazy to work. Us men will vote consciously rather than our feelings like Ro G

  6. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven,

    Like so more people can see this.

  7. …of B12 maybe… legit people don’t feel the need to be recorded or record people…it’s an insult to intelligent people.

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