1. Trump in 2016-“I don’t pay any taxes because I’m smart.”
    NY jury in 2022-“We hereby find Trump Org. guilty on all 17 counts of tax fraud.”

    1. ​@Marilyn Reallon damn right! Bet The Clintons would disagree. But hell yes he would look forward to talk

    2. AFAIK, a “negative inference” can be presumed by taking the 5th in a CIVIL case. AFAIK, in a CRIMINAL case the jury is instructed to NOT make such an inference.

  2. Elie may have his facts wrong, as it is reported elsewhere by other prominent attorneys, that Pence is only protected during that short time period he was performing his role regarding the electoral vote count. Any communication prior to or after that on 1/6 is fair game!

    1. @✌talk I hear him say no questions on what Pence did on 1/6, but could question on days leading up to 1/6. He does say when acting as President of the Senate, but neglects to include the time period prior, as being open to questions. Any phone conversations with Trump before, would be open for questioning. With attorneys, it isn’t necessarily what they say, so much as what they don’t say.

  3. Get rid of the speech and debate clause in the constitution and add a strict vetting process so we can get these damn rotten criminals out of the federal government. Once that’s done then make the term limit for a Supreme Court Justice 12 years – NOT LIFE. Maybe then the United States of America won’t look like such an embarrassing hot mess to the rest of the world.

  4. Kinda the same thing the Supreme Court said to Lindsey Graham when he appealed his case. This is to pre-empt Pence from appealing to save tax payers a few bucks

  5. Why should anyone obey a Subpoena ANYMORE when so many of our own Politicians don’t and 🚫 never get prosecuted for it ⁉️

  6. I would love to see an appeal deny the speech or debate clause as applying to the VP who obviously does not engage in legislative speech or debate, but merely casts tie breaking votes and MC’s the certification of presidential results.

  7. I’ll bet Pence has never prayed so hard in his life, he is probably camped out at his local church all day and night hoping a sweet Evangelical angel, to the disappointment of his mother who was Catholic, will swoop down and hand him an easy legal, most likely Supreme Court, off ramp.

  8. The VP knew and was down until he looked into the of his duty as VP and let Donald Trump know on the day, remember what the VP said on the day in question

  9. Apologies to MTN. I’m posting this on every clip. Let me know if it’s bothersome. Feel strong about this. Also, TY for the great info I use to Troll FOX and Friends with.

    “No words for the survivors and families of the Nashville shooting, can only wish that one day they return to some semblance of normalcy. This has got to stop”!!!

    Watched a FOX clip and in the posts, I saw this: 250 replies to a general comment all focused on Trans. Not one of them made any comment about the assault weapons used or how horrific it’s gotten today for our children. TOTAL P.O.S. Military style Assault Weapons must be banned immediately. They were before and no sane gun owner (Myself included) had a problem with it. Got my Jr Permit at 14. Have hunted and owned guns my whole life and never saw a need for an AR15. There is no valid argument in favor. Home defense you say? I’ll put my Moss 12 W/HD barrel loaded with 3 wad cutters and 3 slugs, alternated, (yes mine takes 6 and not your average 5) against your AR15, take as many clips as you want, and see who walks out. I only must be close in aim and can shoot around corners, you?

    The only way we can stop this is by calling (leave message), emailing, or writing a simple sentence every day. “Ban Assault Weapons.” Aren’t our children’s lives worth 15 seconds a day. That’s how Democracy works. Let them know their job is on the line. NRA and Manufactures money are worthless if they get voted out, right? Think about how pissed they’d be after spending millions in campaign donations and the person loses. It’s up to “We the People” to make Democracy work, 15 seconds a day.

  10. So is anyone looking into what other black mailable material David Pecker has in his possession? For example, why did Lindsey Graham change his support for Trump after they played golf together in 2015 or 2016?

  11. I definitely think Pecker is excited about this and is most likely looking forward to when the hearing reaches its climax.

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