This Is A Virus That Will Find You If You're Unvaccinated, Says Doctor 1

This Is A Virus That Will Find You If You’re Unvaccinated, Says Doctor


Dr. Michael Osterholm joins Morning Joe to discuss the rise in virus infections and hospitalizations as a result of the delta variant and why he says the country has a chance to move 'vaccine hesitant' individuals to getting the vaccine.

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This Is A Virus That Will Find You If You're Unvaccinated, Says Doctor


  1. Because people are HUMAN beings, one is worried about their fellowman. GOP and Fox “News” go the other way around. People are “Free to die”.

  2. Of course McConnell is promoting the vaccine. He needs the anit-vaxer Republicans to vote and it will be tough if they are either in hospital or dead.

    1. Although a few Trump voters were caught trying to vote for a dead relative. So being dead doesn’t stop the maga cheats from voting. Cheats like their dear leader

    2. @Censorship Is real Maybe Fauci knew that dotard Donny disbanded the infectious disease task force Obama left in place. Donny also threw out valuable info that Obama had after the swine flu outbreak. Do your research before you spew drivel

    3. @bob mac wow 99.5% well I’m not worried. Been vaccinated stupid.
      So your barking up the wrong tree

    4. not sure how he gets into office but his base isn’t the god fearing/constitution loving folks your very confused ,plus they don’t need the left or right.And they have planned on mass genocide for the entire western world way before covid-19 ,also bio-weapons tend not to do good in the wild .And if it did they would just spray it on your food etc.

    1. @Old Glaseye Exactly. I don’t know why they’re all still whining about the vaccine etc. We got ours, and we don’t care if they get them. They just use it as an excuse to be angry about their bitter pathetic lives. While the rest of us have moved on and are happy again.

    2. @Ann if you don’t care why you still trying to shame people to get it ?
      If you don’t care then why do you keep running your mouth about the vaccines ?
      That doesn’t sound like a person who doesn’t care.

    3. If we all just prayed to Donald Trump and worshiped him like the God Emperor he is, this virus would never have happened!!!!

  3. Yes people are dragging their feet to get the vaccine and they won’t learn even after a second lock down this Fall.

    1. @MAGAtards are fake patriots Democrats said that they would never take the “Trump vaccine.” It was only 7 months ago, funny how every Democrat pretends it never happened. How convenient!

    2. @Neil Peart’s Purple Nose and why would they say that since scientists made the vaccine and not Trump also you forget 7 months ago not everyone could get it want to try that one again?

    3. @Neil Peart’s Purple Nose you mean Kamala. She said she’ll listen to the experts. If they say it’s safe, she’ll take it. She wouldn’t take it if it was only Trump saying it’s safe

    4. @camwyn256 I’m talking about Democrats that I spoke to online. They all refused at the time. Funny how quickly that changed with the same exact vaccine when Trump was gone. Blinded Ideologues.(Trump supporters are the exact same, for the record) Both extreme opposing ends of the political spectrum have taken on a cult like nature.

    5. lock down was coming either way ,they just need enough ppl to go along before than,only the vaxxed will be able to get food etc.

  4. Take away Mitch’s pay-cheque for two years . Then tell him that there was a variant with the ink.

    1. Better yet, vote him out & totally eliminate his pay check. He’ll stll have his life long benefits & corrupt contacts. Enough.

    2. @Sean Hovan hey they only did a republican move as Republicans did that up here in Oregon several months ago

    3. LOL. Is that how you spell pay check? Because here in America, we don’t spell it that way. But thanks for your concern for our elected officials.

    4. He has been living large on his wife’s money. Theirs was a marriage of convenience. She brought the money, he brought access to power.

  5. That’s rich of McConnell given that he’s the biggest problem of misinformation within the GOP.

    1. @Sean Hovan 47% of people who live in counties that voted for Biden have been fully vaccinated. 35% of people who live in counties that voted for Trump have been fully vaccinated. As of July 6th, 2021. 🇺🇸🧠💉⚕️

    2. @srgreeniii rand Paul is asking the justice dept go look into fauci for criminal investigation

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr There are 600,000 dead Americans thanks to people like to you. Some of you are evil on purpose while the rest are just evil out of shear stupidity. It and doesn’t matter which one you are, it’s the same evil.

    1. @Sean Hovan What do you mean here the” stats? ” I don’t see any stats and I don’t see any supporting sources

  6. As soon as they, the GOP realized that its most of their voters that will be going down into the dirt, they said oops, maybe it was a bad idea to tell people that vaccines are bad. Sort of what trump did to himself with mail in voting telling his voters not to vote by mail. Their divisive BS has consequences for us all. What a brilliant pack of idiots.

    1. @Ruthanne Perry Thank you. Good luck to you, as well. I think I’ll be getting the Novavax. It’s more effective against the variants, with less side effects.

    2. @Shane Kasper , Buy life insurance. If you’re related to those people, heart disease & cancer may cause your death sooner than covid. My condolences, may they RIP. Suggestion: seek grief-counseling if things become a bit too much. It’s been a rough 18 months. v

  7. I wonder what Fox News/GOP say to the children who has lost their fathers, mothers, and relatives because they took their advice.. Don’t worry kids, we’ll take good care of you…?

    1. @R Smith don’t listen to a former president and his party that tells you to inject bleach into your lungs

  8. Moscow Mitch just changes his tune when it is to his advantage. He is only looking out for Numero Uno

    1. While I find McConnell repulsive, in his abuse of power, the truth is, he always was in favor of vaccination. Other Republicans were dissing the vaccine, not Mitch.

    2. @Mark Evans he’s been a traitor his whole life where u been just like Pelosi and Chucky,Obama,Bush,Clintons Biden and trump to.They all belong to the same cabal

    1. @PJ Celeste No I’m referring to the research and studies that scientists and doctors worldwide have been publishing about the pandemic. The last ones I looked up were large scale studies about whether vaccination reduced transmission. Turns out they found it did by 40-60 %. I’ve found that reading the extract or executive summary usually tells me all I need to know.

    2. @Blair Haffly Well, that’s more the pan most people do. I do not deny that studies may show the vaccine reduces transmission of Covid 19, but there are no conclusive peer reviewed studies about Delta. We can exchange stats all day, in the end it remains that it should be an individuals choice, and those who chose to be vaccinated should not be ridiculed, nor should those who chose not to be vaccinated.

    3. @PJ Celeste Yeah the intertubes aren’t conducive to courteous dialog. I usually ignore the insults but sometimes slip into sarcasm.
      I decided that even though I’m vaccinated, with the delta variant running rampant I should continue using a mask to ensure I’m not an asymptomatic spreader.
      I’m sad that here in America where we could easily reach herd immunity we’re in the top three hot spots globally to incubate the next mutation.

  9. Fox, Tucker and GOP friends just don’t get it. It’s like shooting their sympathizers in the foot, while the bear runs them down.

    1. @Leonardo Montalvo The problem is, 100 million people are not vaccinated. That group may not be at risk of dying, they may not be at much risk of hospitalizations. However, a small percentage are. A small percentage of 100 million is still a huge number, especially if thst small percentage occur in a short period of time.

      High transmission may also create new variants that escape vaccine protection

    2. @Pop Land yes. This disastrous spread of Delta is not going to show up for a while but when it does a lot of people are going to be really sorry especially when it is their kids dying or horribly sick. Maybe with lifetime debilitation on top of everything.

    3. @Pop Land Viruses always have new variants. Get it out of your head at this can be eliminated completely, because its not going to happen. We are going to have to learn to live with it. Complete elimination is off the table for the foreseeable future. Life carries risk. The vast majority of people who get this survive. The vaccines can help manage the risk better, and thats all they can do.

    1. @Eric Duggan , They’re a troll. They’ve been posting similar nonsense on other threads. Hope that may help. v

    2. @Virginia Tyree trolls are great. They boost metrics as the YouTube algorithm doesn’t care what a comment says, only that there is one. These trolls help us in the fight against the YouTube algorithm, ensuring even more people see the video

    3. @Eric Duggan they got it from the mainstream media where u been,but with a bit sarcasm ,dont u remember Joe offering A free beer if we got to 70% lmao and they did a host of other things they offered ,I mean states did

    4. Just sad. Didn’t think we would have to go through this again but here we are. Shutdowns are all but certain now🤦🏿‍♂️

    1. @Terrier Queen
      -WTF?! Was that rant supposed to LEAD somewhere?.-
      beliefs… is a footstep… it can take you here…orz…it can take you there….

    2. I’d agree if only Trump voters got sick …but in this case the kids still have no choice yet in the matter.. and every unvaxed person is a variant factory that will undermine the progress of those of us who DID follow recommendations.

    3. @Terrier Queen or they are the reservoir where covid mutates into a new variant that the current vaccines won’t protect against. Then we’re back in the sh!t for another year or more.

  10. McCONNELL: Is only worried about his falling voter base due to death…let the bodies pile high!

    1. Robert Ferguson: With a 1-2% Covid death rate, I really don’t think Mitch is in any danger of running out of voters. Typical that you would wish for Right wingers to die. You’re just as bad as they are. Hate & intolerance for differences of opinion is all you know.

    2. @Robin Lillian If you want to talk about death rate percentage don’t just say 1%-2%. You need to use all the numbers. 2% of 1 million people isn’t a good number. When you get to 2% of 100 million people things start to look really really terrible. Just saying the death rate is 1-2% makes it sound like no big deal but adding the actual number of human beings makes it a very big deal. If 100 million Americans get sick and 1-2 million of them die that’s a tragedy of epic proportions.

    3. his base isn’t patriots u do realize that /good fearing ppl or ppl who love the constitution or this country

    1. @srgreeniii false equivalency. Not comparable. Abortions and vaccines. You obviously don’t understand both,

    2. @vilcantroper … If someone doesn’t care who dies from a preventable disease, they don’t get to pretend to care about someone else having an abortion…

  11. This is an example of what you get when you go along with a liar, and then don’t stop the liar from lying! So, the numbers are going up, again, and it’s due to the non-vaccinated people.
    SMH – just sad

    1. they planning on taking out the entire western world way before covid-19 you do realize that ,so unless u live in a 3rd world country you better wakeup

    2. also I could see them rounded up the vaccinated in the near future ,and thats why they need as many infected as possible

    1. So! About time, otherwise hahaha on them and hoping their fans get skeptical of their word especially as they start dying off.

    2. they plan are killing off both sides you do realize that ,the whole entire western world has been planned to be taken out long before covid-19 wakeup but better luck next time

  12. People living in their own, “special” alternate “reality”, thinking the pandemic is over. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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