This is America being great. | Ali Velshi | MSNBC 1

This is America being great. | Ali Velshi | MSNBC


Ali Velshi highlights an act of kindness during the January 2019 government shutdown.

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This is America being great. | Ali Velshi | MSNBC


  1. 15 dollars minimum wage, permanent child support, free health care and education. NH1 electoral law. That’s what the majority of US citizens want. Came on, that’s the bare minimum in any European country. I even thing the US can do it better. If you are just able to elect the right representatives to government, and for a change the majority of people gets proportional representation.

    1. @Gary we really need to push this….men and women in their 60 and 70 are too cynical to want to govern for the people and are more concerned with maintaining their own power.

    2. @Ray Bar true. As well as All of the money they receive from lobbyists. Insider trading. Etc. The swamp !

    3. @Entertronic you can flip it and ask why does a CEO get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars,gets tax cuts and if he screws the company over he still gets a golden parachute when ousted….education?….nope..the working class stiff will spend that 15 per hour like there’s no tomorrow….that’s means money back into the system….of course prices will rise because the rich CEO (who is hiding that money like a Mo’Fo) sees the trend and hikes up prices to maximize profits for his shareholders….and the cycle ,giving the poor and working class more money could provide opportunities to go to school and get their education on…thus eliminating the cesspool of morons who follow golden calf’s and live in fear of “them”…just my thought.

    4. @Entertronic because somebody has to do it. And unless there is enough volunteers like your self, to do it for free or for 7,5 / hour, it’s only fair that we pay enough, for those people that do it for us, to have a dignified life. And economically it’s also to the correct thing to do.

  2. It’s a very small percentage of America. There are plenty of billionaires who could help prevent this kind of thing and never miss the cost, but they won’t help because they’re greedy and selfish.

    1. …but Republicans are screaming because President Biden wants to raise taxes on people who earn more than $400,000 per year.

    2. @Johnny Boone Democrats and progressive think they can take on the 1% wealthy people. I heard aoc want to stop amazon From investments in new York City, did it work?? LMAO

  3. Kudos to grass roots humanity … as for macro humanity, this should NEVER have gotten to this point. We work/contribute of ourselves the remuneration should sustain not just existence but engaged living.

  4. With these comments I can see you don’t know the time line of this video! Ali Velshi is one of my favorite news shows. This is during the former guy’s government shutdown! The Repugnants (GQP’S) just let him shut it down! Why would they care!

  5. Checking out of kroger grocery tuesday, I found my self short of money. Started putting items back to lower my cost. Then the cashier said never mind, I’ll cover what you are short. So I played $50.00 — cashier
    Paid the remaining $20.00.
    Her name is Lovely and the store is
    Kroger on diamond causeway,
    Savannah Georgia.

    1. She had a fitting name.

      Been there, done that, no helping out. I will never forget it, so embarrassing. My face was positively burning!

    2. @Ryan lex I thought msnbc were leading the race, since Fox is not enough Fantasy Land for many of it’s former viewers? (Viewers who now instead watches newsmax oan and such truth free safe spaces for trumplicans.)

  6. Wish I could find someone willing to help me relocate back to my home state. Being evicted in Texas with nowhere to go , sucks!

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