‘This is cause for concern’: Rep. Lofgren reacts to Trump’s latest rally rhetoric

January 6 committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) shares her concerns about former President Donald Trump's rhetoric used during his rally in Waco, Texas. #CNN #News


  1. He should be banned from holding hate and grievance rallies. He is not running for president, he’s running from the law.

  2. All we have to remember is that whatever Trump is accusing others of doing, he has done it or is doing it himself.

  3. Who is this mysterious “them” Trump is always blathering about? I would very much like to donate to “their” cause!

  4. When you listen to Trump his rhetoric is just so disruptive to “we the people” and America should fight back. This is ridiculous.

  5. How is that “person” supposed to be the only one who can save us when he can’t even save himself?

    1. @Ryan Elliott Trump left office with the worst jobs and GDP loss since the great depression. Energy production has increased his he left office. There were celebrations in dozens of other nations when he lost re-election. His job approval never got about 43% and Ukraine was attacked by Russia during his time in office.

  6. Maybe actually do something to punish his deadly behavior? Maybe act like trump isn’t above the law? Maybe rich elites can actually suffer some semblance of legal accountability? What if a bank robber tweeted out threats against the judge and jury in his case?

    1. Things would be different in America if American law, as is the case in other countries, differentiated between ‘free speech’ and ‘hate speech’.

    2. @Bill Smith just because Fox News doesn’t want to show you the evidence doesn’t mean there is no evidence.

  7. I really can’t believe that, IN THIS COUNTRY, he’s being allowed to run with indictments looming. We can no longer say that we’re special in the world.

    In Bolivia the recently jailed a politician for similar things, and a female at that.

    1. @Pat Doyle you mean prosecutors doing the job they were hired to do? That’s what you mean right? I mean, why else have laws?

      Let me put it another way, do you think you’d be free right now under the same circumstances?

    2. …and he can be a President in jail running the country.
      WHAT A JOKE . what message is that sending to the American people and the world… A convict jailed for crimes.

    3. ​@crazypetemagicman Absolute insanity. Thought I must confess, living in Canada, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like for other countries to see Trump : a president in a jail cell receiving foreign dignitaries.

    4. In 1895 Eugene Debs, who can be compared to Bernie Sanders, ran for President from prison in Illinois.

  8. Watching this happen in America is unbelievable and horrifying. We have our own budding Hitler. Never dreamed it was possible.

    1. @NPC FREDO What about Kushner making $2 billion from the Saudi leader while Trump was in office?

      Then there is Trump paying $250,000 in taxes to China in the same years (2017 and 2018) he paid the USA $750 in taxes. Exactly how mich did he make from China to have to pay that much?

      Did you get your NFTs?

  9. House members do not have the power to influence criminal prosecutions. This is especially true when the majority of of the cases involve violation of state laws. Of course it is the state prosecutors and state grand juries that will ultimately be deciding the outcome of these charges.

    1. Was this not a bedrock issue of the revolution when King George III tried to interfere in local American events?

    1. @Brian Fergus plus don’t forget the DAs that quit due to pursuit the first time , that was politically motivated not judicial

    1. @Chris Perry I was born and brought up in the U.K. Where we believe in free speech. A public figure here, and all other places I know, would be sanctioned for spreading dangerous seditious nonsense, and or, promoting acts of violence, directly or indirectly. The evidence suggests that is not the case in America.

    1. @Rod 7 people showed up to protest outside his building in NY when they thought he was going to be arrested.

    2. @Paul Miskell there are photos from above the crowd showing how smalll the gathering was, did not fill the area even half way.

      Not even a stadium, it was out on a lawn. No stadium will let him use them for rallies anymore because he never pays his bill for it. Several $million still trying to be recovered from stadiums he went to from 2016 to 2020.

    3. @Rod you seem to be the only one who liked your own comment, and you don’t seem to be very good at math, the facility has a capacity for 50k, Trump claims that their were 100K people there, Official estimates are that 3000 people showed up, about what one might expect.

  10. Watching from EU, scratching my head watching US Former President DT losing all his screws. I doubt he can be save!! This has never happen before!!

  11. “Eliminate the Deep State(!) – elect me dictator for life – just like my paymaster Vladimir Putin!” – Trump, basically.

    1. “Eliminate the Deep State(!) – elect me dictator for life – Trump, basically.

      Hello based department?📞😎

  12. Our judicial system seems impotent. This sorry excuse for a human being should have been locked up years ago.

    1. @MarkLRandall I was born and brought up in the U.K. Where we believe in free speech. A public figure here, and all other places I know, would be sanctioned for spreading dangerous seditious nonsense, and or, promoting acts of violence, directly or indirectly. The evidence suggests that is not the case in America.

  13. Every single thing that has ever made him angry is the worst thing to have ever happened to him and it’s never been seen before 😭

    1. I can only imagine the whining when he stubs his toe, never mind how many times he has to flush the toilet.

  14. Merrick Garland’s inertia and disregard for the law is of immense concern.
    It has been problematic for the last two years, and it may be too late now to do anything about it.

    1. @Mike B After a very lengthy delay during which Garland stubbornly refused to do his job, the AG realised the most cowardly way out was to appoint someone else to do his job for him, starting from scratch to reset the clock.

  15. Every moment he is not held accountable, is another moment the US justice system has failed us with the ‘one law for them’ bullshit.

    1. i notice that despite the FBI having 4 yrs and the laptop of hunters for 4yrs yet still havent arrested him

      i guess you not bothered about justice just when it suits

    1. @Carson Lee yep 100% a-part from the times he claimed Trump is going to jail, and claimed there was evidence to convict. but yer 100% LOL

  16. That rally was nuts. I couldn’t tell if the theme of that rally was “trump is the new Jesus”, or “We love insurrection”, or “Everyone with an IQ above 40 is an evil demon”.

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