‘This Is Dangerous’: Violent Extremists Flock To Trump’s Defense | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

‘This Is Dangerous’: Violent Extremists Flock To Trump’s Defense | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Malcolm Nance joins The ReidOut to discuss the role violent extremists played during the Capitol Hill Insurrection: "We are heading into a new phase of American domestic violent extremism … This is dangerous.” Aired on 02/12/2021.
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‘This Is Dangerous’: Violent Extremists Flock To Trump’s Defense | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. Yes! T rump was NOT exercising “protected free speech”.
      The DEFENSE team said statements were NOT protected free speech IF T RUMP instructed his listeners to commit CRIME or violence and TRUMP DID: That “march” to the Capitol was NOT authorized by the permit so T RUMP’S listeners were ALL breaking laws and trespassing on Capitol grounds and in the Capitol to “fight” “stop” influence Pence and Congress (RINOs) per T rump instructions. No windows in inner chambers — only way to influence Pence or Congress was to go inside — force their way inside.

  1. The most ironic part about all of this, is how Trump has since thrown all of his MAGAcultists under the bus. The only thing missing from this horrific story, is the cyanide laced Kool-aid.

    1. @Mark Ray Ah…. and here we see the “Trump Loyalist” in their classic defensive stance when backed into a logical corner. Notice how the brow collapses above the eyes making the eyebrows both become one and jut out like a Neanderthal showing the lack of comprehension and understanding of the simple obvious facts around them. The inability to process that the rest of the world is moving on without them and has accepted the truth that is right before their eyes. Slamming the bones of a dead argument and false conclusions into the dirt over and over all the while expecting the results to be different every time they do. Unable to come to the logical conclusion that maybe they were lied to by there “God Trump”. It is simply amazing how these “Trump Loyalists” in the wild are able to integrate into normal American society so well by mimicking normal everyday human activities and concealing their true natures only until the next confrontation with reality brings out the true nature of the “Trump Loyalist” once again.

  2. *_Courage is getting out of the boat, when the guy in front of you is just shot. Look at these spineless Senators who can not even vote for America, let alone get out of the boat._*

    1. @Jeff Libby china, you mean the country where tRump has money in accounts and where the red maga hats are made. That China.

    2. @Gato * i prefer it the other way “cant have red hat without hatred” … just makes more sense to me since the hatred came first. and, in fact, there is other hatred besides that of trump supporters.

    1. @Deborah Freedman Both. All the way up to that Lt. Col. who put his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. Some were ex-military, some active. All were deplorable. The most shameful and unpatriotic behavior I have ever seen. Insurgents and insurrectionists.

    2. @Jon Stone this is the justification of a traitor right here. Waco was a cult and they were not innocent. Janet Reno made a bad call but it’s not you dirtbag extremists right to retaliate on the government. And ruby ridge were a bunch of violent separatists. Don’t put guns in your kids hands unless you want them to die. The fires on the feds the feds killed them in defense. You are brainwashed if you believe these extremists deserves anything other than what they got. Back the blue except when they are after you right?

    3. @Republicans are terrorists You’re blaming me for what Timothy McVeigh did? How stupid. I wasn’t involved. It’s interesting to see how much hate you have and how easily you express it. You hate Randy Weaver’s wife and children? You hate the women and children who died a horrible death at Waco? Are you one of those “good Christians?” You might want to take a look in the mirror.

  3. I can’t wait for new York and georgia get their hands on him we’ll have real judges then..and justice will happen because justice matters….

    1. @billycarson Where ever he was he was watching it with glee. He enjoyed every part of it and rejoiced at what he had accomplished. He enjoys creating chaos and hurting people. I guarantee you it was orgasmic for him.

    2. I’m canadian, and incensed. Hang in there are wonderful neighbours and friends, soon soon he will get what he deserves.

    1. @Zebrina Pendula he is not president anymore and is not doing anything again. Turn off your t,v. While you still have brain cells left.

    2. Whats it like to be conformed into the very thing you hate? The power of indoctrination. The power of the ego.

    3. Let likely that nothing is going to happen other than another renamed nazi party springing out of it… perhaps a touch of Lenin thrown in as well…

  4. Sad people with sad thought processing and sad wannabe heroes. The Saddest part they thought he would save them!!

    1. @Edward Riley Malcolm Nance the terrorist expert just spoke of this today. But this is what happens when the government turns their heads from certain groups that are considered dangerous. White nationalist groups are and have been the fastest growing domestic terrorist group in the USA for a decade. And America denies, denies. And blames BLM who protest police brutality, that America also has denied for centuries. Well, here they are. Up close and personal. Keep denying, America. And very soon the country will collapse under the weight of all this crap. Yet we bash athletes who take the knee as everything that these people spew is completely antithetical to what America stands for. Are we REALLY surprised?

  5. Oathkeepers were in DC as ‘bodyguards’ for Roger Stone on 1/6.
    Isn’t their presence there proof that they are in DT orbit

    1. Like his bf Putin, Trump needs military and an FSS to do his dirty work and keep him in power. Trump couldn’t persuade the US military to contravene their oath to uphold the Constitution for him instead, so he relies on faux military his militias whose only oath is to the would be despot Trump. Interesting that the Republicans showed their weakness and easily violated their Oath of office for him. Pathetic parasites on the American ppl.

  6. Idiocy! 
    These people don’t even know that the president is not “the boss”; he’s the head of one branch of government.

    1. Funny, that you say that, and that they say that Democrats are communists. In Communist countries, the “president” or whatever is the boss. So I wonder what this makes these boneheads?

    2. Most folks will insist they are right long after they are proved wrong. Because the stimulus that led them to the decision has not changed.

  7. Take down the name of every Republican in Congress who refuses to impeach their Wannabe Dictator. Come the Mid Terms, get out your checkbook and donate to their opponent. Even if they don’t live in your state. Enough is enough of the Republicans threatening our Democracy.

    1. @Randy Couch randy. Murder in the street isn’t the punishment for any crime you imagine. There are civilized ways to behave. The rioters and trmp are sub-human.

    2. @Randy Couch Might want to look up where the majority of us tax dollars come from and which states use the most welfare per capita.

    1. @Rahim Majid You and @Biden Fraud need remedial help with having a basic understanding of reality. Not to be insulting, but your lack of critical thinking skills does not bode well for your current and future employability. An accurate understanding of what is really happening may seem arbitrary and optional to you, but the fact of the matter is that it is not. You are seeing, I presume, the negative effects on people who believed the “big lie” and acted upon it? The ones whose lives are being ruined and facing 5, 10, or 20 years in federal prisons after they are dragged throught the court system until they are broke? For believing the lie? So, only trying to help, and maybe you’re just playing around, or kids, i dunno … but going down that path very far will not have good results for you, one way or the other.

    2. @us citizen Dude…Having a basic understanding of reality would probably include not taking the things said in the YouTube comments section too seriously. And that would include my Trump fat and bone spur joke.
      On a more serious note, those people that are now being charged for attacking the Capitol Building broke the law. And what they did is a felony as well, and not a misdemeanor or something minor. They deserve it. if you’re so worried about why they did it, then it goes back to the concept of lacking critical thought or having no understanding of reality, wouldn’t you say?
      And now a question….Would you have the same thought on international radical terrorists the same way you seem to have on those that attacked the Capitol Building? Using your opinion here, wouldn’t you say that these international terrorists also believe in a ‘big lie’ told to them by their leaders.
      At some point, people believing in a ‘big lie’ need to be punished, and that happens when these people act upon it and commit crimes. These people who attacked the Capitol Building need to be punished. And I feel very little empathy for them. The same way that I feel very little empathy for other radical ideological followers who commit crimes for their beliefs in whatever lies told to them by their leaders.
      Is that enough critical thought for you?

    3. Honestly, it’s not even a matter of winning at any cost – these republican senators aren’t doing this for the party OR the country – they are doing it because Trump is the leader of a cult of personality and they just want to be ruled over.

  8. Remember when Trump said he could shoot someone in the street and he would still get votes??! He thinks he’s above the law and can get away with anything. Apparently the Republicans who won’t vote to impeach agree. Disgusting!

    1. Trump said he would be going to the Capitol building with his followers. So far I have never seen him in any of the videos anywhere in or outside the Capitol building. Maybe he got into some kind of riot gear & was also doing damage to the Capitol building or also looking for VP Mike Pence?

    2. They don’t only agree. They are not only complicit in Trumps crimes, they profit and thrive as a result of being complicit. It is the central theme of the majority of the former gop and now, clearly, the basis of that party going forward. A few of them were a little scared during the riot, Lindsey was clearly relieved (and intoxicated) in his speech, McCarthy sounded genuinely panicked in the tape I heard of him, but by and large the trumplicans were ok with it .. after all Cruz was on the floor when riot broke out arguing to delay the electoral count for 10 days. And apart from being called out by the press, they actually like Greene … cuz Trump like her … and Boebert. It really took the space lazers thing, not her “false flag” characterization of the school shootings … those are just normal conspiracies that they support as they both attacks dems and create fear inspired 2nd amendment hostility towards them.

      But the space lasers thing, that caught em out. They gave her an effing standing ovation for barely acknowledging the shooting events even took place and saying she is now smarter than she was eight months ago. She never said she was sorry on the floor. She never said it at all, actually. The next day in a press conference, while counterattacking a reporter she said “I said I was sorry yesterday”, but if you try to find her actually saying it, much less being remorseful about it, you will not, because there is no tape, reporting, or video of such a thing happening.

      The ONLY solution is to go to the ground game, start organizing, and getting out the vote for the next election cycle. This is still not the time to quibble (not you, but in general) over minor policy differences. The danger is still present and they are already working hard, and succesfully, to rally their base to take back the house and senate in 2022. We have to take advantage of the facts of our more accurate thinking, the use of science and polls, making better decisions about how we deploy our resources, and really, our combined desire to not only keep trumpism from rising again, but to literally remove it from the political landscape.

      So, uhm, Vote Blue 2022, but work even harder than last time. They will not go away except with an overwhelming response. Peace and good luck.

    3. @12 34 miserable. Because everything they project trump as, they are. Their unconcious knows it. Thats why they are miserable yet their ego has been built up with pride and hate so much it denies reality. Only they still obsess over him, with blinding hate. A tool of hitler.

  9. This is the problem when citizens doesn’t really know the constitution. They just act base on the people who they think know the constitution. Were beginning to realize that Americans are not bright after all.

    1. There aren’t that many because not all Repub voters are pure Trumpsters and the voting Republican Legislatures should wake up to that because they will be under massive voter pressure and their names will be tarnished forever if they do not convict.

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