This is expecting a big crowd. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

This is expecting a big crowd. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell try to guess the number of 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates that will enter the race.

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This is expecting a big crowd. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @A Fridge Too Far Do you actually bother and do the homework (no not youtube or your auntie) on their facts. Well I do and it’s usually spot on but then you wouldn’t believe anything unless you like the the answer. Why are you even on this sight if you don’t believe what they spew?

    2. @IVORY123100 Oh someone still sore they lost? I guess you enjoy sticking with your abusive mates.

  1. Champagne ready for 29 civil & criminal investigations of T***** Family Crime Syndicate
    Get ‘em, Vance & Pomeranz

    1. @Chad Simmons I have heard …the term “Real ” has a good point of debate …only 28 States require voter ID …other States not “real”

    2. @Ricky Bobby Democrats will flock to Trump TV like pigeons to a pile of , Biden couldn’t get drunks to visit him in a free beer bar

    3. @weantoine Nawww Cut a paste EXACT as I posted on UTUBE …Poor Rachel is crushed like a bug with her own words and lies …PLUS very funny

    1. Well if you’re trying at that, then I’d hate to see what you actually accomplish in real life

      Me: Why?
      You: My petty ego, thanks
      Still you: the Orangeman doesn’t have power, or even the party he switched to
      Normal People: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m not giving you attention

    1. This is perfect for the confused MSNBC viewers, this must be over a year old and it posted on Mar 21 2021! Bwhahaha!!

  2. This posted on Mar 21 2021,
    “Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell try to guess the number of 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates that will enter the race” so this must be over a year old?
    This is perfect for the confused MSNBC viewers.

  3. Well if this doesn’t give Dementia Joe something to think about when he wakes up nothing will. Hey Rach and Larry, do you think
    Ka Ma La Harris will run against Joe in 2024? 😀

    1. @Alex Hamilton Nobody rigged the election. Do you know how many people in how many states would have to be in on a conspiracy to steal a presidential election? Hundreds? Thousands?

  4. After the killing of 8 people in Atlanta, the police officer said that the killer had a bad day. I wonder how many people he would have killed if he had a VERY bad day. And if he had a VERY VERY bad day.

    1. @mike briganti police reported no EVIDENCE that it was a hate crime. That doesn’t mean that it was not racist. Step back and wait for more evidence

  5. 2012 Smith-Mundt Normalization Act, Past President of MSNBC, Immelt, and first job czar to Obama, all part of the propaganda regime. Look it up

  6. Russia collusion……………………………………….for two years………………………………

  7. are the Dems not even giving the “GREATEST PRESIDENT” of all times cough cough a chance to run a second term?

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