'This is genocide': Archibald on findings of unmarked graves 1

‘This is genocide’: Archibald on findings of unmarked graves


Chief Cadmus Delorme and Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald of Taykwa Tagamou Nation discuss what’s next after the discovery of unmarked graves near former residential schools.

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    1. @Gail Florence no way of telling if no tests done. To only go by speculation would be pure stupidity

    2. @Jumbo Me Liberals live on speculation. They’d have nothing to stand on otherwise. Everything they do is based on speculation and fantasy.

    3. @Jumbo Me Wait until we read the records which were kept (schools got paid by the # of students, yes records were kept, and highly scrutinized by authorities that paid the bills). I would think that if a school lost “a monthly being payed for for student” he reason the student could not be found in a snap check, would have to be documented somehow. Just what I think.

    1. @Jumbo Me Jumbo You, you and I have been through this before. What are experimental vaccines that are not approved by the FDA exactly doing to the world?!

    2. @Shaya H So far the data shows that it’s doing the same exact thing as all the other vaccines.

  1. unmarked graves but they know who they are LOL. what a joke. they have known for decades but now all of a sudden are concerned.

    1. not really. geocide is the intentional systematic destruction of a ethnic group or its culture. even things like mass forced sterilizations count.

    2. @Rui PTG Yeah, like this one . YouTube – How The Catholic Church Hid The Bodies Of 800 Children – in Ireland. They forgot to mention this part.

  2. That was the program conceived and operated by the Canadian government. What documents is the government hiding? Was an epidemic of a serious decease at that time among the tribes? Were children sick with tuberculosis which, at that time was essentially incurable? Facts please, not emotions!

    1. u know this been going on for a 1000 years right ? or u think everything really only happend 200 years ago right

    2. “ u know this been going on for a 1000 years right ?”

      Europe didn’t nt know about N America until 1492. I don’t think the current year is 2492.

    3. It was not the Canadian government. It was the catholic church that influenced so many atrocities all over the world.

    1. This was settled in 2015. The commission started in 2008 because of long term complaints about the res schools. This was ALWAYS known about, even the whole time the schools were open. I do feel sorry for children that died during the school pandemics. But look at the graveyards in all communities in the world to see just how many children, of school age, died in the period. No, no, no the res schools were not alone in this grief.

  3. Before you throw around terms like ” genocide”, let’s find out if the deaths were natural and also research what ” genocide ” actually means.

    1. So you would not consider it a genocide anymore? It is a genocide, no matter when it happened. The holocaust is a genocide too.

  4. If they knew about these graves for a long long time, why the hell didn’t they do something about it before now??

    1. Because the timing wasn’t right. Now that BLM and COVID are taking a backseat, this was found.

    1. Thats a bad thing? Because what no one else has to heart too? The Evil Catholic church did this. for hundreds of years and always get away with it.

  5. werent these places for the sick and orphaned?
    lesson here is we shouldn’t help anybody anymore.

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