This is how a man stopped thieves from stealing his car 9 times

Jon Woodward hears from a Toronto man who’s taking things into his hands to keep robbers from getting their hands on his car.

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    1. Some cars will loose their ECU idle, crank position, and fuel trim leaning parameters. The ECU will have to relearn every day. May or may not be an issue. Depends on the car.

  1. Imo automobile companies are paying off theives to basically total cars, goal is to buy a newer car with remote controllable ignition. Happening in the USA

  2. No, car companies are *not* trying to improve security because at the end of the day car companies know if your car gets stolen, you’re buying another car at some point, either by insurance or by yourself and car thieves aren’t their customers so they wouldn’t have gotten money from selling to them anyway.

    In short, we’re on our own to find solutions, don’t wait for car companies to provide meaningful solutions for you.

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