1. @kay armstrong I should thats where all my tax money is going, I’ll be able to get free health insurance at the cost of american taxpayers.

    2. @lopez Jose i prefer US healthcare
      theres a reason ppl come to the US for healthcare
      and its not cuz the quality is always better

    3. @kay armstrong i dont think he was asking for universal healthcare
      i think he was just stating they get free healthcare because our tax dollars defend their countries and trade routes

  1. What a surprise, an opportunity for rich people to get even richer, whilst the poor will get taken away even the little that they had. Not all sins go unpunished before death, wealthy people would do well to heed those words before profiteering out of war and other human beings suffering.

    1. @Catania Momma Italia you watch too much Alex Jones. They’re just stupid don’t think so much into it

    2. @The Study I think the parties have swopped. Republicans have been the ones fighting for freedom and liberals have been fighting for censorship and less Freedoms

    1. @Chris Bammer because Joe ended trumps energy policies. In 2019 we were producing more energy than we consumed, joe got rid of trumps policies, fast forward to today and we buy over 300 barrelz a day from russia amd joe was kind enough to give his buddy putin a pipeline while shutting down a number of ours. The only reason we are not using our own oil, is failed democratic leadership

    2. Because Biden destroyed American energy independence, to buy Putin’s oil.

      Damn, demonrats are asleep like their communist supporting president

    3. @Janie K Carney wrong…..Biden put a cap on their drilling limits. Biden destroyed American energy independence to buy oil from Putin, dummy

    4. And there is that pesky treaty that the gov signed with the native Americans back on the dY about not being able to drill for oil on native American reservations. Damn native americans.

    1. lmao same here i was finally fixing that problem got to enjoy 2 year of the great money and sence of accomplishment till i lost my jjob and hade to move home but allowed russia to build the nord start building nord stream no common sence id rather my fuel come from my country threw the ground then on a ships that are sinkable and from another country

    1. @Nicole Canada we were NEVER energy independent. Our gas came from the Arab Emirates among others. That was one of the many lies the orange maggot told. Ok sweetie ask your self if by some chance we were energy independent, where did all our oil go. Did it perhaps evaporate honey?? Oh, no I see it disappeared along with the crumbling roads and collapsing bridges. Got me cupcake??

    2. @Cid Sapient if you’re talking about the Canadien pipeline it was never finished. We are getting most of our oil from the Saudis who have raised the price from about $12 a barrel to almost $70

    3. @Cid Sapient YOU’RE the one that’s empty headed. I bet you watch those propaganda channel for your news. Right. You don’t know real life. Baby bye

    1. @Юлий Юлий

      Hmm, I have worked with many Russians expats in another life … you are correct they didn’t buy into Russian nonsense at all … no wonder they were expats.

    2. @Ross Kneebone yeah, what else do they tell you? they sold their real estate in russia and gave up a good job for the “american dream”, and the “dream” hollowed them out rough. they do not admit that they turned out to be complete idiots who do not even have money to return home. and some are held by your “laws” that they will not be able to see their children born in the US if they leave the country, or loans that they can pay off never.

    1. Exactly. As the great wealth transfer to the super-wealthy proceeds in the West, the super-wealthy of America and Western Europe want to convince their working people that they, the super-wealthy, and the working people of the West are “one” united against common external enemy. Which is why the Western politicians want this war so much.

    2. @Cellar Door yeah, I guess if I was just a fat sow that couldn’t even convince her cats to give her attention, I’d probably just troll YouTube too, right Ms piggy?

  2. The average citizen pays higher gas prices.

    The executives at Lockheed Martin and Raytheon get their new private jet.

  3. Everyone was all about getting stimulus checks..myself included. They gave us a dollar and took back 3! Now they want 3 more!

    1. @Ethan Perkins i got into crypto in 2014 when hilary announced her candidacy
      i suggest u do so as well or find something similar u trust more
      the govt cant touch private transactions it doesnt know about
      when biden and the IRS said they were going to have banks report all deposits above $600 i returned to my anarchist roots 🙂

  4. Biden and his Dumborats have hurt every facet of Amerrican life. I’m sure he isn’t done. Lets Go Brandon,I agree!!

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