'This is like listening to Nixon drunk rambling': Cooper reacts to new Trump audio 1

‘This is like listening to Nixon drunk rambling’: Cooper reacts to new Trump audio


Talking with CNN's Anderson Cooper, authors Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker of "I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump's Catastrophic Final Year" share audio recordings of their interview with former President Donald Trump, where he shared his thoughts about the crowd during his January 6 speech before the deadly US Capitol insurrection.

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    1. What amazes me is it you believe fake CNN. You know you think you’d have figured it out after 4 years of lying treachery and hatred from them. I mean Democrats talk constantly and absolutely say nothing that’s good for the people.. you want to talk about you kneeling and disrespect of starving a banner because you don’t know what it’s about either. We could talk about who’s actually the racist people in this country like Joe Biden. Do you want to talk about the truth or do you guys just want to play in your fantasy world

    2. @Pena Neta Democrats crack me up. You guys want to talk about lies. Let’s see we have hundreds of thousands of them told by the Democrats just in the past 5 years. You guys accuse Trump work with the Russians but you’re on investigation proved it was the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton. And then you guys claim the supplies weren’t sent to Puerto rico. But the supplies were found locked away in a warehouse by the mayor of the city. People died for your political agenda of hate Trump. And then we can talk about the cages at the board or you guys accuse Trump of building but turns out to be obama. And that are now back in use just like separating the families is back to the thing. We can talk about the lies they told about the pandemic were Biden and Nancy pelosi called it a hoax. And then we can talk about who’s actually responsible for pandemic response in the states and it never was the president of the United States. I mean I could go on for a week with the lies you Democrats have told. And what is it proven that means it’s proven Trump’s been the one telling the truth. What’s going to happen if Arizona rolls to Trump. What are you Democrats going to say and do then. Because the audit has already shown there’s no way biting one. Unless you want to count the cheating

    3. @Lisa Odom

      Dems are Turning on Fauci and Supporting Trump and Rand Paul as Washington Post Reporter Tells Truth

    1. @Dicky Jones When somebody starts with: “Every knows that” You know that person is a cultist and a conspiracy theorist

  1. I could never have kept a straight face during this interview. This goes from bizarre to straight up insane. FAST.

    1. You have a blubbering applesauce-brain Biden town hall yesterday and CNN still wants to talk about Trump. Let’s see Cooper cover Biden’s answers from that debacle

    1. The Capitol maintenance crew had to clean up the excrement on the walls and floor. So much for the “loving crowd”.

    2. “I want to hug you so hard that your ribs crack” that’s how the insurrectionists showed their “love” to the Capitol police.

    1. @Aliza Kessler So you watched this guy speak and thought it sounded reasonable? Yikes.

      How has the left “gotten so bad”?

    2. @Michael Jayne yes. The left have been attacking Trump ever since before he ran for president. They are still after him

    3. @Michael Jayne the problem is pretending like he made us a 3rd world country….. because you don’t like the way he speaks. that’s called “indoctrination,” to believe such an extreme thing over something so menial. and the left has gotten so bad by simply assuming they know what’s best for everyone, specifically because they are the ones wanting it. things like calling to eliminate the checks & balances in our gov’t every single time Congress doesn’t blindly vote for what Dems want. things like openly celebrating the corruption of this new “committee” that Queen Pelosi helped herself and formed…. a day after Congress voted against forming it. things like opening the border knowing how unsafe it is. things like throwing police under the bus for over a year straight only to now pretend like it’s been Republicans wanting to defund the police this whole time.

  2. “That wasn’t my rally” “a lot of love” a few lies from a guy worried about being accountable.

    1. Very true we all have one and now he sits alone at thanksgiving wondering why people avoid him

    2. I agree with that statement about Biden, see his answer on spending? Sounded like a 3 year old trying to learn to speak. And his best friend robyn byrd sick!!!

    3. @Mr. Perfect they’re incapable of mentally processing any comment that doesn’t blindly agree with them that Orange Man bad.

    4. He look the Big Picture guy can read and post what he heard in the video. Good parrot. Hello. Hello. Anyone in there?

    1. Supreme Court chose not to take the case. They did not go through discovery. The merits were not reviewed. Basically saying we don’t want the controversy. Come on look at Derick Chauvin. The mob is mental. They destroy everything in their path. Intimidate witnesses etc.

    2. @Duramax Dad the judges did review, they found no merit, therefore, the cases did not progress.

    1. @Aliza Kessler well being too stupid to be ashamed is nothing to be proud of…ONLY on Fox News and their worse ilk have you seen any proof that the election was rigged…a simple task for you, so you know why you support treason, and your friends and family are avoiding you, read Thomas Clare’s lawsuits against Mike Lindell…Mike is an even bigger scammer than Trump….
      By the way , you won’t…you do not want the truth…you want to be a treasonous anti American..

    2. Trump is equally baffled by his weirdo supporters, when he comments in the same book about their trailer park ways and goofy getups.

    3. @awaythstone well you sure know about cults, so in a sense you are an expert on the subject…what I wrote to Aliza, just above this comment, is applicable to you as well, but your mention of Cults needs comment, and let me support your expertise since you are in so many.
      You are a member of the following:
      1.) HOAX NEWS
      2.) Rupert Murdoch
      3.) Tucker Carlson
      4.)Sean Hannity
      5.) Roger Stone
      6.) Steve Bannon
      7.) Mike Lindell


    4. @awaythstone Trump is not honest. He is a pathological liar. He is a lying, cheating individual. I can say that.

  3. He deflects anything asked of him. He is off in his own little dreamland where everybody just adores The Donald.

    1. And to make our trump problem even worse, Merrick Garland won’t prosecute him, Garland will not help us with him in any way, which only means that he’s gonna get worse, more psychotic and Garland still won’t do anything to bring him to justice! I will never feel safe again until trump is locked up in a cage away from everyone!

    1. @Aeonian Euphoria he started the Big Lie way back in 2015 when he said that the ONLY way he could lose was if the election were rigged. If he’d shut up after he took office it might have worked in 2020. BUT he CAN’T just SHUT UP!!! He went on and on ad nauseum so those who handle elections made damn sure it didn’t happen. He hired Chris Krebs who did a BRILLIANT and THOROUGH job. He then fired him because he would NOT lie for tRUmp. Over 60 judges threw out over 60 of 45’s lawsuit because there was NO EVIDENCE OF FRAUD! Just like the blah blah blah blah blah beautiful health care plan that was going to be brought to the American public every 2 weeks for 4 years and NEVER materialized neither has evidence of fraud. The very VERY few cases were from Republican voters. As always the MAGA cult believes EVERY word he says. WITHOUT QUESTION. That’s ok lemmings just follow him right off the cliff and DON’T forget to send him your hard earned money. He will waste NO time in sending it to an offshore bank account.

    1. He keeps talking about the constitution when he did everything he could to do away with it

    1. Appreciate the sentiment, but way too sophisticated for that guy. Something more one-note, kazoo based would be more appropriate.

    2. Tbone productions…such a waste of a great song…he should stick to that ridiculous song, YMCA. A mediocre song with good rythme for an idiot who can’t keep the beat.

    1. @George Yarbrough You are just another trump cultist. You lost stop being a sore loser and blaming other people for being an incompetent. If he was that great he would have won as simple as that.

    2. @G. Munoz Unlike Democrats we don’t tie our self esteem and personal worth to an election outcome. We have intrinsic worth, our labor and education to lean on. Y’all have adopted racism and identity politics as your beating drum. Shallow to judge based on skin tone. Biden is your prize. And this cnn lisp whisper as your mouth piece. Like nails on a chalkboard.

    1. Listening to Trump and reading about what he says both leave you dumber as a result. I think this has been scientifically proven that your brain cells want to commit suicide afterwards.

    2. @Rodney Blackburn Only an idiot would call it an insurrection. Anyone charged with insurrection? Are you an idiot?

    3. @tom martinez Stop deflecting by trying to anger me. You tRUMP supporters are such children. All of them have not been charged yet and MANY people see those events for what they were. Not just me. Besides, federal charges for breaking the law are a good start. These idiots attacked police and claim to support law enforcement.

    1. He sounds like a Rhodes Scholar compared to Biden who can’t even read off pre-written 3×5 cards

    2. @Jeff Rogers Yes, the usual litany. And you’re not going to say anything about Hunter? What a disappointment…

    1. Trumps own appointed judges ruled no merit. Enough of the tantrum, go have a coke and a smile and STFU already.

    2. We all need better judges we need judges that are there to judge law not to write law there are too many activist judges out there and they are the bad ones instead of cleaning up old law to bring it up to our time they’re creating new law which only creates more gray water beware of the judicial industrial complex it fills are jails and prisons with too many innocent people

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