1. It’s the opposite you are forcing us to get vaccinated quarantine so now you don’t like when the tables turn too bad

    2. @ElenaAideen despite what you were trained to think through main stream liberal media that the Republicans are a whole bunch of mindless ignorant idiots. Its quite the contrary. We make logical decisions for reasons and are far from ignorant.. the majority anyways I know there are a few out there who are. Just like in any political party. The difference between us is we conservatives answer to God not anything else. The media is dedicated to dividing us. Everything they put out is to do so. I don’t have any hate.. we are all people. Just sad to see not just what our country is coming to the whole world really. Best wishes to you and your family as I would hope you would wish the same for mine despite our differences.

    3. @Sniffy Walkaway Biden For decades, all 50 states have required that parents vaccinate their children against various diseases, including polio and measles, as a prerequisite to enrolling them in public schools it is part of public health – get over it. The Reicht-Wing do not care about personal freedom only disruption of society while they are not in power. you are not forced to get the Covid-19 vaccinations developed under the Trump Administration, only recommended. a short review of other nations around the world with high vaccination rates prior to the delta variant clearly demonstrate the superior result in lower hospitalizations and death rates. you have access to information, use it, and act accordingly.

    4. @John P OConnell John, it is very likely that you are correct, and i agree it is sad to watch our country crash ‘in slow motion’.
      The idea that good people stand by and do nothing is a shame.
      Getting out to vote will have no meaning when the Richt-Wing control the system. for all their crying (without a shred of evidence) about the election being “stolen” that is exactly what they are planning to do next time.

    5. @e.m I’m trying very hard to find a substantial point behind the hyperbole and emotionally charged language you’ve used. All I’m really seeing is that you somehow believe that God is responsible for your choices. I would infer from context that this means the Christian god. If that is the case, the presuppositions inherent in that rather thoroughly contradict your assertion that your reasoning is based upon logic. If you begin with unfounded assertions, your logical chain already has nothing to hang upon.

      And yes, I absolutely and sincerely hope that you and your family continue to thrive.

  1. In Saudi, The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) enforces traditional conservative morality by arresting or helping to secure the arrest of people who engage in conduct that violates their religious conservative “principles” and “values”.

    This is what Republican Mullahs in Texastan have in store next for the people in their state.

    1. 💯 Nobody’s constitutional rights should be put on sale for purchase by anyone who can find an informant to turn in whoever might be trying to exercise those rights.

  2. I hear anybody can now sue whoever is responsible…
    for the ending of a pregnancy in Texas…
    good, I’ve always wanted to sue God…
    for his divine abortions commonly referred to as “miscarriage or still birth”…

    1. NO They are not……Take other lives away mandating masks? Why can’t people wear them? Why won’t they wear them? They ”make” people who are fighting every single day to ”LIVE”’ LIVE!! They have to take medications to keep them alive. kimo, Even children have no voice.. Why can’t you talk about these people’s lives being taken away? And all these brain washed people care about is how it’s they’re live’s they’re choice. I’m talking about Covid. most comments say something about covid..so this is my response ..

    1. It is a slippery slope. If the right wing achieves this nation-wide, what rights will they go after next. It’s frightening!

    2. Let them murder their own babies, they will have to live with that.
      Every living creature on earth knows deep down what’s right.

    1. like they said, this provided template for other state to go around injunctive relief. what are you gonna do when there are other extreme far right issue? open a federal va hospital for voting rights? this is a structural issue

  3. Flood their websites and tip lines with bogus reports and if they are serious about paying bounties for information they will need to vet every single report that you send. Overwhelm their systems and make them grind to a halt.

  4. Since when do fascist care about what the people want this party has been working for 40yrs to dismantle the Republic and install an authoritarian theocracy.

    1. The “Reich- Wing”
      That is quite good, thank-you for that, hope you don’t mind if i use the term, seems so appropriate with their neo-nazis & DJT’s German heritage and all (no offence intended to current German leadership!).

  5. The House drafting legislation is great optics, but it’s dead in the Senate. Our only option is for all of us to go to the polls and elect representatives that actually represent all of their constituents. Not just the wack jobs

  6. Rep. Pressley is very astute, but I also love that she embraces her alopecia. What a statement for other people with this condition. Bravo.

  7. The Left had kind of won on abortion issue. Remember “safe, legal, and rare”? Then they had to push the envelope by going from pro-choice to pro-abortion to actually celebrating abortion. They couldn’t just take the win and this is the consequence.

  8. What a shame that Ruth Bader Ginsberg didn t step down a few years earlier.
    Didn’t they make a movie about Heroic Ruth..?

  9. So that means I have a choice whether or not I can get a COVID shot or wear a mask🤔. Pro Choice?…. But the murdering of babies lives is ok🤔. What ever happen of the replacing of Mother to birthing people.

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