'This is not a hoax': Double-lung transplant recipient describes harrowing ordeal 1

‘This is not a hoax’: Double-lung transplant recipient describes harrowing ordeal


After being placed on a ventilator for six weeks due to Covid-19, Mayra Ramirez was so sick she needed a double-lung transplant. Ramirez and the surgeon who performed the operation, Dr. Ankit Bharat, share their experience.

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  1. This is so sad you can hear she’s having a hard time talking due to her lungs this is just devastating she’s so young I’m so glad she pulled through

    1. @jvsnyc it makes me pity them honestly. Realistically people latch on to people whom they deem could elevate their current situations or could possibly advance their hopes and ideals. Then the rug gets pulled from under them and pride kicks in, making them stubborn as hell and refusing to be rational and logical. Becoming susceptible to things like plandemic, QAnon, OANN, the “deep state” and things of the like. All being pedaled by our current president – it’s wild. . It’s like watching people go down with a sinking ship when the shore is like 20 feet away.

    2. @jvsnyc Keep your Immune System at 100% Daily Excersise Go for Runs as a Athlete myself i haven’t gotten Sick in 4 Years after i started Staying active

    3. @Yung Pepe Reacts I don’t think they were wondering how best to fight the virus, they are speaking on the irrational actions of people following the president over seasoned medical professionals all over the globe. I mean for God’s sake he retweeted a woman who believes people get stds from fucking demons and said he believed she had a voice worth hearing.

    4. @Yung Pepe Reacts I walk tons with my personal trainer (my dog) but don’t run much anymore. My main running partner when I wasn’t into it would say “c’mon, you’ll die young!!”. He died at 22, 28 years ago. I still miss him. (He got really sick and died waiting on line at the e.r.). Also just saw how many people you lost. So sorry, man. This sh*t is real.

    1. The fact that we have over 158,000 dead and it still needs to be said that this is not a hoax, is a testament to Donald Trumps promotion of misinformation and conspiracy theorists. We’re not just fighting covid, we’re fighting a pandemic of fake news which is coming from the very top.

  2. Mayra, you are a stunning example of strength. You can do this, thank you for the fine example.

  3. May God bless you and heal your body from this harrowing ordeal. I’m so glad you are getting better every day. This virus is so horrible and you must protect your health from now on. It’s definitely NOT a hoax.

  4. Wonderful story of life.
    Wonderful story of struggle
    Wonderful story of talent
    Wonderful story of God’s grace

    1. @jerry Bush I have just as much right to express myself as you do… so, no, I will not shut up, thanks, anymore than you are likely to stop being rude and obnoxious. Bye.

    2. Just stick to the evidence. If God didn’t want to leave evidence that he existed, then fine. I just don’t understand why it left so much hard evidence that Genesis never happened. God created math, but got the age of everything wrong by 14 billion years.

  5. Hey non believers nowwwww do you see that covid is,real god bless this lady and all of us mayra your such a,resilient strong person lord be with you

    1. there is no proof that the viruses held responsible for these diseases have been isolated from humans afflicted by them. Nevertheless, this is precisely what they publicly claim. They keep trying sooo hard to say ..” SEE, you “covid deniers” it’s real

    2. Did you believe MSM lies when they said “Trump called it a hoax” instead of watching the entire 15 minute video in it’s entirety and realized. “Oh wait he’s saying the way the MSM is going to use Covid19 against him is a hoax.

  6. The tragic part is not even over as the biggest modern industrialized country without universal health care shes is in medical depth for the rest of her life

    1. Yea but why does the title has ” hoax” in it ? Is it that hard to believe that in the 21st century we are able to do lung transplant ? I think CNN has lost touch with reality. Glad to hear her recovery story. It give many people hope. Wish her all the best.

    2. China doesn’t have uninstalled healthcare. The thing is you can either have a huge unskilled population or you can have universal healthcare. You can’t have both.

    3. @China is a fascist nation Damn! You’re so ignorant… if only You could hear yourself… no wonder your family remains so distant from You.

  7. I’m a nurse working on a COVID-19 unit, and so few patients have such an amazing recovery, so hearing her tell her story brought me to tears. She’s a very lucky lady, and I couldn’t possibly be happier for her!

    1. You know why. It’s not a mystery. They all want jobs when this country becomes a dictatorship.

  8. Wishing her the best of everything in life .
    Amazing recovery to good health.
    We salute the health workers, volunteers and doctors for such a wonderful job.

    Stay blessed people

    The Oldman
    Former Pakistan Air Force

    1. H1n1 virus USA cases 60.8 million
      Panic level ;zero ,china blamed .
      Covid 19 whuhan china virus ; 4.7 million cases , panic level ; mass hysteria . USA closed , media blames trump .

    2. santa fe, bantayan island life misleading but ok. As Trump always says “look at the death rate” 160,000 in the United States from covid and 12,000 from h1n1. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

    3. Unlike COVID-19, swine flu targeted the younger population, who health officials said had little to no existing immunity. Nearly one-third of people over 60 had antibodies against the virus, making CDC experts believe these people were likely exposed to an older version of the virus earlier in their lives.

    4. 2017-2018 were the highest ever recorded in this surveillance system, breaking the previously recorded high recorded during 2014-2015; a high severity H3N2-predominant season when CDC estimates that hospitalizations captured through FluSurv-NET translated into a total of 710,000 flu hospitalizations that seasons.

  9. Mayra’s struggle just makes me cry! Thank God she made it! I hope this video goes viral. People need to see this; & she’s one of the “lucky” ones! She’s not going to be yet another statistic! It’s a blessing that her surgeon, an immigrant, knew what he’s doing! Trump & his BIGOT friends who like to vilify immigrants; & now trying to stop them from entering the country should also see that!

  10. Ty for sharing your story – hopefully it wakes more people up out of their denial

  11. So upsetting she was trying to do everything right to protect herself. With people going out and threatening to deck anyone who asks them to wear a mask….

    1. The mask does not give full prevention of Covid or any other disease.

      Even Fauci & Surgeon general stated that in the beginning. Later they changed their minds.

    2. @CRICKET MICKEY never smoking does NOT guarantee you won’t get lung cancer. Neither seat belts, nor air bags nor anti-lock brakes nor never drinking doesn’t mean you won’t get in a car crash. Proper mask usage is such an easy way to reduce transmission it is insane not to. Yes, social distancing is more important if you can do it. Nothing is 100%. Every sane person does many things a day because they reduce risk, none to zero.

      For changing their minds, we had hoped asymptomatic people weren’t spreading it then confirmed they were. They were also concerned selfish jerks would buy up all the masks and our health care workers would get infected and die at huge rates, instead of the ~1000 we lost last time I checked. The anti-mask people would be funny if the symptoms were loud farts, instead of enough deaths to fill a large stadium with a corpse in every seat and still spreading rapidly.

    3. @CRICKET MICKEY their position on masks evolved as the disease became better understood, there is a difference, originally it was paramount that health workers have any available masks. The supply was not available for general population in the early days. It is called a novel virus because it’s never been seen..!

    1. No just propaganda to pass more laws and bills. It needs to end soon. I have a 0.05% of dying from covid, my bills are adding up and supporting the family is getting hard. Soo whats worse going back to work knowing my chances of dying from covid are extremely low , or stay in fear and not support the family!! Too many rich spoiled kids around here to understand !! Freaking sad..

    2. Pretty incredible how the entire world came together to stage a democratic hoax. Gotta love those republicans in Italy trying to frame the democrats.

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