This Is Not How Pardons Should Be Used. | MSNBC 1

This Is Not How Pardons Should Be Used. | MSNBC


Ali Velshi breaks down the Trump pardons so far and what they reveal about President Trump’s values vs. how outgoing presidents typically use the power.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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This Is Not How Pardons Should Be Used. | MSNBC


    1. @Lydia Barber Flynn gave his whole life to this country and he deserves respect. If you cannot say anything he did illegal and prove it your just disrespecting the military. If you don’t agree with his politics that’s ok but please

    1. @Everything is Liberls Fault
      Yes, the chosen one, muahahaha. Make Amerika great again. Look where America is. This is no longer a great nation, America has become a banana republic under Trump.

    1. @Everything is Liberls Fault
      Yes, the “legend” will be in all the history books as a mass murderer of his own people. Because of his ignorance and absolute incompetence. . .

    1. Come on Dem’s, lets restore order…
      A. Eric Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese spy.
      B. Hunter & Uncle Jimmy investigated by FBI.
      C. Michigan’s Cynthia Johnson inciting violence againt Republicans.
      D. Cuomo being accused of sexual harassment by a staffer.
      E. Nancy holding up relief for political reasons.
      Got to love these Dems

    2. @mrrolight Can only agree…he is an obese cocaine snorting conn man stealing from ‘his marks’ and manipulating many of low IQ or little courage.

    3. @Margaret Nicol Very relevant question….the current GOP leadership (and their not so bright young attack dogs) are corrupted by the power that feeds their greed. Trump the conn man has done us a big favour through his crimes revealing many others in the GOP; a new generation is needed to run the grand old party or it will die.

    4. @Education is key And maybe a few more thoughts …. a small selection …. 6 bankruptcies, over 4000 law suits and counting, stolen from charities and uni students, kisses dictators butts, slanders our war heroes and their families, has multiple bone spurs, hired more prostitutes than a mafia boss, paid prostitutes off with campaign funds, has more people signing NDAs than 25 Popes, refused loans by all major banks except the russian mob bank (Deutsche), ignored virus warnings from all his agencies, told us it would all ‘go away’, suggested bleach and antiseptic might cure the virus if injected, did nothing in response to russian bounties put on our soldiers, did nothing after arab royalty murdered a US news corporation reporter, deliberately locked children in cages and then lost track of their parents, IMPEACHED and protected by his now not do good buddies, and on and on we could go listing the obese orange nappy wearing coke snorting golf cheater’s crimes. He must be a foreign agent to do our country so much harm. *** There is so much more that could be put on my list here’; have a go at improving your list; and not like yours, mine is about just one man ***

  1. Trump: “The power of the pardon is a beautiful thing”. Yeah, especially if the pardon-giver is collecting a crazy amount of money per pardon. This can’t be legal, for God’s sake.

    1. It is legal. Simply unseemly. You will find that many rules governing the most powerful in the US are traditions. People follow them because they are the gentlemanly thing to do in polite society. But it is not illegal to break them. And this is what Trump has found. Many of the rule governing a US president are traditions not laws. There is nothing illegal. In fact there is nothing illegal about Trump pardoning himself, it simply has no precedence and could be challenged in the supreme court..

    2. Obama used it almost 2000 times when Trump hasnt even done it 100 times…..did you say Obama was taking bribes, too I bet, huh?

    3. @Nick L Obama followed tradition by using it almost 2000 times when most presidents dont even touch 100, right? Obama is good. Trump is bad. Right?

    4. @Uncommon Sense It’s not about how many times (and Obama did NOT use it 2000 times). This is about WHO the majority of Trump’s pardons are going to, and the severity of the crimes they’ve committed. SEVERE abuse of power.

    1. @Juli Gotshal I think the situation is pretty clear. They lied to cover up trumps collusion with the Russians and were rewarded with a pardon.

    2. @Baby Toshiro Not so sure. They could still be prosecuted if they are accused of committing perjury if called to testify and are deemed “lacking candor”. If they were with the FBI they could easily avoid criminal charges like Comey and McCabe, and others did even thought the IG recommended criminal charges.

  2. Freeing criminals, his supporters takeing out big tech buildings, Trump is the most dangerous failure in American history.

    1. @Steve Fitzsimmons who won the election? Look everybody this is how you shut up a trump supporter, just ask them this question.

  3. These are not Alice Johnson. These are people with personal ties to him. These are egregious persons who broke the laws. These are really very loathsome people. Most criminal.

    1. The reason people were pardoned that were close to Trump is because people that were close to Trump were attacked by agenda driven deep state that used every crooked means possible to get to Trump but were always disappointed and always will be and soon will deeply regret .

    2. I think some even pleaded guilty. How can you pardon someone who has admitted their crime. Pardons should be used to right injustice not let the guilty get off free.

    1. @James Shattell Same with letting Shrub and Cheney wander off when they also should have been hauled in front of tribunal in the Hague, to answer for their war crimes.
      When you let people walk away from the destruction they’ve caused, you cannot heal or move on. It’s why the US had been a country divided from the start. When they should have rounded up all the confederate traitors and marched them to the gallows, they didn’t.
      And your country has never moved forward. Justice does matter, it’s what separates democracy from banana republic.
      william barr should have been busted for his Iran Contra coverup. Again, walked free to mess with you guys again. These pardoned, convicted co-defendants of drump’s, take the cake though. This is straight up banana republic.
      The 126 traitorous gop, their AGs, and the loons plotting military coups in the Oval Office, all need to be held responsible. Or your history will continue to repeat itself and you’ll not only get somebody as crooked as drump, but a million times more clever.

    2. @Bruce Smith You brain washed cult 45 fools need medication. Too bad your filthy orange slime doesn’t care about you and doesn’t give a crap about your brain damage.

    3. @TheBase1aransas “80+ Million STRONG, DETERMINED, INTELLIGENT, and RELENTLESS.” On behalf of myself and the rest of the Biden voters I want to thank you. This compliment you have given us, although highly accurate, is very out of character for you.

  4. *Trump:* “Stop counting the votes, I’m winning.”

    *Trump:* “Recount the votes, I’m losing.”

    *Trump:* “Since I’m clearly not gonna win this, I’m just gonna hand out free pardons to criminals.”

    Hey Donny, less tweeting and more packing.

    1. Keep drinking the TDS kool-aid. I bet you already forgot about Obama pardoning dozens of drug dealers and gang bangers hahaha I hope you lefty get exactly what you vote for hahaha

    2. @S McDonald Obama’s war crimanals and mass murders were protected by the most corrupt president America has ever had. But there day is comming. Now give me a list of the supposed ones that Trump pardoned. I will admit that i have not seen a full list. But many were railroaded by corrupt agencies . They refused to lie and be used by Obama’s henchmen.

    1. If Biden did happen to become President, he would screw up his whole Administration by himself, and he would have Heels Up Harris to help him. LOL

    1. @Ralf Russian Vlogs what’s the point?

      Obama literally pardoned terrorists who have killed people.

      So if Trumps pardons are bad then Obamas are equally as bad. Especially when Obama pardoned more terrorists and criminals than Trump has.

      Compare the amount of terrorists Obama pardoned to Trump.

      It should be rather obvious.

    1. @Freedom_At_Last We have war criminals in the U.S. that are not even being investigated. See Nazi America on Youtube about the massacre of the Creoles of New Orleans in 1935. And independent verification on Mormon invasion by Nazi also on Youtube. Did you know children have been sold out thru Dover Air Force base. And people brought in thru that Air Force base paying 1 million apiece to enter the country, who get a passport from the U.S. passport office and a birth certificate from a New York Hospital. See the Youtube videos before you comment again.

    2. @Education is key And did you see recently that Biden’s niece got off with no jail time when anybody else would have gotten jail time?

    3. I absolutely find comments about draining the swamp from Democrats. Do any of you use logic. Does anyone actually analysis the data for themselves? If you do at alllll. Please explain to me, how a guy that went into government for 4 years, goes in saying he wants to drain the swamp. Start analyzing every event after that, because if u have ever been in a swamp the things living In that swamp are extremely dangerous. If you were to just to step back and look at every action, and just like in life or I do anyways, but why is this person doing this or that, what is there motive, and apply that over 4 years.
      Your logic is to vote and put a guy who has been apart of this swamp for 48 YEARS but a it’s the guy that was there for 4 of those 44 years of our new president. just amazing and people are really buying this sht lol

    1. @Mimzy Jinx right back at me big boy? LOL hunter is being investigated for tax evasion nothing to do with his father and AG Barr has said so …no frekin case no reason to investigate understand moron ?

    2. @Mimzy Jinx trump and his criminal family tried to overthrow a newly elected president ……hes a TRATIOR UNDERSTAND MORON?

    3. @skip kutzer No they haven’t. Biden’s criminal family has. Biden participated in undermining an incoming administration with a dossier from an actual Russian spy that they knew was bogus when the lied to the court to get the FISA warrant. The Biden family has made it’s fortune off of Joe’s political office. Biden has repeatedly been caught in lie after lie about Hunter Biden’s business dealings. They lied two months ago about Hunter being investigated, another Russian conspiracy disproven immediately after the election. You need to learn to process reality. Stop watching MSNBC until you get better at it.

    1. @SkyGemini si si indeed.
      Yet anything these day left of center is way leftwing. There is more than one pendulum swinging here. Just when you think that it has swung to far to the left , theirs swings even further. They are almost off the charts left. But that’s where they like it…for now. But pendulums do as pendulums do…it will correct it’s course one way or the other.

  5. Stop normalizing Trump by saying things like “…but this week, his actions didn’t match his words…”

    1. trumpski isn’t going to sign a thing that doesn’t benefit him directly – he is gone… and he knows it.
      Just swear in Biden now.

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