'This Is Perilous': Miami Beach Mayor Slams 'Criminal' Behavior Of Spring Break Crowds | MSNBC 1

‘This Is Perilous’: Miami Beach Mayor Slams ‘Criminal’ Behavior Of Spring Break Crowds | MSNBC


As the city declares a state of emergency and enforces a curfew amid spring break chaos, Mayor of Miami Beach Dan Gelber tells Geoff Bennett the policing is "unfortunately necessary," citing criminal activity. Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Amid Spring Break Chaos, Miami Beach Mayor Calls Situation 'Perilous' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Safety first. Sometimes our younger folks allow themselves to become carried away with festivities. Because of the COVID authoritive intervention might be required.

    1. @John Zeszut yessir, it is a joke. Sometimes rules help keep people alive, and it should not be viewed as an infringement of rights. That would just be sociopathic.

  2. Maybe needs to start taking social distancing seriously. Everyone knows Florida doesn’t have one which is why they all show up there.

    1. a year into this, these anti-masking, covid is a hoax sht bags are never going to change.
      we have a truly broken society that bears no resemblance to the generation of sacrifice that
      was the WW2 generation. it’s all “me, me, me, me, me, me….500,000 fellow americans are dead? who cares, it’s all about me, me, me, me, me.”

      it is disgusting.

  3. Their giving the cops more laws to push on us…partying isn’t that important really..come on people stay safe stay home

    1. It is very annoying when most people are doing the right thing and these people just reverse all the work people have done.

    2. “This is why we can’t have nice things.” Or fun. Some jerk always comes along to wreck it for the rest of us.
      More crackdowns, thanks to a bunch of young spoiled, entitled youngsters, who haven’t really yet realized that they ARE mortals, and don’t care about anyone except themselves.

    3. @Laurie VanCurler true. But many who are traveling are my age in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s… these ones are going to Mexico constantly taking advantage of the lower prices. Makes me so mad because I cancelled my vaca to mex last March and have no idea when we will ever go. I have some pre existing conditions and my hubby is a disabled vet so we’re being cautious about getting the shot. Even so with the variants there no guarantee the shot will even work. My youngest is 10 and there’s no shot for him at this point… so all this idiocy keeps us from doing much.

  4. Must be nice to have Daddy pay your tuition and a trip to Florida, so you can party and keep this pandemic @ warp speed. Entitled spoiled brats.

    1. @Darryl Davis You keep saying that I am racist, yet you making this thing all about race. how ironic!!

    2. @Morris Campbell You call Trump a racist just cause he’s White. If he was black you would not call him a racist. You only call him that cause of his race. You admit it. obama said the N word over and over.

    3. @Morris Campbell I’ll prove you’re a racist. you’re one and you don’t know it. no one has taught to you respect and appreciate Caucasians.

      Say in a complete sentence that you respect and appreciate Aryans and Scottish light skinned people. You won’t be able to cause you were taught by your racist parents to dislike light skinned people like Aryans and Scottish.

    4. @Morris Campbell Are there now sh thole counties on the earth? You are racist to protect some counties. You probably think Russia is a shithole county cause of their race. What about Germany in 1930’s and early 40’s. What do you think about that Country? you dumb racist. you will say bad things about any White country but as soon as someone critiques a black or brown country you get mad. You think no black or brown country should ever be talked about or critiqued.

    5. @Darryl Davis Sir, Sir I have not called him a racist. All I said was that YOU keep calling a racist although your past statements were all about race. Having said that you lost your argument making this virtual meeting adjourn. GN

    1. @Belly Dancer Em And that is why he has the same amount of infection as crazy mask up, lock down, ruining small business California. Jeez you’re delusional

    2. @James Trainor except you’re totally forgetting about the fact that Florida is lying about the number of covid cases they have.

  5. There isn’t a super-spread event or a mechanism to prolong this pandemic into eternity that a Republican doesn’t love so much, they want to practically breed with it.

    1. Yes, but let’s NOT talk about the hundreds of THOUSANDS that are coming across the OPEN border with covid!! That would be talking about the truth, which is something this network will NEVER DO!! Neither will the sleepy joe admin…the one YOU voted for!!!

  6. Miami Mayor tries to protect his city. Florida Governor ASSott wants others to not focus on his INCOMPETENT.

    1. Abbott is the Texas Gov. Trumpterd. DeSantis in the Florida Gov. Tumpterd. Know your billionaire right-wingers.

  7. Mayor needs to do a Tom Cruise like how the actor blows his top at the Mission Impossible crew for not masking up.

  8. Ahh yes the future of society is looking bright…just a few more guns and a few less masks and all will be well…wow !

    1. Continue to see, actually take a picture of it. You do know that was the purpose of the Stimulus checks……to stimulate the economy. That’s what they are doing….mind your business.

  9. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You KNOW that it will end badly, but you still can’t look away.

  10. covid 19 has revealed how rotten, selfish, self-centered, willfully ignorant, and arrogant america has become.

    “540,000 fellow americans have died needless deaths…..who cares! i gotta party.”

  11. “We don’t ask people to come here”? What were you doing when you built all those hotels and clubs? Can you imagine me handing out free ice cream, next to a school, and then saying, “I didn’t ask for these children to crowd around me!”?

    1. But then a pandemic happened and Florida Governor Ice Cream said “no problem, folks.”

  12. So who will sue the governor in civil court for negligent homicide when more Floridians die from the infections that will result from this stupidity?

  13. When are we just going to throw up our hands and say “Alright, Florida, we’re giving you back to the Spanish.”

  14. *”To demonstrate their conviction, Anti Vaxers & Anti-Maskers should tattoo themselves with “Do Not Resuscitate.”* That will sort them out!

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