This Is Remembering Those We've Lost. | Eddie Glaude Jr. | MSNBC 1

This Is Remembering Those We’ve Lost. | Eddie Glaude Jr. | MSNBC


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This Is Remembering Those We've Lost. | Eddie Glaude Jr. | MSNBC


  1. There can be no healing or even a pretense of unity until Trump faces justice for at least some of his felonies!

    1. He will get there, trust me. The courts will hold him accountable, we the people will hold him accountable and wolves like me will hold him accountable. And we will tear him to shreds.

  2. This is how people with souls share empathy and caring. This is what she should strive for, and this is what we should endeavor to communicate to the 74 million Americans who so desperately need rehabilitation of their humanity.

  3. It took 5 months for us to hit 100,000 deaths.
    It only took 5 weeks to go from 300,000 to 400,000 deaths.

    The fact that idiots in America still aren’t willing to do what it takes to stop this pandemic is just sad.

  4. This is how a normal human being behave, kindness, empathy, compassion and understanding of human suffering.

  5. This is the real America. Compassionate and caring. When people can look at each other, not from politics but as fellow human beings. It’s a nation where sorrow can be shared.

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