This Is Taking It To The Hoop. | Chris Hayes | MSNBC 1

This Is Taking It To The Hoop. | Chris Hayes | MSNBC


Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses new CDC guidelines around COVID-19 vaccines, and promises to ‘destroy’ Chris Hayes in one-on-one basketball.

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This Is Taking It To The Hoop. | Chris Hayes | MSNBC


    1. He used to be on the bsketball team in his high school. Would the Harlem Globe Trotters have an opening for him, after the pandamic?

    1. yay! Mandatory injections from the corporations and government every year! Papers! Papers! Papers! Whooooooo!

    1. They don’t need you. Just go watch your own racist sports wherein dweebs are the only ones allowed.

    2. William H the flaccid troll. You get more and more desperate every week. LOL Biden 85% approval rating.

    1. I know! It’s so great to have people line up and get mandatory injections from the government and corporations ever year! This is amazing!

  1. He’s a super-smart man with a great sense of humor! This country, and the world, are blessed to have him at the helm to take on Covid and other major health threats. I love this, Fauci has the sweetest smile.

    1. It’s however many is needed to get through this crises. Why don’t you want people to do what they can to keep themselves and others safe?

    1. As well he should be. I think it’s great. It’s way better than listening to rump’s lies. Bleach injections? Who says that?

  2. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so that we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this

  3. and Mr doom and gloom Fauci comes back to lie to america and keeps making sure this phony virus hoax keep going f the science

  4. My money is on Fauci. Chris may be *swole* but the doctor looks about my size and I bet he plays a little mean on the big boys.
    Don’t let his wide grin draw you in, Chris. You’re gonna hit the deck a few times.

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