‘This is the front line of climate change’: B.C. mayor calls for federal help rebuilding

Princeton, B.C. Mayor Spencer Coyne speaks on the flood situation in his town, and calls on the federal government to help fund rebuilding.

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    1. What are you talking about?
      They are discussing emergency aid funding for flood damage.

  1. “Front line”
    I like that.
    It almost makes it sound like we are really fighting against climate change.
    That’s a nice thought.

    1. When Canada’s footprint is not even a % of the world total it makes no sense to cut emissions and damage the already weak Canadian economy…why doesn’t he build on the oil and gas and take the profits and spend on research and development, find a solution that drives consumers to purchase vehicles that emit less hydrocarbons….that would take forethought and intelligence, something void in our pms brain and the liberal hive mind

  2. We lost communities to forest fires and climate change! We built communities in areas that have always had wildfires and we want you to pay for it! Wild fires are natures way of rejuvenation!

  3. Front line of draining lakes change.. diverting rivers change.. and altering the environment change.
    But the weather did this.

  4. Don’t worry justin trudeau who fought the military in court over there benefits he really cares about them so much

  5. Another intelligent individual that is blaming the climate for a rain storm. Was it climate change that blew through with the snow storm across the prairies a while back.

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