This is the future fight of the Republican Party

In July, multiple House Republicans ganged up on GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney during a conference meeting after she showed support for Dr. Anthony Fauci. Chris Cillizza explains why this intra-party squabble is so significant.

Why the fight among House Republicans *actually* matters

House Republicans air grievances against Liz Cheney over support for Dr. Fauci and splitting with Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan won't seek re-election: 'I like to think I've done my part'

Here's proof that Trumpism is forever for Republicans

Republicans, Liz Cheney Is Our Best Hope

Is this the face of the post-Trump Republican Party?

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    1. @james davis Oh c’mon James. Clinton’s people admit to 4, one widely accepted report on flight logs lists 11 and a Fox report claims 26. I know, I know throw the Fox one out but I’ve provided it here for you. Can you send me info on Trump’s affiliation? Why do I care about Dershowitz? Isn’t he a Democrat? There also two young girls that say Bill was on the island but i think I’ve provided enough…

    2. @Beth Malone Come on Beth, I know Joe is your man but you have to be a little nervous about what he might say in the debate setting.

    3. Timothy Torres Trump needs to worry!! He is the one who doesn’t know the constitution, doesn’t follow the law!! Lies on a daily basis because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! No, I don’t worry at all. I’m independent and Joe never raped a 13 yr old and just look at his friends he pardons!’ Joe for sure. He at least, can lead our country back! Get our Allies back. Dump Russia!!

    4. ​@Beth Malone Gotta say I do like your enthusiasm. I hope for you guy’s sake you can spread some of that around. Since you brought up assault allegations, any thoughts on Tara Reade?

    5. Timothy Torres I can’t honestly answer that but Epstein had cameras in every room in the house!! The feds retrieved that!! I remember in the 80’s him talking about his tie and shirt company in China !! He also, said before he was president how he was building a hotel in Russia!! I know his history !! He can’t do business at all. Bankrupt six times. His Vegas disaster. He lost most of his properties because of bad business!! People don’t know about him. Always known as a con. He just used 170,000,000 of his campaign money that went into his businesses!! So much !! He blames everyone else and never says he was wrong!! Disaster !!

  1. It’s amazing, truly amazing. One republican woman has more balls than most of her male republican colleagues.

    1. @Alfred Malam You should read Mary Trumps Book To Much Not Enough! I can’t believe so many people my age can’t see past the hype and bullshit! she watched him grow in to the Monster!

    2. @Edwin M If you’re talking about troops, I’m not qualified to to have an opinion, and will have to defer to you.
      I was just saying the “Never Trumper” are some of the sanest voices in the news.

    3. @Tht1Gy I agree that they are sane, well spoken and even intelligent. They know how to position themselves and be convincing. They have a team that is also very intelligent. The problem is that the best interests of regular people are not a concern for them.
      They are the reason that for many decades, those of us on the ground have seen no positive changes. While they see Trump as a threat, Biden could be easily controlled.

  2. Anyone remember when Reps were SUPPOSED to reach out to POC?
    You know, after that “Kenyan born Muslim” won both his terms, “bigly?”
    Guess they figure now, there ARE enough racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic bigots to help them win?
    Good luck with that, 99.91% “white male” Rep Party…

    1. White male here that respects intellect, empathy and candor such as that demonstrated by President Barack Obama before during and since his two terms in office. Skin color does not define character.

    2. @Mitchell Deliman True.
      But we are in the minority on that thinking.
      No matter how it’s sliced.
      Trump’s craziness vs Obama’s “intellect, empathy and candor” is the perfect example.

  3. They should start nicknaming Gaetz, “Pac-Man” cause that boy’s mouth is huge af when he opens it 😂

  4. The Republicans will never live these four years down and frankly I hope we don’t let them forget.

    1. Trent gay Marx is a huge inspiration and the father of this whole paradigm shift and revolutionary thinking. We all owe him a great debt. But we must adapt his theories in ways that are realistic and workable with modern society and modern types of economies. Marx sent Lincoln a letter congratulating him on winning the Civil War. that was in the 1860s. Marx was Napoleon with his guillotines and French Revolution. But now we need a modern FDR and a JFK for the 21st century. Someone like Bernie and Yang and Tulsi Gabbard and Jeremy Corbyn 💙

    2. Edwin M Trump lied to you. He pretended to be anti-establishment, but he is no Bernie, no Ron Paul, no Barry Goldwater, no Ralph Nader, no Abraham Lincoln, and no FDR. He IS the establishment…not the political establishment, but worse—the corporate establishment. He has been best friends with Clintons for years, all the way up to 2016. Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself. All his friends are felons and mafia. Epstein, too. Look at the company he keeps. He’s no great philanthropist. He’s selling weapons to Saudis who are giving them to Al Qaeda, because business is business. But he cares about business that helps Trump, not business that helps the people.

    3. @Mojo Maximus the reason you can only reply with insults is because you’re a follower. Your core strengths are weak and your values are ready to change without question.

  5. Heaven forbid that the GOP actually grow a backbone and actually stand up for the values they once said they had.

    1. @JTBlaze you’re confusing dems with trumps boogaloo boys and other assorted racists. They’re the ones starting fires and attacking peaceful protesters.

    2. Leonie Romanes show me the the videos cause I can show you about a thousand of Democrats destroying there own city’s and landmarks and attacking police officers and attacking people just walking down the street or in there cars I can show you plenty of that

    3. @JTBlaze do some research buddy white supremist arrested for breaking the windows at the Gorge Floyd protest. Guess what he was all dressed up and had his face covered but they got him on camera before and after!

    4. Trent gay congrats you found one out of the thousands of people from the left destroying and assaulting people

  6. Dear dt,doesn’t he know how much the voters would love him if he made known his brilliant school
    records ? How amazed they would be to see his exceptionally honest tax records .

    1. Would you like your tax records revealed? Never mind, a 1040EZ doesn’t have any information.

    1. @Richard Alexander – ??? Yes, the Liberal Political RATS on the sinking Democratic Party boat are jumping ship. Their fellow Radical RATS are hijacking this Party boat and soon it will be completely sunk. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  7. Used to be, the moon revolved around Earth. With this President, we’ve gone into lunacy orbit.

  8. This isn’t the GOP party that I know. Can’t even think of being an republican anymore. Independent is the way to go, and voting out Trump is the first order of business.

  9. And *this is WHY* the *NON-Trumper* Republicans should *BREAK* and found a *BRAND NEW* party. There is an old saying that goes.. an Elephant *NEVER* forgets.

    1. @Elena, #1 Bernie Bro
      This could be a way to get critical mass. there is a lot of coordination between these and other Republican Anti Trump groups that have come out of the woodwork. One thing that could help is that they include current and former high level officials who know how to run the govenment, Add a few senators and congressmen and it could get close to critical mass.

    2. Paul Moore Well, that traitor Biden is planning to staff his cabinet with former Bush people, and a new Pro-Biden SuperPAC was just formed by a ton of former Bush admins. Republicans NEED TO STOP INFILTRATING OUR PARTY and pushing them to the right. They need to make their own. I guess we Progressives should split off, too. Then GOP could be the right-wing fascists, the Dems can be the new centrist coalition, and we Progressives can be the new liberal Dems

    3. Paul Moore when the never-Trumpers started floating ideas of getting Mitt Romney as Biden’s VP I told them where to go in no uncertain terms

    4. Paul Moore if the GOP had gone through with the Impeachment and Pence became Prez, he would’ve saved the party. But John McCain took the spines of all the Republicans with him when he died. Lindsey Graham convinced Congress to impeach Bill Clinton over a darn BJ just “to hear out the evidence and make a decision.” This time around, Trump’s Girlfriend Graham refused to even call witnesses. Hypocrisy, thy name is GOP. True Conservatives were the ones who put COUNTRY above party, and Impeached Nixon, one of their own. On the house floor, they made impassioned speeches about the rule of law, and they fervently spoke of setting a precedent for posterity, that no man is above the Constitution. Well, posterity seems to have missed that memo.

  10. When Trump leaves the white house in January he will find that number of his enablers will not be defending him anymore….

  11. “Our Founders, when they wrote the Constitution, they suspected that there could be a rogue president. I don’t think they suspected that we could have a rogue president and a rogue leader in the Senate at the same time.”
    – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

    1. Beautifully stated!! Moscow Mitch almost destroyed American democracy!! Moscow Mitch must be voted out of office this year!!!

  12. Pls Read (Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man) By Mary Trump, then you can fully understand what kind of person you are dealing with,

  13. These “trump loyalist” like Gaetz, Jordan, Johnson, Gohmert, many others are nothing more than pure Fascist..yet they don’t even realize it! Insisting Ms. Cheney be “loyal to trump but no one and not anything else” no matter what? Hitler would have LOVED people like Jordan and Gaetz..he would ask them to “verbally threaten and terrorize” people who were not “Being Loyal to their leader”..think about it..

    1. Wait why are they fascists? U don’t have any facts, just throwing out personal attacks😂. “These people like trump so they all deserve to die and are fascists and racists and just evil!!!” Do you people ever think about how evil you are?😂 it’s crazy. You don’t even pay attention to the amount of hate you spread. Ur pathetic. Get a life and stop being so negative

    2. @Easton Edgel Why don’t you see that they are evil fascists? Among the many others one deserves to be called out in particular: Steve Miller

  14. When Liz Cheney is the Republican Party’s voice of reason, you’ve gone too far right.

    1. I call How see it — “how I destroyed your re-election of trump.” I think you mean how he’s destroyed his own re-election. And I’m pretty confident about your inability to destroy much — other than logic and a few brain cells. Not only are you incapable of stating a coherent premise (see quotation, above) but you don’t have the acuity to structure an argument. Ranting is not debating. So you’ve ‘destroyed’ no one, here. Ha! “Destroyed.” That’s hilarious!You Rump followers are so mature (sarcasm font). Oh. And your boy dies a little more every day. Even he knows he’s losing. But you go ahead and stick with the imploding sinkhole of a garbage human. He may cause mayhem, misery and destruction on his way out the door. But we’ll all have to endure whatever miseries he has in store. But gone, he is. And the country can get on with a course correction, and prosecutions. And sorry, Doll — maybe at one time you did, but now? you ain’t got game.

    2. @Miri IAintSayin every time you bring something up irrelevant. And dementia Joe he’s doing so well and his little racist comments. Keep try .

    3. I call How see it —ah yes, trailing Biden in six swing states. He’s really rousing the majority.

    4. @Miri IAintSayin yeah I want a president that can’t put
      two sentences together and makes racist comments. That’s what you want for a president? Why are big tech companies trying to online censorship amid at trump supporters?

  15. There needs to be a reckoning for the GOP for trading in their principles for a cult of personality

  16. I want the word trumpism stricken from the record. When he’s gone, we all will get a celebratory beer and after that we’ll never utter his name again.

    1. I don’t know that we need a special word for it, but this, America’s fascist dystopia, needs to become a part of any serious course in American History.

    1. Here’s the scary thing, Randall Flagg and Pennywise as characters had a lot more sense in their madness than Trump can ever lay claim to. That makes Trump the scariest villain. He’s evil and stupid and that’s a deadly combination.

    2. @Tomorrow will be deleted blocked or silenced Just like that novel, what you’re saying is made up. You guys riot, loot, hurt people, start fires and ab.ort kids. Orange man bad.

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