‘This Is The Moment’: Inside The Push To Defund The Police After George Floyd Killing | MSNBC


  1. Fund and invest into the vulnerable neighborhoods so the crime doesn’t happen in the first place, politicians.

    1. @Benjamin Servick yup you are the perfect target to be triggered by white supremacist to be used by there evil deeds…you must be proud

  2. It is totally wrong that the US police escalades instead of de-escalates. Don’t they have a proper training and selection process? Why are they attacking protesters? For what purpose?

    1. People you have to stand up for equal rights and justice for people.this worlds people are living is a very serious and dangerous times.god blessed 🙌 your people to many things are doing on.God bless all your people.

    2. @Gabe Dudley corona is still there, and spiking in the red states that opened way too early with not enough testing, and contact testing

    3. @dan mac yea and the states with the massive protest are ok right? Has logic totally failed you? So sad

    1. Waiting for the brave ex cops to speak & let the light shine in on the true horrors of sadistic police.

  3. Where is the world heading? Crisis on top of crisis. What happened to covid? Is it under control? It must be since news networks stopped talking about it. In one overnight we went from world wide lockdowns to massive gatherings and protests around the world. Unbelievable

    1. My neighbor just passed away due to coronavirus infection. It’s still very real, we are terrified because the virus is in our neighborhood. please wear mask if you must protest, and wash or sanitize hands before touching your face out there, be responsible

  4. Now that I understand defunding the police, I totally believe that this a good idea. The police need to change their whole mind set on policing in America.

    1. In Minneapolis they want to literary defund and abolish their police force.
      Good luck, get out now folks.

    2. Mighty Megatron : “literary defund,” huh? They wanna’ take all their books away? 😆 You don’t know what, “Defunding,” means, because you live in a Foreign country, trolling for trump! Either that, or you’re 9 years old? 🤣😂😆😂☺️ Trump trolls are SO dumb! I love it! “Abolish the police force!”! You utter PLANK 🤣😂😆😂☺️

    3. @Mighty Megatron Stick to watching Transformers, young ‘un.
      Words and thinking aren’t for you…

    4. Peter Bruno : True. That’s what Donny thinks it means, and will be patient enough for it to get halfway explained to him, before he gives up. They need to find a better phrase, and FAST. But, remember, the REAL, “Law & Order,” people are the protestors. That’s kinda’ the whole point. We’re SICK of the lawlessness

  5. Cop’s have always had the blessings of the Justice Dept. The govt pays states police gobs of money.
    Trumpsters need to read Isa 6:8-11 and understand that you support the problem and if you don’t see it. You were warned.
    Cop’s have to be restructured and defunding. Crime isn’t increasing anymore anyway
    Vote blue America

  6. Stephanie explaining this issue thanks, you make things simple to understand, thank you.

  7. 7:18 We have to keep reminding people that it’s the citizens of the US who are ultimately in charge of running the country, including law enforcement. The way Dictator Trump and his Administration (and especially Bill Barr) talk you’d think that the People were a complete irrelevance.

  8. I agree that we need to rethink how we police, incarcerate and treat our fellow Americans.

  9. @ around the 7:17 mark in the video…..Real reform, and part of the, “defund the police” has to deal with the power of the police unions. They are very effective protecting their members from accountability. Almost impossible to fire, let alone prosecute bad cops. Defunding alone is not enough, they will just let go the most recent hires and keep the old guard….bad solution……What you do is dismantle the entire police department and then start a new one. The union can’t do anything about that and just don’t rehire the bad cops. Minneapolis should do this. I’m not suggesting this is the only solution needed, but it is an important part of it. If you can’t declaw the union there will be no meaningful change.

  10. *”Instead of war on poverty*
    *they got a war on drugs so the police can bother Me.”*

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