Hon. Ambrose George reflects on the whirlwind changes

of the Information age


Roseau, Dominica – September 4, 2008…… In his address at the official launching of the ICT Festival at the State House recently, Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Ambrose George reflected on the phenomenal pace of change in the information and communication technology sector.


“The inevitable phenomenon of change will always pursue human destiny and in this context one such phenomenon in our era is the whirlwind changes of the Information Age,” Hon. George stated.


The Minister stressed the growing importance and use of technology in the lives of virtually every citizen.


“It is here with us in the ‘Now and Now’. It is here with us and permeates into every strata of our society whether we accept it or not. ICT is with us at this very function. Look at all the multiplicity of audio, video, computer, internet, multimedia and new media technology. ICT permeates in banking, in the use of debit and credit cards, online banking ATM and at the grocery store.


“Our home appliances are now more sophisticated – we can now programme them: then we have DVDs and new High Definition Television (HDT): IPods, MP4 and MP5, sophisticated mobile phones that have changed our lives one way or another and have led to a new subculture phenomena of digital communication through texting and remote talk (positive or negative as this may be).”


In his address the Minister highlighted the impact of new technology on how we do business.


“Our business mode has changed as we embrace new technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. We have redefined and reengineered varied processes and functions in order to meet the needs of the clientele which we serve. We endeavour to utilize new methods of serving better and faster-you need your passport in a hurry, your birth certificate and other essential documents-ICT can facilitate these processes if well defined, if constructively and meticulously implemented. This is the New Age of Technological Miracles and Wonders,” Hon. George concluded.


The ICT Festival is set for the Windsor Park Stadium from October 1-3, 2008. The theme is “Embracing the Future”. For more information on the ICT Fest call 767-440-6127. The website of the ICT Development Programme is www. ict. dm. The email address is ictdp@cwdom.dm.

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