'This is the real sin here': Cuomo slams the GOP's latest move 1

‘This is the real sin here’: Cuomo slams the GOP’s latest move


CNN's Chris Cuomo says the real problem is that the Republican Party doesn't seem to want to even have a discussion about voting rights and let their arguments against the bill stand on its own merits.

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  1. This is not sinning, pure evil.continue to vote wisely when the time comes. Freedom is not free.

    1. @Grace Munich like California and NY? Once again, tyranny at the state level affects that state, and can be combatted by the federal government. When there is tyranny at the federal level, there is nobody to protect us if we strip power over our elections away from the individual states. Our Constitution was written with states having power over our elections for the specific reason of protecting us from a tyrannical federal government.

    2. @Horns Fan i said kentucky and will add texas with kying ted cancun raphael cruz and florida with de santis. got it?

    3. @Grace Munich nope, sure don’t. And you are showing you are incapable of understanding the reason why it says in the US Constitution that voter laws and elections are the responsibility of the individual states. That’s on you, alone

    4. GOP senators are cynically blocking discussion about national recovery via outdated political moves. Can’t do it in the senate? Then do it in the press, let senators slug it out there.

    1. @Horns Fan If the bill is so bad and so few people like it, why not debate it? If a majority don’t like it, the bill won’t pass, simple as that. We can’t have pre-screening before debates. In that case, I think that the US should set up a pre-Congress where bills can be debated before they go on to the old Congress and be debated. Perhaps we need a pre-pre-Congress to debate which bills to present to the pre-Congress? There are only two reasons I can see why politicions don’t want to put up a bill for debate is 1) the bill would violate the Constitution, so it’s unnecessary to debate it because it can never be made into law anyway; or 2) they know or have a credible belief that the bill in question would be passed and they don’t want that. I guess it’s the reason 2 for the GOP.

    2. @Andrew Wallace turtle mcconnell already declared that there would be lawsuits and that the courts would decide. Of course, the trump’s and the turtle have already installed more of their kind in the courts all over the country. So, shamelessly he said, let the courts decide.

    3. @Johan Nilsson AGAIN, why would Republicans in Congress even debate a bill that strips power away from the states that are crucial in protecting us all from a tyrannical federal government that not a single Republican voter in the country would agree with…why would they even waste their constituents tax payer dollars debating such a load of bs?

    1. You’re doing it man! Keep going! Have you made sure to call everyone in this thread racist? Go back and double check.

    2. @Evidencespeaks4u by claiming there is “white supremacy” you are implying that there is black inferiority. You’re the racist ma’am.

  2. What I don’t understand is why people claim too be religious and at the same time follow greedy leaders and praise their hypocrisy… that’s hypocritical too your own sense of self, just proves your not real and real is something rare in this planet I’ll never relate too those that stand behind sinners blindly good luck

    1. @KongKing Live 2.0 No need to learn anything…ONCE AGAIN, if there is tyranny at the state level, we have the federal government to protect the people of that state…if we strip power of voter laws & elections away from the states, there is nobody to protect us from a tyrannical federal government. This isn’t that hard to understand

    2. @Jane Doe you left out the part regarding the states making voter laws, and having control over the elections. What aren’t you understanding about voter laws & elections being given to the states to protect US ALL from a tyrannical federal government? This isn’t that hard to understand

    3. @Horns Fanthe federal government isn’t trying to strip away any states voting laws. They only want to make sure everyone is given their fair chance to vote. What’s wrong with that.

    1. @Lala J Secret Service swooped on Hunter after he accidentally paid Russian prostitute $25K after night at Chateau Marmont on account ‘linked to dad Joe Biden’, reveals laptop

    2. @Brian Livingston What does that have to do with anything? Deflection? Distraction? More Qanonsense for those lacking critical thinking skills or ability to stay on topic?

    3. @Brian Livingston You mean THE LAPTOP, that one. Well in that case, it must have all of the cheating voters tabulations. Trumpf is saved. Moron.

  3. The republicans should be left alone in the house if they ever start another insurrection and get No Help!! Lets see what they say then!!

    1. @Horns Fan they will still validate the officers guiding folks in somehow and why blm and Antifa fbi co conspirators were allowed to profit from the day a policeman who will not be named murdered a 14 year service veteran

    2. @Ryan Rickaby what do we say about the Democrats who pandered to the domestic terrorist groups that caused 2.3 billion in damages, 20 plus murders and 450 officers injured during the “summer of love”??

  4. I’m waiting on Joe Manchin next excuse. This only proves that Joe Manchin is only protecting his senate seat in west Virginia. That’s why he doesn’t want to vote to end the filibuster.

    1. @KongKing Live 2.0 you know what is your problem the besides repeat i read so please go with that narrative to other. What happened was the last poll who determines 89% of people WITH THE RIGHT TO VOTE want voters I’d and democrats see the writing in the wall for 22 congressional elections …

    2. @Jorge M Rivera it’s funny how you use a poll to enforce your point. But you will ignore a poll that says a majority of Americans approve of the Democrat voting bill.

  5. Van is right it’s up to the grassroots organizers to take it to the streets register folks to vote, get people to the poles by any means necessary game on

    1. @African Conservative Vote away, but the way districts are drawn by GOPs to ensure red vote is top heavy.

  6. The tyranny of many would be when one body takes over rights of others and then exercises it’s power to change the laws in it’s favor – Voltaire

    1. @Dent Davidson name me one state that is trying to prevent people from legally voting in our elections?

  7. When you see Republicans effectively working to destroy America for Putin, it makes you wonder what he found when he hacked the RNC and Lindsey Graham!s email , among others.

    1. Trump imposed 50 sanctions on Russia, including one on the pipeline that Biden just gave back to Putin.

  8. Seems to me that the GOP are wasting their time messing with voting rights anyway. When they win mitch decides what happens in the senate….and when they lose mitch decides what happens in the senate
    Keep trying Dems you might wake up eventually……What a weird little system you guys have.

    1. @Johan Nilsson there isn’t a single state that is trying to limit people from being able to legally vote. That’s a load of nonsense that Democrats are trying to push because they want illegals to be able to vote in our elections. You should start getting your news from both sides of the aisle

    2. @Horns Fan What are your views on jerrymandering which is particularly rife among red states?

    3. @Horns Fan doesn’t matter what I think. But the judges (mostly Republican appointees) that presided over the 60 cases brought by trump and co seemed to think so. The Republican state officials in those states signed off on the election results and the recounts and audits all came back with the same result sooooo…..either the GOP are too stupid to find any legitimate evidence or the democrats are geniuses who ‘stole’ an election and left zero trace. Which is it?

  9. “No business protecting voter rights” but its ok for the federal elected officers to hold an insurrection over voting???????? HMMMMM

  10. Thank God most of those who fought and died for democracy are no longer around to see what has become of their sacrifice.

    1. @Horns Fan You’re right. Some States are however currently stripping powers off their State Secretary Generals and councils.

    2. @Horns Fan And those electors certify the elections, they don’t overturn because someone baselessly cries wolf that the election was stolen simply because he lost.

    3. @O P you don’t seem to understand that the Constitution of every single state in the country allows for any legal resident voter in their state to request an audit of their elections…Democrats are actively trying to stop those audits, which are specifically allowed under their Constitutions

    4. @O P hell, even Biden’s Department of Justice recently, and Unconstitutionally, tried to seize control over those state run audits

    1. @Eric Nunez Robles They did just drop it. He didn’t gas his own people when trump bombed him that was a badly staged false flag. If you really think there were WMDs still and the proof is not cooperating with UN and they just vanished never to come back then I guess you believe the pentagon and shakesville pa planes just vanished and the planes hit the towers demolishing them but didn’t burn up the passport and Iraq really wanted our American freedom

    2. @Marcus #1 what about Trump’s meeting with Putin was so devastating for you? This should be interesting

    3. @Marcus #1 no, Congress does not have the power to impose sanctions on another country. Please tell me you are just trolling

    4. @Brandon West it was during the Obama Administration that they lied to us about the leaders in Syria gassing their own people. That was our own government lying to us because they wanted to install their own people into the Syrian government. That’s how f’d up the career politicians in our own government have been for who knows how long, and what was so great about Trump not being one of them.

    5. @Brandon West did you notice that one of the first things Biden did when he got into office was go back into Syria?

  11. Our senators/house members are just so damn embarrassing. It’s like we have a bunch of 3rd graders in office running the whole damn country.

    1. The source is aol news;
      Republican lawmakers in Ohio pushing for more “safety and security” at the ballot box can now point to a clear example of voter fraud in the November 2020 presidential election.
      Unfortunately for them, it involves another Republican.
      Edward Snodgrass, who is a Porter Township trustee, has admitted to forging his dead father’s signature on an absentee ballot and then voting again as himself, court records and other sources revealed.
      Snodgrass was busted after a Delaware County election worker questioned the signature on his father’s ballot. A subsequent investigation revealed the ballot had been mailed to H. Edward Snodgrass on Oct. 6 — a day after the 78-year-old retired businessman died.

  12. “I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!” Fredo

  13. Sounds like Dems tactics during last administration; and Federal Gov’t has no say in how the States handle elections

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