This is the video Chinese censors don’t want you to see or share

Voices charged with raw frustration, agony and desperation are among the montage of audio recordings featured in "Voices of April," a video documenting the harsh impact of Shanghai's nearly month-long lockdown. CNN's David Culver reports. #CNN #News


    1. @Miranda Bri … Oh, so why don’t you tell us all “what’s really going on,” since you seem to claim to know what it is. What a JOKE.

  1. It’s pretty ironic that a country that enslaves its own people has that as the first line of their anthem.
    That’s some high level 1984 cognitive dissonance.

    1. @Kly read my reply to the other person. My heart goes out to these people, but nothing will change unless they stand up for their selves.

    2. @Ginja Ninja well put. To expand on that, the strongest argument I hear in response to “maybe it’s time to get back to work (last year)” was “have you seen China? We have it good here”.

      It’s good until it’s gone. COVID has been horrible, but it’s even worse to be sick and unable to afford any care. People can’t just sit around and hide until they keel over. COVID is here to stay and we took too long getting our financial burdens resolved. Now everyone is running paycheck to paycheck, we lost 30% of small businesses, and depression has skyrocketed (not to mention inflation). The consequences of blind trust.

  2. The videos they don’t want us to see, we don’t see. Uighurs are locked up somewhere but we don’t get to see that. COVID has been so publicly problematic that they cannot control what their citizens see or what we get to see. This is only the surface though. We have no clue just how bad daily life is for these people.

    1. @Tex AJP the Chinese people aren’t the enemy at all…. The Chinese people have 5,000 years of history under their belt….. All 1.3 billion of them are unique, individuals who matter…. If only the toxic governments of the world understood this the true greatness of a nation can be realized

    2. @jie zhu someday…. The Chinese individual will matter more than the Chinese state…. China could become the greatest country in the world, when their people are happy, productive and excited about what can happen tomorrow

    3. @Tex AJP the problem is— china grants independence to East Turkestan, Tibet and Taiwan and then China will become free…. Those 3 are all independent nations….. Obviously it is understandable why China invaded Tibet in 1950, Tibet was acting like aggressors and bullying their neighbors to the South…. So China stepped in and put a stop to it….. But that was 75 years ago, surely Tibet has spent enough time in prison

  3. When public health become political, every things becomes possible: like treating people as animals. Some of my friends in Shanghai have been locked for more than 7 weeks with no end in sight. Some of the strong people I know are now having suicidal thoughts. Some are starving. Some are crying for help. The issue is that the big boss said: stick to 0 covid. No science behind it. Making Shanghai people miserable is utterly digusting. As soon as things go back to normal, Chinese authorities will be happy: many foreigners will leave and the Sinicization effort will come to an end. It’s time for foreign companies to think seriously about quitting China as the risk/benefit balance is more and more tilted so risks…

    1. @Tex AJP imagine if Chinese citizens were allowed to own firearms….. They would be able to defend themselves

  4. Do us all a favour Americans and stop sending China money. Make products in your own country again.

    1. @JMR …tell me which item costs $20 from China and $250 from USA made with the same materials and standards.

  5. China in 2019-2021: we have almost 0 deaths
    China in 2022: don’t leave your living room or the world will explode

    1. @Daniel LaRusso Problem with any country that has an authoritarian regime is that they can do and say anything they want to. Therefore, it’s extremely difficult to know what’s actually going on or if reports are based on anything other than the authoritarian’s whim.

  6. That is soooo freaking scarey!!! Like being locked up in jail and all you did was breath the air. Frightening.

  7. Insane times we are living in. If i just had the feeling that society as a whole would become wiser with the things that we all see.

    1. @777 LOGOS which is pretty straightforward….. If a pandemic is serious enough to isolate everyone…. You don’t have to tell anyone, you won’t have to force anyone, you won’t have to do a damn thing….. But it’s a lesson alright, China needs to get its effing act together and start treating their citizens like they are individuals who matter, mean something and are irreplaceable

    1. @[Hashknight Gaming] I strongly suspect that North America is going to be hit hard re covid by fall. I’m also sorry to hear your aunt US experiencing this. I hope she comes around.

    2. @Jen Vicinity it’s not looking great for my aunt and I know the virus isn’t done yet chances are it will never be done..

    3. @[Hashknight Gaming] I’m so sorry to hear that news. I agree re covid never really going away… it’s being given the chance to simply keep mutating. The b2 or Deltacron variant is more contagious and eventually there will be another variant of it that’s both highly transmitable and more deadly. New vaccines will be needed, I think. Hoping I’m wrong.

    4. @Jen Vicinity My cousin just called my mom my aunts eye is swollen to a degree that people are talking about brain death, 🤮😭

    5. @Jen Vicinity This isn’t okay people need to do what needs to be done we can’t lose anymore loved ones this is breaking families. 🤮😭

  8. Good lord! I hope no old or sick people are starving to death in those cages! I’m so sorry for what is happening to you, if any of you can read this. What about the poor children, locked up for so long? Thinking of you all in Shanghai.🙏

    1. Oh, there’s plenty of such secondary tragedies. Here is one of them: A Shanghai violinist, Shunping Chen, got a severe abdomen pain, so he went to the hospital. But he got rejected by two hospitals because they needed to see proof of his PCR tests. That night, out of this extreme pain, he left a suicide note to his son and jumped from the roof of the building. Talk about China.

    2. 1O1O11 his name was Bishop. He was raised by his grandparents, was 22 and had already been deployed twice overseas. The WH never acknowledged his death until asked by a reporter.
      You and your ilk need help.

    3. People are dying due to lack of medication and lack of medical treatment. If you have a heart attack or even break a leg falling in a quarantined zone, there is no ambulance.

    4. @Brian Whedon Heartless and horrible. They are corralling them like cattle. What if there was a big fire, how could they escape?

  9. This looks like a horror movie I watched many years ago. Horror movies aren’t my thing so I don’t remember the name of it but it was about an area infected with some horrible virus and being quarantined from the rest of the world, were killed if they tried to escape….I stopped watching at that point. I don’t imagine it ended well.

    1. You have no clue🤣🤣🤣😵‍💫😰👍 but it’s better that way….. It’s one of the advantages of being American, we’ll never know any of the things that a very large percentage of this planet has to endure….. Very very lucky 🤗😄

  10. Ok . This is awful. But how about the health of the people? How serious is the virus? Does this lockdown in China help save lives? If the health effect is not explained then why keep them locked? So grateful for our freedom!

    1. Who the hell cares how many lives it saves if those lives are depressed, trapped, silenced, abused, ignored and not ever allowed to do anything of the things they want to do or say any of the things they want to say….. It saves lives while it killing hope, dreams, joy and independent thought…. Ruthlessly

  11. It turned on themselves..what goes around comes back even heart goes out to Chinese people as the rest of us are just people…

  12. This is definitely getting out of hand. Where are all the “health” experts on this? You can’t just cage millions of people like this. If you have the first line of your anthem cut off, something definitely needs to be changed. Shanghai, you’re definitely asking for a big movement, even a revolution.

  13. I saw Les Miserables live on Broadway as a teenager. I’m tearing up a little at the Chinese picking it up now. I love the bit at the end with the trombone playing “do you hear the people sing” out the window to the night air. it’s strikingly beautiful. To these people it’s TEOTEWAKI but they’re still dreaming, and to the neighbors of whoever’s playing, those notes must be so comforting. Let’s face it, wind and brass in the face of a pandemic that literally takes people’s ability to breathe away, it’s a quiet celebration of still being alive to hear someone playing their hopes to the breeze.

  14. Reminds me of the movie The Network when they go to the windows and yell IM MAD AS HELL AND IM NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE! My heart goes out to them, I really hope they rise up and resist this tyrannical nonsense. On this side of the pond, a republic if you can keep it. In China, Russia and sadly a number of other countries, a dystopian cattle car if you can’t break it.

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