This is what Congress does to certify an election 1

This is what Congress does to certify an election


CNN's John King explains the ceremonial process that Congress uses to certify the Electoral College results and what will happen when Republicans challenge the 2020 election of Joe Biden.

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    1. William H Music 2020 people like you make me laugh. Start something then. Do something instead of typing on a comment. Start a war or shut up.

    1. Dirk
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    2. Dirk
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    3. @JA rule . No you were crying about the electoral college not voter fraud. Trumps win was legal. Had Hillary won by electoral college we would t have heard a peep out if you.

    4. No idea what you mean but from what I can see TDS has lead to a fundamental undermine of your system. Investigate the allegations.

    5. Yep although not American or ever been to USA I have watched well over 10 hours of the hearings in various states. Are the affidavits all lies If you think the election has been above board nothing I can do about it unfortunately what happens in the USA ends up affecting us in one way or another. Investigate the claims because next time you could be on the end of it

  1. Legend has it that Kelly Loeffler is still focusing on the January 5 run off election and wants all questions to be forward to the White House & Trump. Lmfao

    1. The body has 380 trillion viruses. 60 trillion bacteria, 6 trillion cells.” – There is no getting rid of coronavirus, there’s no such things. Perhaps you guys should start looking into the harms and side effects of 5G that so many Board Certified doctors and scientists who are NOT paid by shady government are trying BLOW the whistle on. WAKE UP.

    2. @HT441 FACT: The body also emit and absorb radiations.
      Radiations can harm people just like Viruses.
      Your argument is not completely right.

    1. @Him Laif isn’t is weird if the roles were reversed half of America would be burned down by now by you animals LOL

    2. @Indiana Jones oh how nice of you, I often forget I even have a handsome 401k, never worried about it even during the Great Recession, why would I worry now? I don’t know if I will ever need it though as I do sufficiently in liquid & other assets that increasingly makes me more money. Ha ha What next you got in your checklist?

    3. @Indiana Jones That’s an “if” in your imagination, leave it there for your conspiratorial amusement. Ever heard of VP Al Gore and his concession in 2000? Oh ya, you definitely know Hillary concession 2016 sure

    4. @Indiana Jones Oh ya rich should pay more taxes, not a problem I will never understand why Trump reduced my taxes. Biden must fix that ASAP

    5. @Him Laif exactly. I mean, you have to know you’re on the wrong side of history when you are literally against progress.

      The only thing they have ever been great at is criticizing others while not creating anything better. Healthcare, climate change, the economy, the list goes on.

  2. Georgia folks remembered the $2000 stimulus checks for Americans, Mitch McConnell refused to bring up for votes in the Senate, came back hurts the GOP Senate election in Georgia.

    1. @Khris Khristie – I stay in the middle and vote who I feel will be best for the average American. I don’t vote using my emotions or vote with the help of our media. I voted for Trump because I believe Hillary Clinton would be a terrible president and leader based on her lack of attention as secretly of state. I also voted for Obama and knew after a few short years it was a mistake. I bet you voted for Biden because he says things you like to hear. Please name one accomplishment Biden has achieved over his 40 plus years in government. I know his prison bill recommending mandatory sentences for small petty crimes devastated lower income families for both white and black people. Did you vote for Joe Biden?

    2. The body has 380 trillion viruses. 60 trillion bacteria, 6 trillion cells.” – There is no getting rid of coronavirus, there’s no such things. Perhaps you guys should start looking into the harms and side effects of 5G that so many Board Certified doctors and scientists who are NOT paid by shady government are trying BLOW the whistle on. WAKE UP.

    3. Is dumbass should have known that he was going to lose some votes. Maybe it’s time for him to go anyway after 39 years he should be tiered now. Nancy too she’s been there along time also. Will Biden be able to make through the next four years ??? And what is Trump running off of steroids? He always looks perked up and ready to go.

  3. If 2020 is high insight, was a person. We learned a lot about the politics that went on in times past, that was just business as usual.

  4. finally this nation will be able to breathe and give a message to all countries with dictators .no tolerance for dictators here. long live the United states of America

  5. Just a whole lot of grandstanding! There should be penalties in place, for this unprofessional behavior.

    1. This is what happens when you feed the people bullsh-t for four years. Attacking OUR ELECTED President. This full disclosure has to be brought out. We need to heal humanity from these Deep State Psychopaths.

    2. The body has 380 trillion viruses. 60 trillion bacteria, 6 trillion cells.” – There is no getting rid of coronavirus, there’s no such things. Perhaps you guys should start looking into the harms and side effects of 5G that so many Board Certified doctors and scientists who are NOT paid by shady government are trying BLOW the whistle on. WAKE UP.

  6. Jake Tapper learned a new word (“sedition”) and has worked it into eight out of every nine sentences today. Sometimes twice per sentence.

    1. Whereas he spent the previous four and 1/2 years ignoring the evidence, which was later summarized in FBI investigative document, again, years ago.

  7. “Celebration Of Democracy” of course!!! The Block Party is in Session! Looks Like A Winter Love Fest on the Capital Steps!!!

  8. 4 years of “ Drama “ ,I should at least get a “ Bachelor “ with a minor in “Psychology “.

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