1. Republicans are treasonous. You can’t talk to them. It’s impossible to have a factaul conversation with them. There really some of the dumbest people in America.

    1. And spouting off cherry-picked alleged statistics isn’t facing reality, either. The Obama years started many of the trends that Trump is getting credit for today. Employment, wages, etc. Speaking of which, theres graphs of a trend showing how executives are making tons more money every year while the underlings and the rest are mostly making less and less. It’s absurdly imbalanced and the President seems to want it to continue like that. He’s also stamping out as many regulations toward corporations and industry as he possibly can; claiming humans can’t effect the climate is a convenient way of ignoring the facts and allowing the super wealthy to get more wealthy and faster. It’s disgusting. International and national studies have been published again and again showing its real, yet so many on the right still believe it’s a vast conspiracy perpetrated by the left to push for their people to be elected. Gee, who has more to lose and to gain from either argument? You think the OIL MEN might stand to lose trillions??? Yes! Among many others

    2. @Vincent Sample I personally can’t bring myself to vote for establishment Democrats. They would need to move on policy, and they they will get my vote. It’s already begun tho happen, just look how far Bernie Sanders alone has shifted the American Overton Window since 2016. Everyone was calling Medicare for All a pipe dream three years ago.

  2. These Foxies don’t understand the video technology. Everything one says is recorded and can be played over and over again. LOL….

  3. Putin, Kim, and the Saudi butcher prince love the orange quack. Drumpf gets that Moscow hotel and the first golf course in North Korea. This bum has got to go. NOW!!!

    1. @Saltponds239 north Korea has never been on our side and they still aren’t. It’s Trump that loves Kim jung more than he loves malaria …. uh melania.

    1. @some guy I can’t even understand what you are saying, its “seems” by the way. Nice talking to you, good luck on your GED exam.

    2. @kizz that was a case of the proletariat overthrowing the aristocracy. Seems how trump is an autocrat, that wishes he were an aristocrat, you might be on the wrong side of that historical analogy.

    3. @kizz and I never said upper class, I said more educated. If only your reading compression were better, I wouldn’t have clarify a simply, cogent statement for you.

  4. Habitue, Carlson, Trump. All of them have NO shame, zero credibility.The hypocrisy is stunning.

  5. FOX is State TV plain and simple – praising “Our Dear Leader” 24/7.
    No different than a communist nation’s TV network.

    1. @Saltponds239 All started during the Presidency of 44 – Barack Hussein Obama. Just continued by Trump. What do you think America would look like now if Trump had inherited Bush’s economy and not Obama’s? Do you have a serious answer?

  6. Looking to me like she’s the one doing the pushing! And you can bet it was for trump to get his picture, not for the press!

  7. Its not hard to body check a NK. They’re only fed every 21 days and they’re full of tapeworms.

    1. @Caroline Bennett Oh your OK with Obama being married to a tranny ? Well actually that don’t suprise me you democrats are the most sexually fucked up pack on the planet .Just look at your history and look who your supporting Biden the pedophile and Booker the bathroom bandit .

  8. Look like the press Secretary tried to push the security guy, so don’t say she was bruised SMH

    1. Dez Perkins you don’t need to be Korean to see she was wrong.. human decency doesn’t have a race, nor a color, nor language barrier or age. Common decency.. although Americans never stood a chance from its historical beginning 😒

  9. Carlson + Dobbs + Hannity + Ingraham + Pirro all climaxed together watching their Orange Leader shaking Kim w/ his tiny hands. 😅

  10. Who saw a brawl? I briefly saw a woman try to unsuccessfully force her way past someone…THAT WAS IT! The camera didn’t remain on her. Where was a brawl?

  11. America’s decline can be traced to the saturation of AM Talk Radio with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and others as well as the creation of Fox “News”. Basically the Republican Party had constant free coverage to brain wash millions and millions! We’re living with that result. 😣

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