This is what guides us. | MSNBC

No rioter, no act of insurrection or domestic terror, no desperate despot, can take away all that we've built, all that we stand for, and all we hold dear.

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This is what guides us. | MSNBC


    1. @Chris Pery Texas will never turn blue, Texas is better red!
      Texans need to fight their own battle, not just with their political leaders, but also the Satanic Evangelicals!

    2. Yes & No. To answer your question truthfully & without bitterness, idiocracy, or undisciplined childish rhetoric. Yes & no. 💗

  1. ❤The Rule of Law❤for the world. ❤Because Justice Matters❤ ❤Biden❤The Inclusive One❤
    @realAmerica, I❤you❤

    1. Fact, all the Republicans in the House voted against help for struggling Americans. Boebert laughs about it in CPAC.

    2. @William H Music 2020 There is not a single democracy in the world that does not support the free development of its citizens and therefore of course equal rights for all and therefore of course the LGBT community and the right of every woman to self-determination over her own body. Your wishes, on the other hand, are only reflected in the policies of the worst dictatorships. If you know even one single counter-example, please name it.

    3. @Seven of Nine Actually in reality it’s currently illegal to be HOMOSEXUAL in 74 different countries *FACT

    4. @William H Music 2020 69 is the correct answer. Not 74. And none of them is a democracy. I stay right and you don’t have one single counter-example. 😁

    1. Yep . Progress is voting out the do-nothings & liars who will obviously have no ethical boundaries . Pretty much us or them , they don’t need trump to destroy democracy .

    2. @PJH199 1 JAN 6 or do you need me to explain, how much the constitution matter to some people ? and may remind you Republicans also agreed on that he is guilty and even your double chin majority leader agreed .

    1. @Tony Giannetto that’s just Naive BS. What is more important truth or what you perceive to be the truth? That perception (what you believe)is biased because you do not test the information you get. You just gobble it down without even questioning it. That’s what weak minded people do. They are afraid of what they might find if they question the status quo. That be you right?

    2. @watchwinder I could ask you if your black, but how could I believe someone who doesn’t have the balls to use their real name
      later windy

    1. We’re all just waiting for our collective American wish to manifest. We don’t want to miss the glorious moment in American History when he is led off in handcuffs. 😉💘

    2. Whether or not it’s covered does not guarantee ratings. RNC had lower rated than DNC. I have no desire to hear T**** speak. And I already know I’m not missing anything. All he’s good for is lies, denials, misinformation, making everything about him. It’s hilarious how he has the podium, microphone, etc… yet what does he always say? Claims to be victim, innocent to the T. I will not give him ratings or anything. In spite of the few people who still cling to him for dear life, he is actually fading away. His popularity is decreasing more and more over time. The few lowlifes that remains are easily showing us who they are and who we will get our of our government next.

  2. Americans greatly overestimate their democracy and justice systems.

    It will only be when special interest money is removed from elections that democracy and justice will have a chance to prevail.

  3. We have to note the inscription over the entrance of the supreme court justice which states, “Equal Justice Under law.” If we continue to endorse and support these words we will continue our founders dream of a united states of America.
    We seem to be strained from this meeting and now we here these nebulous terms, Social Justice, Climate Justice, etc. it appears that we are leaning towards the believe that some are more equal or deserve more justice than others.
    We need to continue to embrace the words over the entrance to the Supreme Court building.

  4. “… where the majority rules …” This describes a democracy. We are a republic. While the majority is used for election results, it is our representatives that govern. More correctly would be to say “… where all citizens are equally represented and protected under the law …”.

    1. Your problem is you do not seem to know the difference between an ideal, and a form of government. Democracy is an ideal.
      America is a Constitutional Federal Republic that believes democracy is the only way to give power to the People. This is literally what makes America great, and you’d take that away from Us?


  6. Actually what guides you is your open claims that its your responsibility to control what people think. Your followers are those who are no longer capable of even recognizing what objective even means.

  7. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven,

    Like so more people can see this.

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