1. @I’m Your Huckleberry. buddy my ancestors were check okay they were in europe when the civil war eneded then they came over also ya know I dont know what it is soo

    1. @Dolly Madison Don’t forget Trump was hearing great things about Frederick Douglas making it sound as if he was still alive (he died in 1895).

    2. @kebabsocusu How thick are you? Putin had Trump by the short and curlys, China smash’s him with tariffs and made him pay his taxes and Mexico told him to shove his wall sideways. Do yup even read?

    1. @Bloodymeatsack Wolfgang
      And they spend some of that 300,000 where they work.
      Grocery, gasoline and services, resturant’s, hotels entertainment etc.
      Maybe that is trickle down, but you never thought that far ahead.

  1. James River Blues. Gotta change with the times. Jobs, industry changes. I’m sorry for the pain but you got to pivot.

    1. I’m trying hurry up and reply to that, but its cloudy today and my windmill is slowing down, so I don’t think I will have enoug……

    2. @Chris Lapp 3/10. Not nearly as clever as you think. The future is solar. Plenty of UV light, and it goes THROUGH clouds. It’s how transition lens glasses still darken in winter.

  2. Um .. Noone we talked to? What about NA People, ya know their land that they were not long ago trying to have this stopped. Because it isn’t okay. Ffs media & their flip flopping

    1. I’m Canadians Native and they call us radicals for opposing the pipeline. Don’t want oil leaking into the fkn environment especially around Jasper and Banff. You people are clueless.

    2. @Orvile Knox I don’t want to see places like Jasper polluted with oil. Beautiful scenery messed up because of cost cutting methods by big oil companies.

    3. @bruh it doesn’t matter, they gonna take the land anyway, get ready to own nothing see nothing, live in smart cities . it’s over. Fix your bicycle.

  3. There’s no way they didn’t know that this was contentious for years, there’s no way they didn’t know that the approval process was bullshit for the pipeline, there’s no way they didn’t know this could happen

    1. @Ryan F pretty sure I said “intelligent” people.

      You CLEARLY dont count. Please stop speaking to me.

  4. Where were you at when deregulation came along in the 70’s when a million Teamsters lost there JOBS ?????????????Da these dam oil company’s don’t give a crap about drinking water go the hell around Nebraska if you want a pipe line

    1. @YouTube Moderator where were you when the automobile came along and made all the horse and buggy workers unemployed ? By your way of thinking we would all wake up in the morning and leave our CAVES! Its hard but evolution happens and things change! Ppl need to adapt or go down with it … I know its harsh to say this but its also the truth

    2. @Rui Silva The car manufactures didn’t outlaw horseback then begin creating the car. They made the car and people freely chose it over horses. See how logic works?>Invent a solar panel that works better than coal and people will choose to use it Glad I could educate you a bit!

  5. Nothing will get done while the filibuster is there, and Joe Manchin is standing with the Republicans to stop anything from getting done.

    1. The only thing that trickles down, is a liquid waste product produced by the kidneys of all vertebrate life.

    2. socialism doesn’t work… Capitalism built America and no matter how you try to spin or what you try to call it, Socialism brings paralysis to every country that attempts it. And dont give me examples of Canada. Canada healthcare is awful, its expensive, the taxes are insane and overall its a boring place to live.

    3. @Damian Allen “overall its a boring place to live” is part of your argument against socialism. I’ve traveled and lived in a number of counties with various forms of democratic socialism and in each of them the people are better off than they are here. Not to mention we have more people incarcerated than any other county of earth. Somethings not working.

    4. Damian Allen It’s a boring place to live? Our bars are open till 3:30am every night, you only have to be 18 to drink, our beer doesn’t taste like piss, and we have nationwide legal marijuana. Our healthcare is awesome because you can see a doctor WHENEVER you want, you don’t go bankrupt after a simple medical procedure, and the slightly higher taxes are barely noticeable considering what we get in return. Our minimum wage is almost double that of Americas too.

    5. @Anthony V yeah sure they are.. Number one response to American Europeans when asked why did yiu come to the USA? Answer… Jobs

  6. Logically speaking: The pipeline benefited little towns with a small population. The environment is more important and we gain more than we lose by getting rid of the pipeline. Can’t make everyone happy and sometimes we have to choose who has to be shafted.

    1. @eddy66t6 “their pipeline”….that product goes into everything u use daily. u say go move somewhere else. takes money to move. and here’s the deal with small towns they live there to stay away from the stupidity in big cities. people rather live in quiet neighborhoods than places like Seattle or portland….any major city where riots plagued the country a few months ago. and most people in smaller towns have lived there for generations. the government should keep its hands off of businesses. Biden is really good at losing jobs. thats all he knows if he didn’t shut it down he would put regulations on it eventually. Not one person in politics cares to do anything good for Americans. they have made their millions in politics doing things like this to help someone get the upper hand in wealth and in turn receive “donations” for the trouble.

    2. @Upon Reflection you honestly think that everything I use daily is going anywhere just because a pipeline isnt getting made? No, of course it isnt, because that’s when smart people come up with new ways of doing things to replace the old way of doing things.
      As for people wanting to live in small towns, that’s great. But sure sounds like these folks are going to have a hard time paying for it on their own, why should anyone else have to subsidise that way of life for them? If you can afford it, good for you. If not, hard luck…move somewhere you can afford. When did everyone become such a snowflake that they expect everything served up to them just how they like it? You think EVERYONE who lives in those cities wants to? That everyone wanted to be there when riots close their streets? No, of course not…but some of those folks have to whether they want to or not because they have no choice either. Folks need to just suck it up and deal with it.

    3. @eddy66t6 “move some where else” just move. that is stupidity in itself. yes just move because the government is pushing leftist destructive nonsense. u think moving is free? like I said those that live in big cities like it there. those that don’t either live in small towns or in suburbs. to me those cities are trash. like u said if they don’t like it they can move….easy right? not so easy to move not from the city or from a small town. oil is not going anywhere petroleum products in general need the oil to be made…..toothpaste, cologne, gum, clothes. so no its not going anywhere BUT it can be much cheaper if we get that oil from a neighbor like Canada and in the states rather than going to war to attain it from countries like Syria and make no mistake Biden is bombing them for oil….as far as sucking it up and dealing with people did move or they bought guns. huge spike spike in sales another thing the government wants to get rid of….guns….they don’t want u to work or protect yourselves. I’d rather have those jobs here rather than give foreign countries money for something we need. But Biden is huge on foreign bs. it’s not just oil that this government is shutting on its manufacturing jobs in general. in Ohio a car manufacturing job of a newer car is set to be put into production in Mexico. this is regulations at work. this will happen all over the country not just that pipeline will disappear. such it up u say? manufacturing is huge in our country and it made a huge come back the last 4 years. steel manufacturing, cars, planes….iPhone. so u tell me u want to tell all those people in those jobs to suck it up? regulation was a huge problem during the Obama years and it will be a problem for the next 4 years for all industries except ofc for imports.

    4. @Upon Reflection just sounds like a bunch of throwing blame around everywhere….cities, regulations, government, Democrats, Republicans, Obama, Trump, Biden…its always someone else’s fault…on the one hand you want to look after your own security with guns, but then you also expect the government to hold everyone’s hand…find them a job….hand them out welfare.
      Personal accountability and responsibility, but only when it suits.

    5. @eddy66t6 let’s put it this way. I don’t care for people losing jobs over bullshit environment crap. and ur ok with it because let’s be honest it won’t effect u. everything people push for doesn’t effect them in the least. so continue u don’t have anything to lose from it …right? and yes I had loss in the Obama years do to his regulations. if I did not then I would have the same exact thoughts u have. just takes something to change ur views….just a matter of time unless ur not in manufacturing at all. regardless I was in ur shoes and I learned better. personal accountability makes no sense in ur argument. make that make sense….go on I would love to read how that plays into a company deciding to move to get away from regulations. let me be very specific. I do not want the government in anything. clear? they allowed riots to run rampant….fine then people will buy guns to protect from those looting thugs. jobs are here should stay here and government should stay out of over reaching in power. simple. I don’t know how u got that I want anything from the government. when the shutdowns were happening I did not WANT to depend on them to pay my bills. I wanted to work. I do care if they gave $900 a week. I preferred to work. u have no idea what accountability is. u just want to vomit nonsense. ur in ur bubble and ur safe. right?…people who are WORKING don’t need welfare….unless they’re losing jobs do to REGULATIONS. I don’t even think u read or u understood anything I said. tsk tsk tsk.

  7. This reminds me of how my pappy lost his business and had to close down his horse drawn buggy business. If you open a gym in a town or 440 what could possibly go wrong?

    1. As they say in economics school: that’s capitalism, bay-bee!! When you speculate, NOTHING is a sure thing.

    1. Why not? It creates jobs stimulates the economy it’s more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional means…

    2. @Manga Weeb let me ask you something, say your household goes through 100 gallons of water a day. What is more economic/efficient. Making multiple trips across town everyday in a gas car to get your water or just turning on your faucet and getting water through pipes vie air pressure?
      Now imagine this on a large scale. Not only can the pipes get oil where it needs to go faster and on a larger scale but they don’t have to use coal trains to transport the oil at a much much slower speed having to make trips literally nonstop and holding up traffic all around the country which also leads to more carbon emissions by having tons of cars constantly sitting idle waiting for oil filled trains to pass.

    3. @Jake Singer let me point this out the pipeline was first proposed under Bush Sr. And he, clinton, Bush jr, and Obama all denied it cause it was proven to be more of a detriment to the environment then present methods.

    1. @Paul Wilson The Rosebud Sioux tribe and if you know anything about indigenous people their land below ground, above ground and anything that close enough to spoil their land is not acceptable.

  8. Where was the outrage when Native Americans where remove violently from their land for the pipeline? Where were the, “don’t tread on me” people or the the savers of “democracy” that stormed the Capital? Hypocrites.

    1. Where was everybody when a farmer had his cows on public land? Now, he won the suit against the government. You didn’t give a crap about him.

    2. @Not-my-pres Cliven Bundy, who wanted to feed his life stock for free on federal lands? The who broke in into Federal buildings and who a had an arm insurrection against govt and our “sacred” police officers? I thought Republicans were for “Blue Lifes” matters? Hypocrites

  9. What they don’t say was once the pipeline was done, 50k jobs would be lost because the pipeline itself only needs 58 workers to maintain.

  10. And it doesn’t stop the oil from coming, it just makes transportation of said oil rely on less efficient methods.

  11. Funfact: Despite being “disappointed”, TC energy still probably made a boatload of money on this project. Government contractors like them break out these sort of large projects into phases, and get paid up-front for everything.

  12. The GYM needs to contact the local schools coaches to see about using their new equipment for strength training the school athletic teams. might have to also contact local physical therapist about the Gym being part of their recovery plans for clients.

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