'This Is What Trump Wanted': DOJ Subpoenaed Apple For McGahn Data 1

‘This Is What Trump Wanted’: DOJ Subpoenaed Apple For McGahn Data


New York Times’ Washington Correspondent, Mike Schmidt, reveals the damning information from two sources that report the FBI during the Trump administration spied on Don McGahn when the DOJ was investigating Trump’s involvement with the Russian government.

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  1. Once mcgahn said “I wont fire mueller” that set the wheels in motion to investigate his leaking.

    1. @B Bodziak Totally true , it is the Trump way, if his past is anything to go on ,but Americans knew this well before he was elected

    2. @psycobleach46 tullisA ‘ most likely fact’ is not a fact. You see, that’s where it goes wrong all the time!

    1. @dublinjazz1 I think he left before the end of Trump’s term because he was getting pressured by Trump to “find/announce an investigation involving voter fraud” … at least 11,810 votes in GA and Barr couldn’t pursue that with zero evidence. As much covering that Barr did for Trump, I’m sure Trump told him to do some fairly outlandish things regarding the election.

    2. I’m pretty sure Bill Barr is going to discover why Jeff Sessions refused to comply
      with President Blowhards’ illegal schemes very soon.

    3. I also think Barr fled the scene because he couldn’t or did not want to be near what was possibly coming. Remember, they were debating options like martial law at WH.

    1. @Matt Democrats didn’t uncover this; it was reported on the news. Democrats found out just like everyone else. Don’t polarize every issue.

  2. If he spied on the Democrats, it makes sense that so many Republicans are beholden to him. Let us not forget, Baby Gaetz’ investigation, started with the previous DOJ.

    1. These investigations are what led to Ali, his daughter, Epstein, Fisher, and many more world wide. Oh yeah, and those envelopes.

  3. See another enabler/loyalist that was thrown under the bus…He should have done the right thing by testifying during the 1st impeachment for obstruction…

    1. @Elaine Mickley, but if he testified against Crooked Trump, Crooked Trump would have crucified him! Crooked Trump went after people for simply saying something unpleasant about him (even if it was true). Imagine what Crooked Trump would have done to McGahn if he testified against Crooked Trump!

    2. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you THE DEEP STATE and they’re the GOP . . . Are any of you, “surprised?” Shocked and disgusted, maybe? But, surprised? . . . Come ohhhn, man? . . .

    3. @Grand Wonder : The trump family motto, going back to his granddaddy is, (and I’m not making this up) “Always Get Revenge.” But, if McGan had cared less about his job (a temporary post for him, under any circumstances) and more for his country, he might have acquired the type of immunity you get from harm, when you have nothing they can take from you? Just saying

    4. True. But it wouldn’t have changed anything. Republican Senators would still have acquitted him

    5. @Ash Roskell I think he had plenty to loose besides his job. We don’t know what happened behind closed doors. Trump will want revenge one way or the other. What can he loose ? His reputation? reputation of his family members? safety of his family and himself?
      Trump will find dirt (fake or partly real) on him and/or his family and use Fox as a megaphone. If certain groups get the idea that Trump doesnt like McCain, the threaths will come with the chance that a threath will become real.

  4. This is what happens when u run the White House like ur failed marriage to a foreign woman *WAY* too young for u.

  5. Here we go again we bailed out Wal street and now they have speculated food and gas to high prices why do we keep bailing them out ?

  6. Interesting how Republicans scream about government overreach all the time but are silent when their guy trampled all over the rights of anyone who might have pointed out the cult leaders crimes!

  7. Sounds like a broken record to keep begging our elected officials to step up for us and our democracy. This is the time to make an example out of trump and his administration. If there are no consequences for their actions future administrations will try again and perhaps succeed in violating our democracy. Now is the time, to protect our country, not a few years into the future.

    1. America is such a corrupt place! How does anything get done? Everybody seems to be on the take!

    2. The list isn’t just Trump’s enemies, they also were trying to get Trump out of Putin’s pocket.

  8. He needs to go to jail big time. It’s an affront to every principle this country holds sacred. There’s is another America, POST CONFEDERATE AMERICA.

  9. DJT learned all these moves from his russian handlers. His dossiers on opponents mirrors the ones held on members of the republican senate by the russian government. Does that sum things up?

    1. Putin is still praising Trump in public as a smart and talented guy.
      I am sure in private he makes fun of him, the republicans and the USA.

  10. Well said: “DISGRACED former president.” Wonder what his legacy will be? Asault on Democracy on 1/6/21.

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