1. “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.”
    ~ George Orwell

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  2. The fact that you can negotiate terms to get a vote just sounds fishy as hell, how is that not buying a vote…whole thing just sounds corrupt to me

    1. @Janine Bowen – My country is the United States, and I understand and respect our system enough that I swore an oath to defend our Constitution, so when I hear people just whining about how corrupt everything is, when they don’t understand it, I wonder where else they might prefer to live. You’re too old to be so vulnerable to the media telling you that the sky is falling.

  3. I am a independent and I would love to see the Republican and Democrat work together but I do not want those 20 crazy to get away with murder they are delusional we don’t need those type of people to have more power

    1. ” GOP” is just another grouping of people. you can easily replace that word with other group names, groups of people who at one point in history, Groups who got exterminated, others who were slaughtered. Some groups got experimented on. Mass groups.

    2. @Terre Schill I think, there is no best way, only bad ways, worse ways and worst ways!
      It is a great challenge for the Dems to make the best out of it, whatever it will be!
      Confidence is necessary that they get it done anyway!

    3. Those 20 have been completely slandered in the media, and you completely fell for it as usual. They actually are looking to stop corrupt Washington from continuing to screw the American people. They’re looking for things such as term limits, counter measures to unlimited spending on war, but you let the media decide for you.

    4. @Terre Schill Well, it’s a moot point now, isn’t it? The so-called never Kevins folded like a bad hand of cards.

  4. Hey, the five negotiated rule changes and they didn’t vote for Mccarthy. Too bad. The Negotiated issues are non existent.

    1. Negotiating with liar McCarthy is like when Neville Chamberlain waved a piece of paper in the air claiming he just averted WWII.😅🤣😂

    1. Trump has blackmail on Kevin and is slowly reassuring all of the holdouts that he can keep him on a leash.

      Kevin will get the seat, but he is in Trump’s pocket.

      Watch. Trump refers to him as “My kevin” for a reason.

    2. Yup it’s hilarious there’s actual democracy going on an debating whose best to actually stop Beijing Biden an the Democrap socialist party from destroying the country any further.

    3. I would love to see the democrats come in and give 211 votes, For Moderate Republican Congress woman Liz Chaney? or Adam kinzinger?, And have 7 Moderate republicans vote the same way.. Blow this MAGA clown show out of the water..

    4. @Republicans that didn’t vote for trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you just brang up the biggest clowns there are which is y they got crushed in their elections. Scum bag Cheney’s wealth went up 400% the few years in office. Yup Trump clowns that had $1.86 gas an electric bills where half what they are now an no wars under Trump a secure southern border great economy an even pretty much created peace in the middle east with the Abraham accords. Not to mention he did all that in 4yrs while fighting off the real coup attempt with the Russia hoax. Good luck with the Trump derangement syndrome and propaganda coma.

    1. Um they never existed. People don’t get into politics to serve others, they get into politics to enrich themselves.

    2. The system has been corrupt my entire 54 years but Trump did it? This has to be the stupidest comment I’ve read in weeks.

    1. @The Media Lies Being a spineless, cry-baby, girly-man is a core principle of being a Dem. It demands top shelf respect to the -Party- cult.

  5. I have to imagine that the Dems have gone over all these scenarios and already decided what they’d do in these cases.

    1. @lqr824 Nah. This is entirely a Republican mess. Dems should stay out of it completely unless a few Republicans want to vote for Jeffries. The Dems are under no compunction to vote for a Republican just because the Republicans have a “majority”. The House is split close enough to 50/50. Plus the 20 or so holdouts are really more like their own party at this point rather than Republicans. Also, why can’t it be a plurality vote instead of a majority vote? Ij that case Jeffries won 11 times over. Also also, we weren’t playing by majority rules in 2000 or 2016, so Republicans shouldn’t expect Dems to accept that majority argument now.

      Frankly if any of the Dems cave and vote for a Republican compromise candidate, I’d lose all respect for them.

    2. The Dems are the reason the country is falling apart, and 6 year Olds are shooting teachers at the same time changing their genders like it’s no big deal.

    3. Yes, their plan is to use the fbi, and media outlets and social media to attack and lie about the person chosen. Like they do, always 😂😂

    4. When will people learn the general truth of the leadership of these parties? Republicans are dumb and Democrats are Evil. It’s as simple as that. When you take that into account, everything, including this, makes sense. Btw, this was normal in the 180l’s before the Speaker got more power, especially under Pelosi who made herself virtually untouchable to be removed. That’s what they’re asking for back, any member can call a vote to remove the Speaket, which is one thing I agree with them. Jefferson, among others wrote about this quite extensively. That’s the problem too, people are uneducated in the important things and haven’t read any of the documents that govern their lives. Psychopaths WILL and ARE taking advantage. Why would they not, it’s their nature.

  6. What’s worrisome is Kevin McCarthy’s utter desperation for self glorification. His lust for power is all consuming.

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    1. You shouldn’t wonder you have Kissinger on cnn that tells you everything. Our democracy is gone and has been.

  7. American politics is like a circus on a mine field. It’s only a matter of time before the freak show goes from funny to frightening – George Carlin

    1. @Republicans that didn’t vote for trump the clowns are in the White House, and Barry and Soros pulling the strings out of sight

  8. The 14th Amendment is NOT optional. Refusing to enforce it puts them all in violation of their oath of office.

  9. There are only two options available. A radical right-wing chair or reach out and power share with the Democrats. That is it. It’s up to regular members of the Republican party to decide what’s better for the country. As somebody who’s independent, power share is a far better arrangement for everybody.

  10. I agree with Kinzinger that fatigue seems like mostly a problem for McCarthy. He has to keep pulling all-nighters to work out deals and is under a lot of pressure. His opponents in both parties just keep voting gleefully against him and can rest during all these adjournments.

  11. Getting your dream job doesn’t always turn out to be a good thing, Mr. McCarthy. Edward Smith was pleased as punch when he was asked to captain the Titanic.

    1. And JP Morgan who financed the Titanic was present at the launch on it’s maiden voyage. He was asked why he didn’t have a reservation. Morgan said, I never risk my life on any vessel that has not been thoroughly tried and tested. KM has already been proven to be a compromiser with the swamp. Just like the Turtle McConnell.

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