'This Looks Like An Insurgency': Ignatius On The Pro-Trump Mob's Violent Flame-Out | MSNBC 1

‘This Looks Like An Insurgency’: Ignatius On The Pro-Trump Mob’s Violent Flame-Out | MSNBC


David Ignatius, columnist for the Washington Post, talks about the parallels between foreign political insurgencies and the mob violence by Donald Trump supporters in the U.S. Capitol, and explores questions about how the Capitol was so poorly secured against the rioters. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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'This Looks Like An Insurgency': Ignatius On The Pro-Trump Mob's Violent Flame-Out | MSNBC


    1. @Commie Hunter Completely agree, but the problem is most of them people were wearing masks. These idiots yesterday weren’t.

    2. @red tube If the police cannot even defend congress, why not disband them? They cannot provide law and order.

  1. Incite a riot: When a person encourages others to commit a breach of the peace without necessarily acting themselves.

    1. @13 seems like liberals call facts they dont like lies. Tapper is a liberal propagandist lying to his dimwitted audience he is a journalist

    2. @David Rousseau What Capitol Building or State House did Antifa or BLM attack Yeah, I thought so Who had a plot to kidnap a Governor and State Legislators, with plans to burn an locked OCCUPIED State House You’re so RICH in your typical Whataboutism

    1. Osama bin Laden warned Americans something big was coming, and they had 911.
      Trump called on his supporters to protest in Washington on Jan 6, asking them to come down, and saying it going to be wild.
      Everyone knew its going to be ugly.

    1. @Diane Rose Like so many conspiracy theories, evidence for or against is irrelevant to those believing the conspiracy theory. When interviewed, Trump supporters refused to discuss the lack of evidence for election fraud. All they seemed able to do was emote. And, as with other baseless conspiracy theories (e.g., flat Earth, 9/11, moon landing denial), this one will never die. The trick will be keeping the crazies from murdering and assaulting the objects of their pointless fury. The US deserves our pity.

    2. @Phil Davenport
      I agree that the Earth is not flat, that we went to the Moon, and that Trump lost the 2020 election. But the events of 9/11 were not properly investigated.

    3. Play trumps game. Shut down his Twitter account completely and then let him Take it to court and drag it out for 4 or 5 years

  2. I don’t think the guys taking selfies with the insurgents are in too much of a hurry to see them prosecuted

    1. @jr goxy There’s no such thing as a BLM riot. It’s never happened. Protesting isn’t rioting. It just isn’t. And rioting isn’t protesting.

    2. Under BLM protest they had hundreds of national guard members protecting Lincoln monument … funny how when its whites with guns , cops are nowhere to be found .

    3. @Pete Lind WASPs with guns are not dangerous they are just concerned citizens. Concerned about maintaining the system that keeps them on top.

    1. @E Hole The NY Guard volunteered to Cuomo – that’s why NY is sending 1,000 troops to DC. We can do this – but why should we have to?

  3. Yuri Bezmenov was right this is how you destroy a nation not by wars, but by destroying it internally from the people who control everything

    1. Instead of China disintegrating into chaos by US media assault on them, its the US that slipping into chaos.

    2. @Micheal K Evidence? Countless failed legal challenges and 3 recounts not enough for you? Try parrotting something a bit more defensible.

    3. @Micheal K
      Democrats and Is Republicans are on the same coin.
      The value of the coin doesn’t change because you look at the other side.
      Heads or tails,the coin is worth the same.

    1. More than you would believe. More than is possible to provide.

      Abusive personalities, narcissists like this create an image of being right to the point of the exclusion of any possibility they could be wrong. If they are wrong, well, they’ve just changed their mind, they were never wrong. They were always right, because they are always right because they’re so smart and so knowledgeable and have the best understanding, only understanding of the situation.

      Huh, it’s almost like Trump has said stuff like that.

      It’s not about how much evidence, it’s about how many people just want to believe that the sky is green and how many people actually look up and see the sky is blue.

      People like Trump, are petty, mean spirited and frankly, need to be locked up. I’ve dealt with the type before and never again.

    2. He is the extreme of the angry white man.. its amazing, the most privileged demographic of the entire world. White, Male, Developed world… in trumps case you also get fed with a silver spoon and handed everything he ever wanted.

    3. Someone linked me a republicans senators tweet last night about the national guard.
      Underneath there were two tweets from trump supporters, both claiming ‘I’ve just heard’ that the rioters were antifa in disguise.

      Both tweets had hundreds of likes.

    4. Uhhhh they didn’t go burning down homes and cities of innocent ppl… they just rallied at the capitol, and any violence that broke out was instigated by police…

    5. @sum 1 yes rushing Capitol Hill and police trying to stop them is called instigating. Your logic is clouded. If there were no trump flags you’d say it’s antifa and blm.

    1. @joe thomas
      This is great. Just when you think trump can’t shoot himself in the foot, his supporters do it for him

    2. @Commie Hunter and… so you’re allowed to try to stop law and order? Becuase you dont like the outcome of law and order? Try harder.

    1. insurgency? looked like a mostly peaceful protest to me. the only violence was the unarmed white women being killed.

    2. @joe thomas you’re hilarious joe. Check that, no you’re a moron and it’s hilarious how stupid you are.

    3. @joe thomas except for the smashing of windows.. forcing of barriers, storming of federal buildings.. yea.. but you are right they did not shoot anyone.. you want us to give them credit for that?

    1. @T Val how do you know he’s not president yet! The man is an American give him a chance to prove himself. GOP can’t be in power all the time that’s why you have two parties

    1. @sham the polarisation is actually a core feature of the fascist regime, a requirement if you will. if it doesn’t exist they create it. It did exist but its been carried much further now. The purpose is to victimize themselves to motivate that they need to “revolt”

    2. @sham Belgium, N Ireland, Belarus, Russia, India, Iraq, Israel-Palestine, former Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, France, Indonesia, Philipines, Brazil, most of Africa, Turkey, etc. There are plenty of other split nations based on differences to varying degrees. U.S. never healed from its civil war, plus is constantly in the spotlight and a purported beacon of western democracy, so it’s troubles are magnified 10 fold. But yes, it’s still very bad and getting worse daily.

    1. @Topher The11th I guess that arresting a crowd of thousands is difficult in a democracy. Especially a crowd that half the police sympathizes with.

    2. @Enyavar Nathis Well, they never arrest a crowd of thousands. They just bludgeon and handcuff the ones they can get to. Eventually the rest of them run away. But they weren’t doing ANYTHING to the curfew-violators on Weds night. NOTHING. Just herding them like collies herding sheep, ever so gentle, ever so caring and protective.

    3. @Topher The11th That is pure ineptitude, I know all that. Law and order should be followed: Time for legalized mass surveillance, facial recognition, and the police showing up to their homes later. Other dictatorships are long since doing it, often thanks to US help.

    4. Hmm that sounds familiar for some reason oh yeah, I remember, 2020 the summer of far left extremist terror

    5. @Thomas M yeah that’s ironic, I see that as well – agsinst BLM or in Portland, the police hasn’t failed that badly, many more protesters were shot back then. Or the rightwing coup attempts in michigan. If the US goes full dictatorsbip, they should at least treat all terrorist groups the same. And MAGA seems to be the largest and best-weaponized of those terror organisations in the world.

  4. “We can’t tell why the forces didn’t move in faster”
    They were not black or brown.
    Next question.

    1. @Melodysmusic100 the riots where buildings were destroyed, burned, looted, and ppl were killed those riots, remember?

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