1. I’ll never understand why people are born and raised on one side or the other – here in Australia – we tend to hate all politicians equally and vote for whoever has the better policies – but we will still hate them all 😃

    1. @Peter Smith Sounds like you’re so much in love with Thailand you have to defend it at every cost.

  2. What these people REALLY want is positive change. Progressive policies are amongst the most popular in America: livable wage, affordable education, a basic health care safety net, and a push to start taxing the wealthy on what they REALLY owe. Most of these people are progressives at heart and they don’t even know it. It’s a shame that they remain party loyal. I used to be loyal to the Democratic party, myself until I realized they were part of the establishment too. Only after a handful of progressives rose to prominence (without taking the dirty money, BTW) did I start to see hope. Vote for the policies, not the party. Watch how the GOP and the corporate Democrats vote VERY CAREFULLY, and then decide whether they’re on your side or not. BERNIE=TRUTH check out his YouTube channel and decide for yourself.

    1. Get rid of the parties.. We need to vote for candidates not parties. They just argue and try to get donations for the campaigns. As soon as they are elected, all of their energy goes into getting reelected. Get rid of both parties and stop campaign funding. So sick of all of it.

    2. Economic issues isn’t the only issues that matter to people. The western left does alright when it comes to that, but they’re horrendous on almost all the others.

    1. @Jesse Mayes sure you can read into a study something that the study does not say. You are allowed to be wrong. But in reality, you only said they are more trusted. Guess what, it’s possible to be trusted and be a liar. But that does not refute their own internal emails.

  3. Man, these video game characters in Fallout: New Vegas were closer to reality than I thought. 😂

    1. LOL i think that more and more every day too, i stg. there’s some lady in canada who has declared herself “queen of canada” and while there is a lot dangerous about her, she said something once about “opening the borders to canada so american troops can get in more freely” and it made me laugh because i went “oh my god, she’s legit trying to create ‘little america’ rn”

  4. She said that he’s become unprofessional. He’s always been unprofessional, a con artist, a liar, greedy, and vile. What a crock.TEXAS. Enough said.

    1. You mean most Americans don’t want a reality Tv host who paints himself orange and has zero understanding of the geopolitical world we live in
      You know what sounds better
      Indicting Trump and moving on

    2. ​@kwanarchive bet they said the same about his mastering the potty…he’s still wearing diapers, because NOBODY tells him what to do.

  5. “His comments were not professional?” Lady he’s been talking that way since he came down the escalator. When he everything he said about Mexicans and Charlottesville was ok because it didn’t affect them. But when they say their peace threatened their eyes opened up. Funny

    1. @David C I never said words don’t matter.

      I gave a response to a very specific question. Please pay attention before you start assuming things that clearly weren’t said.

    2. @David C Have you ever in your life been presented with an argument in which you didn’t try to use someone else’s poor behavior to justify your own or that of someone you know or like?

      You should give it a try sometime. The whataboutism isn’t a valid stance.

    3. @Chris Bammer Why would Trump condemn his most loyal constituency? You’re not making sense here, although the amount of lying you’re doing with all that bad grammar definitely qualifies you as a MAGAT republican.

    4. @Chris Bammer “Stand back and stand by”….. when asked to condemn White Nationalists…… then January 6th happened.

    1. N A: If to love your country is fascist then our WWII heroes who saved America and Europe from AH then they died for a lie.

  6. People who say “I would never vote for a member of the other party” are closed-minded. If a Republican ever came along (I have serious doubts, unless they drastically change the way they’ve been acting the last 7ish years) that was better than the Democratic candidate on policy, I would AT LEAST consider the pros and cons before deciding, but they can’t even go THAT far. And closed-minded people have stopped learning, by their own admission. Once you lock yourself into a belief it’s nearly impossible to see any other side to a discussion unless it agrees with your views.

    1. @Don Newton Voting your conscience isn’t throwing away your vote. You’re an establishment voter and you want everyone else to be.

    1. @Austin 7thGen Texan Of course it was an attempted coup. I watched the entire event live as it happened. Tucker Carlson provided conservatives a reinterpretation of that day.

    2. @Austin 7thGen Texan We elect politicians who are more loyal to their party than they are the constitution and the country as a whole. The oath of office has become a meaningless ritual maybe it’s always been.

  7. As a European I simply cannot understand the blind loyalty to a party like you see in the US. Does not make that democracy vulnerable all by itself.

    1. It’s an old story in the US. Guy asked a man why he voted democrat. He replied because my father did and his father did. Etc. Guy says what if your father was a horse thief? Guy says, then I guess I’d have voted Republican.

  8. I am glad they are getting wise to Trump… but sadly DeSantis is no better and maybe even more dangerous for the country than Trump.

    1. @David Paz Bush Obama Trump Biden Every single president had the option to end the war Biden was the only one who actually did I find it funny that Trumpers hate it when a democrat ends a war but cheers Trump on for never starting one. Once again you make no sense so I have to ask WTF is the standard ?

    2. @David Paz Putin starts a war and your first reaction is to give up on NATO the very thing Putin wants. lol

    1. @harry o
      Learn to spell. While I was pleasantly surprised that you spelled lying correctly, arguing is spelled without an “E”, the same way that lying is spelled without the “E”

    2. @harry o These people forgot who brought them rural electricity, Social Security, the GI Bill, civil rights, and the 5-day work week. Republicans fought all of those things. I don’t even know what a republican is these days… 🤷‍♂️

    3. @harry o Oh – you have to make more than $25,000 a year to be taxed on 50% of your Social Security. The taxes paid strictly go toward Medicare and Social Security funding (which were being depleted when the latest bill passed in 1993). Here in America, we had a guy named Paul Harvey – who did a radio show called “the Rest of the Story”. Ronald Reagan signed the original Social Security taxation version of the bill in 1983.

  9. It seems they want a kinder, gentler bigot and autocrat to lead them into a grievance-filled, hateful future. Well, here’s Ronnie!

    1. Sounds like the story about the frog in the slow boil of water.. or they want to go slowly into an authoritarian regime..or just wine and dine them before we become Russia American style

  10. they should be questioning ALL of their JUDGEMENT …
    when it comes to picking appropriate leaders for the country …
    since the last ASSESSMENT they made was way OFF!

    1. @jake webb Well no do not know how that a got in border but it did. Plus you know what I’m talking about right??

    1. @Antony Cf i am not joking when i say he cannot drive a car. we would be very hard pressed to come up with of a list of things he actually _can_ do. his crap TV show was about sending people out to come up with ideas he did not have. it’s amazing that a so called billionaire would agree to such a farce. we now know he needed the money.

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