1. I sure as hell not voting for him, Ohio republicans has had Ohio under their stranglehold long enough. Save this great state and Vote Ohio blue 2022!

  1. BREAKING: Ohio is no where near the southern Mexican border. In fact, it’s closer to Canada than it’s closer to Mexico.

    1. Fact: The DNC agenda, platform, talking points and product delivery is failing miserably and most are feeling it every day. Rather than focusing on how bad the GOP contenders are, why not build something that resembles something people will actually want to vote for?!

    2. Gym Jordan is just as bad. He’s their idol too. It’s embarrassing to be from his district or Ohio. Everyone is leaving.this area!

    3. @Pedro The Mexican As an independent voter in Ohio, I know I have absolutely no intention of voting for any republicans, particularly because they’ve decided that being “trumpy” is an asset. The democrats may not get all the things I think should be done done, but at least they’re not actively attempting to do things I disagree with.

  2. I love how obvious it is that he’s just a MAGA poseur. He just dumps a Fox News word salad into his campaign ad and hopes that his offering will be accepted 😂

    1. Arent they all poseurs though? Youre better off having gone to drama school than any other if you want to be a Republican. 😀 Flippetyfloppetyflap, theyre totally living the christian lifestyle. lol.

  3. Another great American, one who doesn’t care what happens to Ukraine, no doubt he is also an evangelical.

  4. Best way to fight fascism is to encourage fascists to fight among themselves. No common goals, no shared morality, no loyalty. *There can be only one apex hillbilly.* Let Republican thunderdome begin 😃

    1. Op: nice visuals, but I don’t wanna picture these guys in leather and straps.bad enough to ticture them as Republicans.

      Is chiffon and poodle skirts an acceptable counter visual?

    2. @Tom Bickman Well, apparently, I’m uninformed. Please, explain in what way, or ways, Biden’s administration is fascist. Enlighten me.

    1. @zach fields Defund police brutality..I think that was actually what they were trying to say… But….go ahead and pick up that fumble my man.. and score that all important touchdown..

  5. Oh please do Alabama next. Each candidate is trying to out-tRump the other. Mike Durant, Black Hawk Down captured pilot, is bucking for Chump’s endorsement after he pulled it from body-armor-wearing Mo Brooks. Guess Durant missed Chump’s comments on how he feels about captured servicemen. The midterm elections cannot be over soon enough!

  6. All Republican ads fall into two categories – the one where they encourage self-sufficiency and integrity, and then the one that barks “hey, white folks! You want to be a minority like the rest of them other people?”

    1. if you looked at the world from a realistic perspective and stopped watching this news channel making some bold claims, you would realize that the world is not as racist as you think… but hey, that’s what they want you to believe, it sure helps them in the poles!

  7. In what parallel universe has trump ever done anything for anyone but himself? These folks is nuts!

  8. I’m much older than he, but I can name 6 Presidents that were unquestionably better than Trump. And that’s just off the top of my head.

  9. “I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another”. Spoken by the person who, in the next breath, will say “every human life is sacred” when talking about abortion and would likely then turn around and support the death penalty. These people 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. @Nicholas Nubin Then you should not say “every human life is sacred”.
      In the US $114 billion is owed in back child support. Worry about the babies that are already here.
      Btw, if you’re against abortion, don’t have one. (smh)

  10. The GOP is stuck in time, when our country was a great at milling steel, depended a lot on oil production and coal mining. At-least they aren’t stuck in time when we depended on whale hunting for oil but why do they hate those wind mills.

    May be we should all have a home size steel smelter in our backyard too.

  11. Remember the good old days when we were concerned about Republicans using dog whistles to court racists?

    I miss that.

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